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March 15, 2011
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I began performing the heart of the "Peace Begins with You and Me" concerts when I was asked to perform at the University of Oklahoma after the bombing.  Earlier that day, I visited the area that had been bombed and saw hundreds of teddy bears lined up on fences and words of "We'll remember you forever."  It was disturbing beyond all words.   As I stepped on the stage that same day, I was filled with emotions of anger, overwhelming sadness, self-doubt and confusion:  "What do I have to offer that can make a difference?"  "Why am I here, and who am I to be doing this? I am not a famous name." 


As I stood on the stage, a butterfly flew on my microphone and then on my shoulder.  I looked at that butterfly as a message that I was meant to be there as ME, a perfectly imperfect human being-a person who has been blessed to have meaningful lyrics and music flow through me and into the hearts of all ages.    That butterfly gave me the courage to move more fully forward in confidence that day, with the intention of inspiring people into a state of hope, love, healing and unity.


As I began to sing my "ONE PLANET, TOGETHER WE CAN LIVE" song, an idea spontaneously came to me.  I asked everyone to come down from the bleachers and connect with one another while singing the chorus, and miraculously they did!  I couldn't believe it.  All they needed was a facilitator-leader who gave them the motivation.  Everyone came down-all religions, learning abilities, shades of colors, young and old alike, singing ONE PLANET while hugging,  shaking each other's hands, crying, smiling, and unifying  with each other in grief, healing and hope.


It was in that moment that I had a glimmer of why I was here on earth, and the common thread of everything I do: My life's purpose is to provide hope and empowerment tools for raising consciousness in as many people as possible.  My goal is to create an inner and outer environment of respect, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, caring, consideration, cooperation, manners, and most of all LOVE.  Since Oklahoma City, I have continued to hone this particular concert.  It is a lifetime process as I rediscover new ways to emphasize the importance of being an everyday hero, a life of respectful living and a bully-free, safe existence for everyone on our beautiful planet.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Cheryl Melody




Everyday Heroes 

World Image 



"The Bully" by Rita Toews at K-3 (questions/answers for child, ways to express feelings, tips for parents, teachers)  




Inspiring People

Dr. Norma Leslie     

Dr. Leslie means a great deal to me.  She is the person responsible for having me come out to the University of Oklahoma after the bombing in order to perform a "Peace Begins with You and Me" healing concert for the public.  She is a catalyst for human change and growth, and has been a faculty member of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and Penn State University College of Medicine.   She now resides in Arizona, and continues to encourage everyone she meets and counsels to "keep their feet moving and their heart happy."


Danice Brown 


Danice Brown, Executive Director,                         

Danice does an amazing job inspiring under-served children to learn character-building "tennis/life skills" -helping children find the hero inside of them.  Her energy and devotion is evident, and her passion is inspiring.  Look at the video and notice the amazing consciousness in these children.  The emphasis on being an everyday hero in words and actions shines through! She has also taught all the children the "One Planet" song as their theme song for helping to create a better world.  



Cheryl Melody's  

"Peace Begins with You and Me - We're Bully Free!" 


Mary Finn School

Southborough, MA 

Children Holding Hands around the World

House of Education and Peace  

Gardner, MA  


Bethany Hill, Framingham, MA 

These concerts are private.  Please email me in advance if you wish to attend.




The Musical Imagination Adventure Family Fun Concerts!

Watch a video excerpt here  


Cheryl Melody



HAVERHILL PUBLIC LIBRARY     April 9, 11:00 a.m.

WORCESTER PUBLIC LIBRARY     April 14, 10:00 a.m. 


 children jump

Cheryl Melody teaches and performs at JAM TIME in Maynard, MA! 


 Tuesday mornings 


86 Powder Mill Road
 Maynard, MA   




All Concerts, Keynotes and Workshops:

"Cheryl Melody will give you 150%!  Whether she is a Keynote speaker, a workshop presenter and/or a performing artist for a children's concert...teachers, parents and children alike love her style, personality, warmth, and heartfelt passion for children, music and teaching."      -Dr. Norma Leslie, University of Oklahoma; Penn State

Cheryl Melody Concerts  
"I Can be an Everyday Hero!"   Interactive Anti-Bullying Teaching Concert (Pre-K through Grade 3)        

The entire audience becomes a part of the earth singers, rappers, storytellers and earth heroes.   Themes include anti-bullying, by-stander silence, telling an adult if the problem feels emotionally challenging, respect, inclusion, role modeling, the power of words and actions, being an everyday hero.   $500-$650*   


"Peace Begins with You & Me-We're Bully Free!" Teaching Concert (Pre-K through Grade 3)             

The entire audience becomes a part of the earth singers, rappers, storytellers and earth heroes.   Themes include anti-bullying, by-stander silence, telling an adult if the problem feels emotionally challenging, respect, inclusion, role modeling, the power of words and actions, being an everyday hero.   $500-$650*     

 "Peace Begins with You & Me" (Pre-K through Grade 2)  

Original & Multi-cultural songs & storytelling with character-building messages, movement, puppets, instruments, self-esteem messages and ways to create positive changes within themselves and towards each other.    $425-$500*             


"The Musical Imagination Adventure Family Fun Concert!"(Babies - Age 6)   

Interactive & meaningful songs, creative movement, character building & self-esteem storytelling with multi-cultural puppets and instruments.  Nurtures friendship, manners, sharing, caring and inclusion.  $400-$450*   


Birthdays: Music, Movement and Imagination (Babies through age 5)  

Sing, dance & imagine with Cheryl Melody, and become the star of every song and story! $225-$350*                             


(*Prices do not include travel.  Discounts for multiple concerts, same day, same place:  For more information, please contact Zac at  or Cheryl Melody at

Cheryl Melody
B.M.Ed., M.A.

Performing Artist, Educator, Composer, Recording Artist, Parent's Choice Winner, Kidlutions Winner, Playwright, Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

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