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December 2009
Welcome to ARTreach
ARTreach is proud to announce it has expanded its Board of Directors to lead ARTreach in 2010.  Our board is comprised of active community members and dedicated supporters of the arts in education. Each recognizes the positive influence the arts have on our children and the important role the arts play in creating a successful and healthy society.  We are welcoming incoming Executive Board Directors Shannon Boutelle, Janet Buller, James M. Clarke, Chris Crockett, Carol Levin, Donna Magana, Julia Noeldner and Kathryn Shanks joining Directors Scott A. Bieber, Carol Eckels Adams, Mary Gready, Cheryl Krey- Treasurer, Claudia Richter-Secretary and Katherine Ammer-Board President.
 community project
ARTreach 2009 Heroes among Us. Thank you to our Supporters, Advisors, Board of Directors and Staff. Terri Bieber, Executive Director
community project Mayde Creek Mural Project
ARTreach receives new donations to help fund mural projects in underserved schools
The organization has received $30,000 in individual gifts to advance the mission of ARTreach in serving at risk children and adults with special needs in the Katy, Houston and Greater Fort Bend County area in 2010.  ARTreach is accepting applications now for new projects in Katy ISD underserved schools. New and Title I schools can apply for library mural projects or Mentoring through Art programs funded by ARTreach. Please inquire.
Mural Projects are unique and designed by ARTreach muralist Vickie McMillan to the specifications of the applying campuses. Facilities and campuses serving children in need may also apply for Mentoring through Art Workshops and ARTreach SMART Programs that combine science and math curriculum with art based learning practices. These programs promote social skills development and support education and graduation.

ARTreach Programs serving children at risk are available to individual school campuses, Residential Treatment Centers, juvenile detention centers, crisis centers, domestic abuse centers, hospitals, rehabilitation and recovery centers. Up to 80% funding is available to support needy schools. Projects can be implemented as early as February 1, 2010.

Please inquire,  281-392-5341 or by email Visit the ARTreach website to learn more about the programs and to apply for support.
Student Teacher Training MCHS Srudent Michael Averitt Clay animation
Mayde Creek High School Student is selected to participate in an afterschool training program to become an ARTreach student teacher
Michael Averitt is a sophomore at Mayde Creek High School. He is the first student to be selected to participate in a new ARTreach training program being offered to high school students. The program supports students seeking extra-curricular art enrichment, and who are interested in training to be a student teacher available to assist in ARTreach programs.  Michael is interested in clay animation. He is learning stop action film making techniques, and once he has acquired the skills, he will be given the opportunity to practice teaching what he has learned to others in ARTreach outreach programs.   ARTreach is currently training volunteers and student teachers to support expanding programs.  Volunteers can be trained and certified in a variety of ARTreach teaching methods. Training Courses are six weeks and cost $390 to include supplies.  Students are sponsored by ARTreach. Art Volunteers can be trained to teach clay animation, sculpting, illustration and painting techniques, and a variety of mixed media teaching methods.  If you interested in training to become a teaching artist certified to work in ARTreach Programs or would like to nominate a student for the program, contact ARTreach 
Erin Stanely Nurturing Pathways Baby Dance 
ARTreach pilots a unique creative dance and music program for new mothers and infants at the Pregnancy Help Center
ARTreach has just completed a 4 week pilot at the Pregnancy Help Center.  The organization was piloting a dance program called "Nurturing Pathways for Babies" taught by certified instructor Erin Stanley. This is a creative dance program for new mothers and their infants developed to enrich a baby's cognitive and physical development by using baby exercises, musical instruments and sensory rich creative play products. 

