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June 18, 2011
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The earth's beauty is calling to us right now, this moment, this season.  Let's stop our to-do list long enough to hear the birds, river, ocean, gentle breeze; let's enter into more of a still state to observe the colors, sounds and sights surrounding us.  Every moment we are too much in our minds of whirling endless lists is a missed moment of noticing the symphony of life itself.  Bring yourself on a sound-sight walk, and open your ears to what is naturally all around us.  This is the healing gift you can give yourself and to someone you love.   Accompany your nature focus with a feeling of inner gratefulness for the abundance all around us.  Breathe it all in. The earth and all of its living things is sacred, and the more we take the time to really see, hear and appreciate her with our hearts, the more we can realize on the deepest of levels how important it is to revere Mother Earth, Father Sky.    


Remember the words of Chief Seattle in the 1700's:


This we know.  Teach your children what we have taught our children.  That the earth is our Mother. 

Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. 

If people spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves. 

The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth. 

All things are connected, like the blood which unites one family.  All things are connected. 

We did not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it. 

Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. This we know.  ---Chief Seattle

                                                                                                                                                                              Cheryl Melody





Mother Earth Father Sky:  

Mother Earth, Father Sky (c)
Mother Earth, Father Sky (c)

Incorporates poem by Chief Seattle and Native American Traditional song, with lyrics by Cheryl Melody on CD, CELEBRATE!



Mother Earth by Nancy Luenn 

This is my favorite book to read to children and to myself.  It expresses in the most beautiful metaphorical way all there is to appreciate about our earth

World Image 




Every Day is Earth Day




Compassionate Kids 


Look at what these children are doing for the EARTH, PEOPLE AND ANIMALS!





Children's Event Testimonial:

We couldn't have made a better choice than having you at our little boy's birthday party. He felt so special that day with all the love and care you put into the show. All the kids were mesmerized by your songs, puppets, stories and the ways you interacted with the audience. It was an absolute pleasure for my husband and myself to get to know you a little more and discover personally the wonderful person you are. We were blown away by your kindness, dedication, attention to details and flexibility to accommodate all our needs.  We felt like you wanted everything to be perfect, just like us, the parents.  Marcel keeps talking about you and wants another birthday party with Cheryl Melody!-Mili and Basil    


Adult Event Testimonial: 

"Your songs and music are so affirming and healing for all of us.  I was looking around at our residents and thinking, "Where do they hear such positive affirmations of who they are"?-Denise 




 Cheryl Melody



Saturday, June 25!

Watertown Public Library, Watertown, MA

11:00  Birth to 7 years old/Families


"The Musical Imagination Adventure Concert!"

A Joyful "hi neighbor" and family experience!



Dracut Public Library        July 19  10:30     "One World, Different Yet the Same"

Southwick Public Library  July 21  11 a.m.  "One World, Caring for Each Other"

Hopkinton Public Library  July 28   10:30     "Friends Forever" Concert


There are also many private concerts and birthdays. Please contact me if you would like to observe.




Cheryl Melody at Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA., February 19
Cheryl Melody at Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA., February 19


Concerts, Workshops, Keynotes, Gatherings - Children/Adults

Cheryl Melody 1   



*I will travel anywhere to do this work of love, positivity and joy! Please feel free to discuss your budget with me, and we will make every effort to create a win-win so that the messages of these concerts will be possible. Discounts for multiple concerts, same day, same place.   Distance may require additional compensation. 


"The Musical Imagination Adventure Family Fun Concert!"(Babies - Age 5)   

Interactive & meaningful songs, creative movement, character building & self-esteem storytelling with multi-cultural puppets and instruments.  Nurtures friendship, manners, sharing, caring and inclusion.  $425-$500*   

"I Can Do Anything!" Special Needs Concerts and classes  $

"Oom pa pa Joy-filled Music Classes"   Will go to your on-site location  $

"Peace Begins with You & Me"(Pre-K through Grade 2)  

Original & Multi-cultural songs & storytelling with character-building messages, movement, puppets, instruments, self-esteem messages and ways to create positive changes within themselves and towards each other.    $425-$500*             

"Peace Begins with You & Me-We're Bully Free!"Teaching Concert (Pre-K through Grade 3)            

The entire audience becomes a part of the earth singers, rappers, storytellers and earth heroes.   Themes include anti-bullying, by-stander silence, telling an adult if the problem feels emotionally challenging, respect, inclusion, role modeling, the power of words and actions, being an everyday hero.   $500-$650*    

"One World, Different-Yet the Same"    Interactive Songs, stories, movement, multicultural puppets... of one people, one global nation, one planet...and together we can live philosophy  $425-$500

"I Can be an Everyday Hero!"   Interactive Anti-Bullying Teaching Concert (PreK through Gr.3) The

entire audience becomes a part of the earth singers, rappers, storytellers and earth heroes.

Themes include anti-bullying, by-stander silence, telling an adult if the problem feels emotionally challenging, respect, inclusion, role modeling, the power of words and actions, being an everyday hero.   $500-$650*   


Birthdays: Music, Movement and Imagination (Babies through age 5)  

Sing, dance & imagine with Cheryl Melody, and become the star of every song and story!       $250-$350*





A consciousness-raising workshop or Keynote speech: Reflective, interpersonal, loving, one community of connection, reaching out through meaningful songs, movement, poetry, rhythmic rap and storytelling; introspective exercises and optional sharing.   $

 The Healing Power of Music- Inner Growth Programs (Adults)  $

 Evening of Prayer and Song for all Faiths-Inner Growth Programs  (Adults) $

 BE Your Note!-Inner Growth Programs  $

 1 x 1, BEING the Positive Changes We Want in the World-Workshops and Concerts  (Intergenerational)  

Through meaningful songs, poetry, storytelling, "Being the changes we want in the world" sharing, visualization, rhythmic spoken word and heart to heart unification and connection, we create a vibration of positive power words, actions, feelings and thoughts...helping to create dynamic by one by one.    $


(*Prices do not include travel.  Discounts for multiple concerts, same day, same place:  For more information, please contact Cheryl Melody at or Zac at

Cheryl Melody
B.M.Ed., M.A.

Performing Artist, Educator, Composer, Recording Artist, Parent's Choice Winner, Kidlutions Winner, Playwright, Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

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