I am the King T
ARTreach Program aids in the acculturation process and helps refugees learn to speak English
ARTreach is bringing visual and theater art classes to the Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program in Houston to help children arriving from Burma learn to speak English. The summer ARTreach project was made possible thanks to donations from Berryhill of Cinco Ranch and an intern grant from Shell Oil.  
Refugee children often arrive in the United States unable to speak English, and unfamiliar with the American culture. They suffer from the stress associated with family instability and face enormous challenges throughout their acculturation process. This Refugee Resettlement Program is directed by Kai Houston of Catholic Charities to give the extra attention and practice children require while learning to speak, read, and write . The program also gives the children the structure they need and an opportunity to practice the social skills necessary to be successful in a learning environment.

ARTreach is supporting the art educational aspects of this unique program to aid in the acculturation process.  "Art and Drama is providing a key component in bridging the diverse communication gaps between the refugee children." says Kai, "These children are between the ages of 6-14 years old, they have lived in refugee camps most of their lives, now they are in the United States, and art becomes their universal  language."

The objectives associated with the ARTreach program are aimed at aiding in relationship building and social skills development, to stimulate the creative thinking process, and to support the children in adapting quickly and more completely to their new American home environment.  The summer theater arts program was directed by ARTreach intern Taylor Dolan, she brought in a team of volunteers to support the project and help teach the children to speak English with confidence. "I am the King" is one of the lines rehearsed and recited by Thant, an eleven year and participant in the play.  Dolan developed the script "The Rabbit and the King" based on a Burmese Folk Tale that related concepts the children learned in their home country to their new life in America. In July, artist and volunteer David Jaros will be joining the team to help the children paint an expressive work of art on canvas that relates to their transition.

ARTreach has a goal to continue the art and theater program for the children enrolled in the refugee resettlement program for the school year.

This is a support project funded through ARTreach, because social service agencies are finding it difficult to budget for art programs in addition to their overwhelming needs associated with providing for basic welfare. "But we know art is fundamental to basic welfare and a key to education," explains Terri Bieber, Executive Director of ARTreach, "As an advocacy organization, we are seeking improved funding for the arts in Texas, and our outreach remains committed to providing the teaching artists and volunteers necessary to deliver quality art and theater art programs that will educate and help children in need". 

Please be a sponsor of this important program! $3,600 annually will assure this resettlement program has professional artists, drama coaches and mentors attending weekly. Donations in kind are also needed for art supplies for 45 children per day. Contact ARTreach for more information at info@artreachonline.org. To learn more about the impact the arts have on children at risk, visit www.artreachonline.org

Save the date! Katy Kids Festival is coming!
October 24, 2009

The Katy Kids Festival has been scheduled for October 24, 2009 at the Villagio Town Center.  The festival is being organized by the Villagio Town Center, Katy Parent Magazine and New2Katy.com with cultural arts presentations and healthy lifestyle activities sponsored by the Texas PTA.  The festival will host various performing artists and entertainers that will delight young audiences.  Proceeds from the event are donated to support Katy and Fort Bend ARTreach programs.
The entertainment schedule will include a stage show with back to back cultural arts presentations from 12:00-4:00 PM.  Activities include petting zoos, bouncers, obstacle courses, visual performing artists, balloon artists, puppet shows, etc.   The festival will be a unique opportunity for vendors and businesses with family or child related products or services to interact with the community. 
Interested vendors can find out more about hosting a booth by contacting Donna Magana at donnamagana@yahoo.com 

Chair-ish the Arts
ARTreach Annual Fundraiser and 2009 Heroes Among Us Reception
OCTOBER 22, 2009
Save the date!
Heroic ART Making Workshop is August 21st 5-9 p.m. at Berryhill at Villagio at Cinco Ranch!  Heroes Invited!
ARTbeat!- Combines art, music and motion to support social creativity, memory care for patients is assisted living and hospital recovery

ARTreach Programs are widely recognized as having a positive impact on people who are going through a difficult transition. Making new friends through enriching interactive art activities!  These ARTreach programs are called ARTbeat! They are designed to be intergenerational and utilize volunteers. They aid senior citizens moving from an independent lifestyle to an assisted living situation by nurturing a sense of belonging. Many ARTbeat Programs support physical activity, stimulate breathing and heart rate. All programs encourage social interaction and creativity.
  • Intergenerational Scrapbooking
  • Expressive Arts Collage Making
  • Color My World- Acoustical ART and Motion
  • Beyond- Arts and Crafts
  • Watercolor Workshops
  • ARTreach Ceramics Club
  • Holiday Workshops
  • Rhythm and HeART Beat
  • ARTbeat! Expressive Arts for cancer patients, stroke victims and persons experiencing anxiety or depression
  • Scrapbooking for critically ill children

Visit the website for a complete program description and bios of our Teaching Artists and Program Directors. Programs serving children at risk, troubled youth and special needs children and adults are also listed on the website

 community project
OCTOBER 22, 2009
 community project
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Save the Date! Kid Fest and CHAIR-ish the ARTS
ARTbeat- combines art music and motion to support the elderly and patients in recovery
ARTreach Gallery opens
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An ARTreach Gallery opens in Katy!

Friday, July 31st marked the official grand opening of the first ARTreach Gallery site in Katy. The ARTreach Gallery is located inside Serendipity Hap'ez, a unique and funky art store conveniently located off I-10 at 539 Pin Oak Road in Katy.
Families and volunteers were invited to celebrate the opening by painting a Serendipity Art Car to commemorate the gallery The Art Car project was designed by ARTreach intern Taylor Dolan and numerous children from Katy participated.

The gallery at Serendipity features ARTreach roster artists and special displays of work created by children and adults involved in ARTreach Programs.  "Serendipity hap'ez shares the vision of ARTreach, it is an amazing organization. The art in the gallery is donated and the proceeds go to support art advocacy, and kids with special needs among many other great things," says Kelsey Engleman of Serendipity, "we are doing what we can to help!"
ARTreach brings art-related programs and services to the underserved communities, including children at risk, children and adults with special needs, and the elderly.  ARTreach programs are designed to inspire and empower people to succeed.
As a 501(c)3 non-profit outreach organization, ARTreach works through grants and donations to develop unique programs that teach expressive arts, to help individuals develop a sense of self worth and belonging. These programs introduce a variety of art disciplines and provide an opportunity to practice skills that can help address issues such as depression, social dysfunction, grief, anger, drug prevention and rehabilitation, apathy, child abuse, health and recovery.
ARTreach recruits volunteers and trains professional teaching artists to support their programs. They secure the necessary funding to deliver a complete range of quality art, drama, music and dance programs to under-served communities and children who may not otherwise experience the arts as a part of the lives.
ARTreach is well known for its active collaborations with local social service organizations, juvenile probation departments and independent school districts and is recognized by the Texas Association of Partnerships in Education and the Institute of International Education for innovative programs encouraging minority participation in the arts. 
ARTreach also utilizes resources available through other leading Texas non-profit art, theater and music organizations, plus local art businesses, to augment their educational outreach services.
To learn more about ARTreach visit www.artreachonline.org