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MamaLlama  Heritage Arts Center Weaving Project
Every First Saturday at the Katy Heritage Park features arts and crafts, music and free family art workshops at the Heritage Arts Center
The Heritage Arts Center is an ARTreach and Katy Heritage Society project.  The Katy Heritage Society donates the space for the center and ARTreach coordinates the artists and free art workshops to bring tourists and visitors to the Katy Heritage Park on the first Saturday of each month.  The Heritage Arts Center hosts professional and emerging artists displaying original arts and crafts the first Saturday of each month with free art making workshops for children. The store features a variety of local artists with work donated and available to purchase.  All proceeds benefit ARTreach and Katy Hertiage Society outreach programs.   Money raised is used to help promote the arts in Katy and cultural heritage of Katy.  Heritage Arts Center activities include historical home tours, free art workshops, music and cultural art presentations, and other special events.
The Heritage Arts Center will be open again on the first Saturday of October, and will feature Gerry Woodhouse, Marian Carlson and Linda Kemper providing free weaving classes for children from 1:00-2:00 p.m. Music Lady Michelle Mitchell performing from 10:30-11:30 a.m.  You'll also see artist Marissa Vitolo and with fused glass and pottery, as well as Mama Llama Catherine Kerth and her original hand painted yarns. Other artists represented include Rob Milton, Terri Bieber, Carol Adams, Elizabeth Bailey, Sony Hartley, Pete Menzer, George Melcher, Brenda Haegner, Karen Richards and Varsha Tyagi.  
Rhythm Journey 
Rhythm Journey is a 3-part workshop series directed by Dan Egger-Belandria from Austin, Texas that benefits specific outreach populations. "Rhythm in Action" is a motivational workshop supporting at risk youth in detention, or in residential treatment. "Rhythm in Motion" supports physical activity and reminiscence care in elderly and Alzheimer's patients.  "The Rhythm Language" supports ESL, special education and children at risk.

These are all ARTreach "Mentoring through Art" programs that can be scheduled as workshops to introduce percussion instruments and drumming styles as a creative way to communicate, express emotions and manage stress.  His methods are motivational and effective for all ages, and promotes a healthier group dynamic through creative interaction. Rhythm Journey workshops incorporate objectives that support education/TEKS, health and human services and/or juvenile justice.

Thanks to a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts, ARTreach was able to bring performing artist Dan Egger Belandria from Austin, Texas to Katy for a performance tour that included the Cinco Ranch area, as well as workshops at the Youth Activities Center in Richmond/Rosenberg and a 10 week residency serving children in foster care and residential treatment at Helping Hands Children's Center. 
 "Rhythm in Action" serving at risk youth and juvenile detention introduces percussion instruments and drumming styles as an effective tool for expressing emotions, communicating and managing stress. Dan is able to demonstrate through music the impact of a person's choice to take action or take inaction to make good things happen. This is a motivational presentation.
The newest workshop, "The Rhythm Language" supports ESL.  ARTreach is demonstrating this workshop on September 14th at the Catholic Charities Burmese Resettlement Program in Houston for the Institute of International Education  delegation traveling through the U.S. State Department's International Visitor Leadership Program (http://exchanges.state.gov/education/ivp/)  The delegation is composed of sixteen educators from eleven countries, coming to the U.S. to explore the subject of effective ESL strategies. 
ARTreach Programs serving children at risk and refugees from Burma and are designed to assist in the acculturation process and support reading, literacy and language development through the arts.

Please contact Terri Bieber for more information at t.bieber@artreachonoline.org
 Color My World Color My World 2

Color my World! New ARTreach programs serving the elderly
New ARTreach programs that combine art, music and motion to support Alzheimer's patients are being piloted at the Forum Senior Living Community in Houston, and Katyville Medical Care Center in Katy. These ARTreach programs are being developed to specifically support reminiscence care, mental health, recovery and improved quality of life for seniors in assisted living.
The pilots are measuring improvements in a select a group of residents based on the following indicators;