The ARTreach Pilot is giving new mothers an opportunity to experience the joy of dancing while strengthening their bond with their baby at no cost to the Pregnancy Help Center.  Erin Stanley generously donated her teaching time and materials to support the pilot. ARTreach is measuring the impact of the program and collecting testimony and responses from the mothers selected to participate in the pilot to support future funding. 
New mothers registered for the program initially as an opportunity to get back in shape, bond with their infant and make new friends. There were additional benefits in that the program teaches a range of new parenting skills, how to make healthy choices, and how to find time to take care of yourself and your baby. The program also teaches a new mother how creative movement, play and touch will activate an infant's central nervous system. These networks interconnect rapidly from birth to four years of age. The brain doubles in size during the first twelve months of life and achieves 95% of its adult brain weight by the age of four. During these years, the foundation is laid for eyesight, language, gross and fine motor skills and emotional and intellectual capabilities. Movement, play and touch contribute significantly to the healthy development of a baby.
The outcomes in this ARTreach pilot were positive. The class was well received and each client has requested that the program continue.  This is motivating both ARTreach and the Pregnancy Help Center to seek sponsors to support ongoing classes at the center. They are hoping that by combining their resources they can fund the program and continue to offer it free to Pregnancy Help Center clients.  General community interest is high enough that the classes will be open to anyone who wishes to register and pay just $12 per week.  The organizations are seeking $725 in matching funds to sustain the program in 2010.
Art with a Purpose Stacy Baer and Erin Stanley Making baby hand prints  
To conclude this pilot series, ARTreach teaching artist Stacy Baer came to the Pregnancy Help Center on December 12th to teach the moms that they can use their hands, feet and creativity to make a treasured keepsake that can be enjoyed for years to come. She showed them how to make ceramic plates using their baby's hand and foot prints as the basic design.  Stacy was teaching "Art with a Purpose".  This is an ARTreach Vocational Workshop that can spark the entrepreneurial spirit by demostrating how easy it is to use your  own hands and creativity to create an income for yourself. 
"Nurturing Pathways for Babies" and "Art with a Purpose" are programs that the Pregnancy Help Center would like to offer weekly to PHC clients. The organizations have been working together for two years to develop programs that will creatively address difficult issues facing young mothers and mothers coping with crisis pregnancy. 
ARTreach and PHC are participating in the Alliance of Charities fundraiser being held at Fish City Grill in LaCenterra in Cinco Ranch on Tuesday, January 19th. Please mark your calendar and come for lunch or dinner on that day. Fish City Grill is donating 15% of the proceeds to support the cause.  Donations can be also made to Pregnancy Help Center or ARTreach at any time and can be designated to support these programs.
Eiland Superstar Eiland Urban Arts Students 
ARTreach brings Urban Arts and dance enrichment to Eiland Elementary in the Klein School District
ARTreach has completed a 12 session Urban Arts program at Eiland Elementary in the Klein School District. Eiland is a Title I school with 670 children. Eiland lacked sufficient funding for enrichment programs and could identify a high number of children at risk. Funding for this Urban Arts Program was made possible in part by a grant to ARTreach from the Texas Commission on the Arts and the new TCA Arts Respond Grants Program supporting education and children at risk. 
 community project
Chris Gamez is the Project Director overseeing the development of ARTreach Urban Arts and URGEWORKS Programs supporting children at risk. He and his team of dancers worked two hours a day for six weeks to teach 40 1st-3rd graders to dance. Both groups successfully choreographed their own routine and performed in front of an audience of teachers, family members and school administrators on the final day of the program. The Urban Arts Dance program supports TEKS objectives for math, and promotes team work.  This program reinforces character traits related to perseverance and respect. There is also an anti-gang and drug abuse awareness component associated with this program.
All ARTreach programs support educational objectives and social skills development. The impact of this program and its success can be measured by improvements in the student's overall grades, behavior or attitude based on report cards, conduct reports, teacher surveys and testimony. 
 Villiago Art in the Park   
ARTreach will open Arts Center activities and monthly Artist's Shows in Cinco Ranch in 2010
ARTreach announces that the organization will open Art in the Park and free family ARTreach Center activities in Cinco Ranch this upcoming year. The events will be modeled after similar weekend events ARTreach hosted in downtown Katy at the Katy Heritage Park this past year. The move to Cinco Ranch is made possible by the donation of space made by The Villagio Gallery and Community Room located at the Villagio in Cinco Ranch.

