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October 2011
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I am in awe of creativity, and I love to encourage everyone to discover and affirm the  

creative being inside. Unleash it, open to it and believe that you have it!
I also want to place this "warning label" near your heart: Do not allow yourself to be
a harsh critic and judge of your work or allow anyone else to judge, re-form, change,
prematurely advise or recreate your inspired idea. Nothing will destroy your creative
spirit more quickly. Trust your instincts, your intuition, your creative whispers and
seeds. Trust.
Your work does not need to be crafted in a cookie cutter manner. There isn't one right
way. Enjoy the organic blossoming of your inspired wonderment.
Surround yourself with supportive people who are naturally encouraging and have the
ability to listen or see with their hearts, not their minds. In fact, my feeling is that it is
best not to share your initial creation at all.
The beginning is the sacred seed. Enjoy the sacredness of the initial ideas and don't be
eager to offer it for reaction too quickly, and when you are ready to give it to the world,
make sure it is with people who won't put insensitive negativity all over what you have
just created.
Discern with whom you will allow your work to be seen or heard, and enjoy the fact that
you just invented something that added just a little more spice and dimension to our
beautiful world.
Remember, there is no set formula for creating anything. Often the scribble, the simple,
the raw and vulnerable is more interesting and reaches the hearts of people more than
the perfectly crafted.
Just create... without the critical judge... arms open wide. It is your birthright to express
yourself and to feel safe enough to follow through on your inspired ideas. Don't
worry about right, wrong and perfect. Just let it flow and respect everyone's process,
especially your own.








Better World Quotes - Follow Your Heart
Better World Quotes - Follow Your Heart



World Image

Favorite Book to Ignite Creativity:


love this book, and have used it on and off throughout my life).  



Organizations for Creative/Musical Exploration:  (This organization and workshop turned my teaching and creativity around 360 degrees for the better)  



Creativity Workshops:








"We enjoyed your concert so much like all the other families seemed to enjoy you too. Marcel felt special when you called him to hold Monkey. We can tell your music and messages are already getting into his little head. The other day we heard him saying "I'm an amazing person today!" while playing on his own. We were so happy... There should be more Cheryl Melodys in the world! Thanks for your music and the precious moments you give to so many families like us."

Un abrazo from Marcel and from us too.




Programs for Adults & Children


 Cheryl Melody

Ta-Daaa! Coming up...



U.N. International Day of Peace

Watertown Public Library
 Chelmsford Public Schools

Springboard Schools

Dracut Public Library
 Southwick Public Library

Hopkinton Public Library "Peace Begins with You and Me" Intergenerational Concert

Case Collaborative
Steppingstones School

Newton Cultural Arts Center 

Worcester Public Library

Early Childhood Birthdays   

Keynotes & Workshops; BE your Note workshops; 

The Healing Power of Music



Please contact me at for more information.  




Cheryl Melody at Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA., February 19
Cheryl Melody at Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA., February 19


Cheryl Melody
B.M.Ed., M.A.

Performing Artist, Educator, Composer, Recording Artist, Parent's Choice Winner, Kidlutions Winner, Playwright, Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

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