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December 15, 2010
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Enjoy Cheryl Melody's award winning music anytime you want with her latest CD "Friends Forever"

2010 Kidlutions Preferred Product Winner!
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It is important to help children hear, see, feel and know the difference between positive power words and negative power words by having children first build a foundation of awareness and knowledge about the differences in the FEELING SENSE of the words themselves. A meaningful activity is to ask children to come up with positive and negative words-brainstorm, make lists, discuss, share ideas and feelings.  What words make us feel good? What words hurt?                                                                                                                                                                                                              Often a child will feel the hurt not only emotionally but also within the body--as if they were "kicked in the solar plexis, "felt 10 feet tall" or "their heart broke into pieces."  The hurt of words can be felt emotionally and physically.  Children can be made aware of specific words and phrases that feel good, hurt, uplift, support, negate, torment, and are "put ups or put downs."  To further reinforce this point, please take a look at the, and in particular the PUT UPS versus PUT DOWN section in the following PDF:                                                                                                                                                    Teaching children to FEEL the emotional power of their words is crucial to a character-building education.  One of my songs, "You Can Change You" (from the CD, "Celebrate!") says: "Think before you talk now...don't say it if it hurts someone else."   If we teach children how to differentiate between what words feel good and what words hurt themselves or another, we will have helped to create bully-free environments within an empathic, intelligent generation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Cheryl Melody

Cheryl Melody comes to JAM TIME in Maynard, MA! 
 Tuesday mornings, beginning in January


86 Powder Mill Road
 Maynard, MA

OPEN HOUSE: January 15th 


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Expert Early Childhood Music with Cheryl Melody


 "Positive Music for Kids, and for those who love them"


Positive Messages in every word of every CD & Concert, with character-building and self-esteem opportunities in every song and story!   




"Your Peace Begins with Me-We're Bully Free" message is so beautiful in its simplicity and honesty. I think that is why it resonates with children so well. Keep up the good work, and I will of course continue to keep you in mind for future events. We need more Cheryl Melodys in this world!! Thank you again and we look forward to your new albums"     PTO President

Cheryl Melody Concerts

"The Musical Imagination Adventure Concert!"
(Babies - Age 6)
Interactive & meaningful songs, creative movement, character building & self-esteem storytelling with multi-cultural puppets and instruments.  Nurtures friendship, manners, sharing, caring and inclusion.  $375 - $450*

"Peace Begins with You & Me" (Pre-school - Grade 2)
Original & Multi-cultural songs & storytelling with character building messages, movement, puppets, instruments and children's personal promises for creating positive changes within themselves and towards each other.  $425 - $525*          

"Peace Begins with You & Me - We're Bully Free!" A Teaching Concert
(Preschool; Grades K-3)
The entire audience becomes a part of the Peace Begins with You & Me singers & storytellers.  Themes include Anti-bullying, Bystander Silence, the power of words and actions, respect, role modeling, being an everyday hero.  Interactive multi-cultural songs and storytelling with unique instruments to raise behavioral awareness, inclusion and friendship.   $500 - $650*

"One World-Different & Same" (Preschool; Grades K-3) 
Through interactive and meaningful songs, multicultural celebration, storytelling, quotations from world renown leaders, multi-cultural puppets and instruments, unusual vibratory instruments, interactive participation, Cheryl Melody integrates a creative approach to raising children's personal, social & global awareness. Positive messages of tolerance, inclusion, friendship and respect ring throughout the concert, emphasizing that no matter how different we all are, everyone's heart beats in the same way.   $450-$600*

( *Prices do not include travel.  Discounts available for multiple concerts.  Please contact Manager - Zac Cataldo for more information.)


Marty Froman's song and video kept me captivated for over 4 minutes: "reckless words pierce like a sword..."--covers parental child abuse, school bullying, depression and deep emotional wounding  Froman is a social worker-singer/songwriter.  See                                                                                

WEBSITE:    Super website! Lesson plans, ideas, resources galore!

  for Preschool Teachers:  The Anti-bullying and Teasing Book by Barbara Sprung   (Particularly for preschool classroom teachers-there are 40 activities with ways to curb teasing and bullying with focus on friendship, positive communication, community support, feelings)                                                                    

Featured Book for Children, ages 4-7:  Words are Not for Hurting  by Elizabeth Verdick   (Verdick is a parenting columnist, and her book is great for kids! Simple, positive messages of thinking before speaking, and the positive power of words; illustrations are excellent as well)                   

Cheryl Melody
 B.M.Ed., M.A.

Children Holding Hands around the World
Performing Artist, Educator, Composer, Recording Artist, Parent's Choice Winner, Kidlutions Winner, Playwright, Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

 To schedule a performance, please contact my manager:
  Zac Cataldo via email or phone (978) 302-7466