The ARTreach Center in Cinco Ranch will continue to promote Katy artists and share information about cultural arts hot spots and happenings in the Katy area.  ARTreach Center activities in Cinco Ranch each month will include free art classes and creative family workshops that will introduce a number of interesting teaching artists to the community. Music and cultural arts presentations that promote arts education will be included. ARTreach shares its resources with all local art groups and welcomes participation and partnership to expand art opportunities available throughout Katy.
Support for the arts in Cinco Ranch is growing
ARTreach Programs like this are funded by grants and donations. It is necessary for the organization be able to demonstrate there is public support for the arts in the areas they serve in order to qualify for state grants and private foundation funding for their range of art events, gallery and community projects as well as their primary outreach to underserved populations. ARTreach events held in Cinco Ranch are attracting higher numbers of attendees, representing growing public support. 
ARTreach Community Programs already being hosted in Cinco Ranch include Property Owners Association neighborhood events and parade festivals, Summer Art Series at LaCenterra, annual storytelling, puppet shows and performing arts at Simply Cinco, and monthly ARTparties at Berryhill Baja Grill at Villagio Town Center. ARTreach first annual "Chair-ish the Arts" Gallery fundraiser in Cinco Ranch drew over 300 art supporters.  ARTreach was also selected as the benefitting charity for the Katy Kids Festival held at The Villagio in Cinco Ranch where thousands of families attended.

"Public support for the arts in the Cinco Ranch area is definitely growing" says ARTreach Board President, Katherine Ammer, "ARTreach is offering community programs in all corners of Katy, Harris County, Fort Bend and Waller County.  ARTreach Community Programs and events in the Cinco Ranch and Fort Bend County area are drawing the most support." 

 "We make it a point to attend every event," says Cinco Ranch residents Audralyn and Mark Allen. "We have five children and everyone in our family appreciates arts events that are in the neighborhood that we can walk to. We think it is all the art and music events being held in Cinco Ranch that are bringing the community to life and making it fun to live here!"
Exciting plans for Cinco Ranch

ARTreach is responding to the show of support and is unveiling of a list of exciting projects planned for the Cinco Ranch area in 2010. A partnership with The Villagio allows ARTreach to host free ARTreach Center activities and fine art gallery events, Patio Concerts, and Art in the Park events every month in Cinco Ranch. Continued partnership with the Cinco Ranch Property Owners Associations and LaCenterra as well as a new ARTreach partnerships in the works with Houston art groups promises a host of special events coming to the Cinco Ranch area this upcoming year.
Katy Heritage Society and ARTreach are also ramping up phase two of the biggest public art project to ever hit Katy, endorsed by the Texas Commission on the Arts, called All aboard Katy! This special community project embraces the entire region and focuses on our unique heritage associated with the MKT train line.  Visitors are invited to stop by and see the current collection of nine-foot fiberglass locomotives being displayed at LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch that will be painted by local artists in 2010.

For more information about ARTreach, and their outreach efforts to bring more art to Katy and underserved populations visit  
ARTreach elder care programs are expanding 
ARTreach is responding to the needs of a growing population of senior citizens and is currently developing new programs and workshops for medical care patients and individuals with Alzheimer's.  New ARTreach Programs serving the Elderly are called "ARTbeat!"  These programs combine music and dance with art activities to stimulate the creative process, to encourage physical activity and social interaction. They support reminiscent care and recovery. 
Pilot programs were initiated this semester at Kissito Healthcare Center in Katy and the Forum Assisted Living Community in Houston to measure the impact art and music programs would have on the physical and emotional health of residents and patients in long term care.  Indicators established at the beginning of each pilot provided a baseline that would measure reductions in medications, fewer falls, individual improvements in charted behavior, and increased interest in social and physical activity over a 10 week period.
The Kissito Health Care ARTreach pilot measured significant improvements in behavior and other mental health indicators including decreases in verbal aggressiveness and increased social interaction. The Forum programs marked improvements in social interaction, memory and recall, and increased levels of participation.
The science of art enrichment and program design

ARTreach pilots also evaluate art program content and delivery methods to determine best practices. Which media or music will have the highest positive impact? Is it a specific tune, a particular color, a certain action or motion that should be incorporated into every session? The pilots take into account there is a technique related to a skilled artist's delivery, but the basic practices will enlighten and help train activity directors and direct care staff on how to incorporate engaging and creative practices into daily care routines to improve resident's health and quality of life.
ARTreach ARTbeat Programs show that a combination of music and movement will act like a switch turning on the light that connects to the creative process. 
These ARTreach pilots and others initiated this year are made possible in part by the Texas Commission on the Arts and new TCA Arts Respond Grants supporting Health and Human Services, and the Houston Endowment.  The ARTreach website hosts archives that feature over five years of pilots and programs with best teaching practices designed for elder care.
Houston Endowment