-Falls by residents - increase, decrease or remain the same
-Medications  - psychotropic - increase, decrease or remain the same
-Behaviors - increase, decrease or remain the same (behavior to be measured to be determined by the behavioral scale used on the sample population)
-Quality Indicator - Residents who spend most of their time in bed or in a chair
Results will be posted online at the conclusion of the pilot. www.artreachonline.org
TX PTA KidsFest 
2009 Katy Kids Festival being held at the Villagio Town Center/Peek Road and Westheimer Parkway 77450. The festival will feature a line up of cultural arts presentations and PTA approved program providers. See Texas Mine Theater, Asian Dancers, Urgeworks Dancers, Drumming with Nina, Dan Egger-Belandria, StoryBook Theater and more!!! http://villagiotowncenter.com/events/katy-kids-festival-saturday-october-24th/

In This Issue
Rhythm Journey!
Combining Art, Music and Motion to help Alzheimer's patients
Chair-ish the Arts

Chair-ish the Arts

Thursday, October 22nd -Reception at the Villagio at Cinco Ranch
Advance tickets $25/at the door $40. Enjoy art, and a Taste of Villagio - Food and Fine Wine.  To reserve tickets or to be a sponsor for $250 email
 All artwork exhibited will be auctioned and sold to raise money for ARTreach Programs!
ARTreach announces the 2009 Heroes Among Us
August 24, 2009- Since 2004, ARTreach has recognized great people in our community annually as heroes among us for their support and involvement in arts education and outreach.
ARTreach is pleased to announce the 2009 Heroes Among Us!
Christine Stilwell, Hank Richardson, Lori Curtis, Julie Noeldner, Karen Zurawski, Lisa Guidry, Luciano Battistini, Newell Cheatham, Herman Kluge, Tess Thornton, Jane Lowery,  Janet & Sandy Buller, Jerry & Gail Edmondson, Ida Fae & Don Elder, Judy & Mike Sutton, Robin Dombrowski, Vickie & Chad McMillan, Kelly Dillard, Maxine Rothman, Elizabeth Bailey, Keri Aschoff, Mitzi Jones, Robert Bryant, Wendy Duncan, Sarah Goodwin, Steve Livingston, Suzanne Adams, Terri Norman, Connie Benedict, Debbie Beauregard, Beth Nightingale, Shelton Craig, Karen Richards, Brenda Haegner, Marisa Vitolo, Sony Hartley, Brownie Shott, Kavin &Downy Vickery, Carol & Johnny Bonaccorso, Kim & Scott Bartholomaus, Ruthie Courville, Donna Magana, Victoria Roubel, Nicole Yates, Michele Metts, Katie & Taylor Dolan, Michael Guevara, Debbie Stoddard, Sam Dinkins, Rebecca Fox, Joseph Dixon, Todd Frazier, Elin Crockett, Chris Crockett, Cindy Bayne, Barbara Gray, Scott Neischman, Cory Linberry, Kathy & Clint Capshaw, Claire Payne, Fatima & Brett Donaldson, Ryann & Nikki Donaldson, Shannon Boutelle, Monica Meade, Mary Gready, Liz O'Donnell, Terri Yanoviak, Monique & Chris Gamez, John Pape, Helen Eriksen, Carol & Stu Levin, Jane Davis, Kris Taylor, Janet Theis, Martha Brown, Brian Gabbert, Katie Biggers, Maria Masson, Michelle Mitchell, Varsha Tyagi, Chris Hicks, Teri Ward, Don Wolf, Dana Hasting, Senator Glenn Hegar, Katherine Ammer and the ARTreach Board of Directors, 2009 Advisors and our roster of gifted artists!

Thank you for chair-ishing the Arts! We chair-ish you!
The heroes have been invited to attend Art Making Workshops on August 22 and September 18th at Berryhill Baja Grill at the Villagio in Cinco Ranch to create chairs that will be auctioned to raise money for ARTreach Programs. Photos above were taken at the Chair Painting Workshop held on August 22nd. The public will be invited to the official unveiling of the heroic works of art at the Chair-ish the Arts Reception being held at the Villagio Town Center on October 22, 2009. For more information about ARTreach programs visit www.artreachonline.org.  For more information about the Chair-ish the Arts Exhibition or the Heroes Among Us, contact Terri Bieber at 281-392-5341



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