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May 2, 2011
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Here is a short activity for ALL ages that stimulates the brain-body towards a shift of positive mood, energy, emotional release and an increase in learning.  It is simple, time effective, and can be done indoors or outdoors.   It is compatible for those of you who were vocally traumatized, and for those of you who like to sing.   This activity is an ancient exercise called Toning.  Elongate a vowel sound-ah, oh, hip hip hooray, la, ta-da,  hee haw, ya-hoo.  Let your voice vibrate.     I call this technique Voweling for HealthTM.   This technique does not depend on singing in tune or out of tune.  It can be done in your speaking or singing voice, and all sounds create positive changes.  


Adults and children alike will learn more effectively and feel differently.  Part of the reason is that when we are stressed, we often forget to breathe.  When toning, we are forced to take a breath and let it out, and this small action will allow fresh renewed air to come into and out of the body.   In fact, making these free sounds can massage the hypothalamus, and it is the ONLY way to massage this important area in the brain!     If you have heard of Brain GymR, I've added this extension to Brain GymR .   


By adding open vowel sounds to your brain health, you will stimulate neuron flow.   In fact, voweling for healthTM increases intellectual and emotional IQ, AND can create an aerobic heartbeat without typical aerobic exercise!    

Even e-i-e-i-oh from Old McDonald releases the human voice.  In fact, any VOWEL sound and humming can vibrate the voice and is "sound healing."  Open sounds massage from inside-out and shift energy to a more vibrant level!   The next time you choose to sing Old McDonald, pay even more attention to the E-I-E-I-O part, and when in the car, do some yahoo's to shift the mood.  One of my songs on the CD, "Celebrate," begins with a big ya-hoo, so check out track 1 on i-tunes or on my CD.


     By the way, we recently had a global World Sound Healing Day at noon,  in which people all over the world sang the vowel sound of AH while visualizing peace within, in our families, neighborhoods and on our earth.    This AH sound is meant to vibrate the heart energy center within ourselves and within others.  It is the "love" vibration.  


     Try voweling for healthTM at home, in the classroom, in your office, in the car and anytime you need to re-group.   Another side-effect?  I challenge you to worry and fret while you are voweling for health!   Sound release keeps you in the moment, in the NOW, and helps all ages and stages in life.  As Winnie the Pooh says: "Hum a little hum."


                                                                                                                                                                              Cheryl Melody





Don Campbell

Don Campbell   


Don Campbell is a teacher and researcher in the fields of music, sound, health and learning.    He has studied the role of music in the classroom, in hospitals and therapeutic centers, in music therapy, in psychology and imagery applications, educational programs and in indigenous and multi-cultural traditions.  He is the Former Director and Founder of Boulder Colorado's Institute of Music, Health and Education.  (I have had the honor of participating in many of his workshops, and he introduced me to the value of sound release in its ability to change the emotional and learning state of an individual).  For further information on Don Campbell 


Don Campbell Interview
Don Campbell Interview

Don Campbell's interview in relationship to sound and healing at the GoodSamaritanHospital

World Image 








Lyndsey Watson 


Lyndsey Watson lives in Arizona, and guides adults in helping them free their emotions through sound release.  Please contact her at for more information about her workshops, lessons, song circles and CDs.





All Concerts, Keynotes and Workshops:

"It was an absolute pleasure to have Cheryl Melody perform at the Worcester Public Library this April. Cheryl's Musical Imagination Performance for young children was a delightful hour long performance that consisted of music, singing, puppets, storytelling and so much more. Never before have I seen an audience so engaged and eager to participate. We can't wait to have her back!" -Katherine P. Mitchell, Youth Services Librarian




 Cheryl Melody


Presented by Cheryl Melody

"Peace Begins with Me" Conference Presentation, Chicago/Wheeling.  McCormickCenter, National-Louis University-Directors, Teachers and Administrators.  

Cheryl Melody's  

"Peace Begins with You and Me - We're Bully Free!" 


Mary Finn School


Children Holding Hands around the World

House of Education and Peace  



Bethany Hill School


Walnut Park Montessori School  

These concerts are private.  Please email me in advance if you wish to attend.



The Musical Imagination Adventure Family Fun Concerts!

Cheryl Melody at Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA., February 19
Cheryl Melody at Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA., February 19



J.F. Kennedy School, Watertown Public Library, Dracut Public Library, Southwick Public Library, Worcester Public Library, Hopkinton Public Library, and MORE!  


Cheryl Melody Concerts  
"I Can be an Everyday Hero!"   Interactive Anti-Bullying Teaching Concert (Pre-K through Grade 3)        

The entire audience becomes a part of the earth singers, rappers, storytellers and earth heroes.   Themes include anti-bullying, by-stander silence, telling an adult if the problem feels emotionally challenging, respect, inclusion, role modeling, the power of words and actions, being an everyday hero.   $500-$650*   


"Peace Begins with You & Me-We're Bully Free!" Teaching Concert (Pre-K through Grade 3)             

The entire audience becomes a part of the earth singers, rappers, storytellers and earth heroes.   Themes include anti-bullying, by-stander silence, telling an adult if the problem feels emotionally challenging, respect, inclusion, role modeling, the power of words and actions, being an everyday hero.   $500-$650*    


 "Peace Begins with You & Me" (Pre-K through Grade 2)  

Original & Multi-cultural songs & storytelling with character-building messages, movement, puppets, instruments, self-esteem messages and ways to create positive changes within themselves and towards each other.    $425-$500*             


"Different, Yet the Same" Concerts; "Friends Forever" Concerts (Preschool through age 8)

Involves the audience through meaningful songs, storytelling, multi-cultural puppets, ancient sound healing instruments, gentle movement, and with messages of inclusion, tolerance, kindness, respect and love.  $425-$525*


"The Musical Imagination Adventure Family Fun Concert!"(Babies - Age 6)   

Interactive & meaningful songs, creative movement, character building & self-esteem storytelling with multi-cultural puppets and instruments.  Nurtures friendship, manners, sharing
, caring and inclusion.  $425-$500*   


Birthdays: Music, Movement and Imagination (Babies through age 5)  

Sing, dance & imagine with Cheryl Melody, and become the star of every song and story! $250-$350*                             


(*Prices do not include travel.  Discounts for multiple concerts, same day, same place:  For more information, please contact Zac at  or Cheryl Melody at

Cheryl Melody
B.M.Ed., M.A.

Performing Artist, Educator, Composer, Recording Artist, Parent's Choice Winner, Kidlutions Winner, Playwright, Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

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