Thank you to Houston Endowment, Inc for investing in our success and supporting ARTreach Programs since 2004. ARTreach is celebrating its sixth year of art and educational outreach and many accomplishments. Locally Katy and Fort Bend ARTreach have been named ISD featured partner of the year, ARTreach was also named non-profit of the year by the Houston West Area Chamber of Commerce, Statewide, ARTreach received  the Crystal Award for Innovative Art Partnerships by Texas Association of Partners in Education (TAPE) and Internationally ARTreach is recognized by the U.S. State Department Institute of International Education for innovative program development encouraging minority participation in the arts.


We owe much of our programs success to Houston Endowment, Inc. Thank you for recognizing the value of our work early and supporting our mission to bring the arts to underserved communities including children at risk, children and adults with special needs, and the elderly in Katy and the tri-counties of Harris, Fort Bend and Waller.  

In This Issue
All Kinds of Programs
Thank you Houston Endowment and our Board of Directors
All Kinds of Events
ARTreach Events
Santa Claus will be at the ARTreach Christmas Party being held at Berryhill on December 18th 6-8 PM
Berryhill Baja Grill
 The Villagio
22756 Westheimer Parkway, Suite 100
Katy, TX 77450
ARTreach ARTini Night returns!
ARTreach fans flocked the ART Bar at Berryhill Baja Grill on November 20th to create their own hand painted ceramic ARTini and one of a kind ChARTonnay wine glasses.  Fans can paint an ARTini Glass the Art Bar at Berryhill with us the third Friday of every month. Become an ARTreach Fan on Facebook.
Selina Ponniah 
Unique holiday event raises over $1,500 for ARTreach
Bungalow Antiques and Selina Ponniah of Century 21 Western and Calvert Capital hosted a luncheon fundraiser for ARTreach on December 2nd. This unique event was held at the Antique Bungalow's 18,000 sq. ft. showroom of fine Indian antiques, furniture and unique home décor, located in North Houston. Selina served "A Touch of Spice" with tea and lunch catered by Nirvana. Friends came for lunch and to learn about ARTreach.  Special guests presented a variety of interesting topics ranging from the fine arts to holiday home decorating. Dollars were raised to support ARTreach and included a $1,000 donation from the Sherman Foundation.

Mark your calendars for upcoming events in 2010!
 community project
January 15th ARTini Night at Berryhill
Dine and Do Art!
The ART Bar activities at Berryhill are adding to the mix of great food and great fun. These unique "Dine and Do Art" experiences make for a great monthly night out with friends or familiy.  ARTini projects costs $18 price and includes a FREE margarita each month you return with your glass!  Adorable plaster painting projects for the kids are provided. Don't miss it. These are fundraisers for ARTreach.  Proceeds are donated by Berryhill, Ceramics by Tess, and Plaster Fun House to support ARTreach programs!  Thank you also to National Charity League Azalea Chapter for being such great volunteers!
Berryhill Baja Grill
The Villagio
22756 Westheimer Parkway, Suite 100
Katy, TX 77450
 community project
January 19th
 "Alliance of Charities" Fundraiser at
Fish City Grill

Come to this  event at Fish City Grill at LaCenterra in Cinco Ranch for lunch, happy hour and dinner to support yhe Alliance of Charities!  ARTreach, the Pregnancy Help Center, and Katy Heritage Society
Fish City Grill
LaCenterra at Cinco Ranch
23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd,
Katy Texas 77494
Wednesday, February 17, 6-8 p.m.- we are hosting an ARTreach Coffee MUG Making workshop for our volunteers who would like to create and donate a hand painted mug for our spring fundraiser. The art making event will be held at
Ceramics by Tess
402 W. Grand Parkway
Katy, Texas 77494
  Feb 27- Mar 20
This is an ARTreach Exhibition Featuring Folasayo Dele-ogunrinde to be held at The Villagio Gallery in Cinco Ranch.  Wine and Cheese Reception Spoken word presentation and poetry reading by the artist, Saturday February 27th 7pm.
 10:00 am - 12noon
ARTreach "Smug Mug & Coffee Cake" Fundraiser For a donation of $15 you can pick any one of any of the original hand painted mugs created by our volunteers and artists in the community; your mug comes filled to the brim with fresh brewed coffee accompanied by a giant slab of homemade coffee cake and monkey bread. Oh my, Delicious!
The ARTreach Gallery at Serendipity Hap'ez
535 Pin Oak Road
Katy, Texas 77494
Saturday, March 27th,
 7:00 pm
Luck of the Draw!  ARTreach Spring Fundraiser organized by "V"
The Gallery at Villagio
For a $100 donation to ARTreach, guests attending this event will be able to draw a lucky number and take their turn going to the wall and selecting the work of art work they most desire. Art work is being created by artists in the community just for this event. There will be plenty of eclectic and traditional art work to choose from.  This is a  Villagio Gallery event organized to support ARTreach. A limited number of tickets will be sold in advance and at the door.  Ticket holders are entitled to a painting, and invited to attend the private  reception at The Villagio Gallery on Saturday, March 27th.

Tradition Bank Logo 
 2010 Scholarships for private lessons will be awarded! Students can apply now!

Thank you to our Nov/Dec supporters and programs funders!

Texas Commission on the Arts

Baker Hughes Foundation

Charles Schwab Charitable Fund

Clint and Kathy Capshaw

Freddy and Mary Frankle

Chevron Human Kind

Sherman Foundation

Charles and Mura Johnson

Selina and Jacob Ponniah

Candalaris Restaurant

Amity Fellowserve of Katy,

Katyville Healthcare Center

Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services

Aleta Patrick

Pregnancy Help Center

Maria Masso

Herman Kluge and Friends of Fletcher Downs

Forum Senior Living Community

Providence Place Senior Living Community

Fatima and Brett Donaldson

Karen Richards

Sharron Dudley

Serendipity Hap'ez

Rita Engelman

Carol Callon Fuqua

Carmen Rienhart

Cash and anonymous  

Thank you for your support!


The ARTreach newsletter is released the 15th of each month. Visit the website for program and event updates.


Katherine Ammer, President

Claudia Richter, Secretary

Cheryl Krey, Treasurer

Mary Gready

Scott Bieber

Carol Eckels Adams

Carol Levin

Kathryn Shanks

Janet Buller

Chris Crockett

Donna Magana

Julia Noeldner

James M. Clarke

Shannon Boutelle

ARTreach Board of Directors includes Advisors and Liaisons

Senator Glenn Hegar-Texas State Senate

 Martha Brown-Katy ISD's Partners in Education KEYS Janet Theis- Partners in Education,
Monica Meade-Fort Bend ISD, Stu Levin-Levin and Atwood,
Bob Bryant-Katy ISD Fine Arts, 
Jane Lowery- Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts,
Leah F.Perez- Texas PTA Legislative Action Chairman, Carey Dabney-Healthy Lifestyles,
David Frank-, Downy Vickery- CEO Tradition Banks,
Dr. Zachary Hodges- Houston Community College System,
Ann Bayliss- Solana Assited Living in Cinco Ranch,
Connie Benedict-Forum Senior Living,
Beth Zarate-Catholic Charities, Kai Houston- Refugee Resettlement,
Kathy Renfrow- Volunteer Houston/Fort Bend,
Hailey Durian-Crossroads Partnership for Youth,
Debbie Stoddard-Pregnancy Help Center,
Myraim Quinies-Burnett Bayland Home (Harris County),
Greg Glauser- Brookwood Community,
Angelo Infante- Fort Bend Juvenile Detention Center,
Miguel Alvarez-Project LEAP,
 Karen Williams-(DARS)

Staff Support

Executive Director- Terri Bieber

Grants and Development- Christine Stilwell

Website and Design- Elizabeth Bailey

Photography and Film Documentation- Sandy Buller 

Program Directors overseeing 2009-10 scheduled programs-Chris Gamez, Vickie McMillan, Kelly Dillard, Elizabeth Linder, Dan Egger-Belandria, Tess Thornton, Suzanne Adams, Intern Carrie Schneider. New programs are scheudled as funded.


Visit the website to find a growing list of teaching artists and professional artists that support ARTreach programs in the community.

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