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October 4, 2010
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Teaching children to get into someone's shoes, feelings and situations is key to igniting the quality of empathy.  The more we can use teaching moments to point out ways to empathize with others, the less bullying and by-stander silence there will be in our homes, schools and neighborhoods.  Helping a child become more sensitive is a wonderful gift to that child and to human kind. "How would you feel if someone said that to you..." is a wonderful phrase that can ignite empathy.  I believe that some people are more naturally gifted with this quality than others, but everyone's awareness can be raised. Role playing, dramatic play, storytelling, social opportunities...all lend themselves to creating a more empathic human being.  What a treasure!   My multi-dimensional teaching concerts, "Peace Begins with You and Me," "One World-Different and Same," and "Peace Begins with You and Me-We're Bully Free" all integrate approaches that reinforce the importance of personal and social sensitivity, and I would love to come to your area to offer one of my educational and interactive teaching programs.  

Cheryl Melody


"Cheryl Melody is the most refreshing, dedicated and creative artist focusing on the appreciation of diversity in its many forms, and the encouragement of personal responsibility for respectful living. She spreads her message in a joyful way that easily engages both parents and children. I appreciate her ability to be flexible and gear each performance to the specific needs of each audience. Parents have responded very positively to her presentations, messages, and the relationship she quickly develops with the children. The performances themselves are filled with originality and participatory activities for the whole family-so important when the audience is multi-aged. Her performances are meaningful and unique for a child beginning to learn about very important "big" life issues in ways that have impact and staying power."
Marie Cassidy, Director, MFN

Cheryl Melody Concerts

"The Musical Imagination Adventure Concert!"
(Babies - Age 6)
Interactive & meaningful songs, creative movement, character building & self-esteem storytelling with multi-cultural puppets and instruments.  Nurtures friendship, manners, sharing, caring and inclusion.  $375 - $450*

"Peace Begins with You & Me" (Pre-school - Grade 2)
Original & Multi-cultural songs & storytelling with character building messages, movement, puppets, instruments and children's personal promises for creating positive changes within themselves and towards each other.  $425 - $525*          

"Peace Begins with You & Me - We're Bully Free!" A Teaching Concert
(Preschool; Grades K-3)
The entire audience becomes a part of the Peace Begins with You & Me singers & storytellers.  Themes include Anti-bullying, Bystander Silence, the power of words and actions, respect, role modeling, being an everyday hero.  Interactive multi-cultural songs and storytelling with unique instruments to raise behavioral awareness, inclusion and friendship.   $500 - $650*

"One World-Different & Same" (Preschool; Grades K-3) 
Through interactive and meaningful songs, multicultural celebration, storytelling, quotations from world renown leaders, multi-cultural puppets and instruments, unusual vibratory instruments, interactive participation, Cheryl Melody integrates a creative approach to raising children's personal, social & global awareness. Positive messages of tolerance, inclusion, friendship and respect ring throughout the concert, emphasizing that no matter how different we all are, everyone's heart beats in the same way.   $450-$600*

( *Prices do not include travel.  Discounts available for multiple concerts.  Please contact Manager - Zac Cataldo for more information.)


WEBSITES:  - These are valuable and terrific books for every age-books that can be read to children, books children can read themselves, and books that can serve as a catalyst for the teacher to talk and work on the issues of bullying, by-stander silence, feelings, empathy and other important values)

  For teaching empathy - "Friends Forever" by Cheryl Melody - It took me 2 years to write this story about a young boy named Carlos who learned to make friends with children who couldn't speak his language and were new in the classroom.  Effective non-verbal communication is emphasized, as well as effective verbal communication, teamwork, caring, inclusion.  Contains many original catchy songs with similar themes; can be found on my site, as well as on CD BABY and i-tunes. 


  "Teaching Children Empathy, The Social Emotion" by Dr. Tonia Caselman - This paperback contains lessons, activities and worksheets for K-6, and teaches children how to step into others' shoes-very helpful; it is $20.47 and can be found on Amazon:

Cheryl Melody
 B.M.Ed., M.A.

Children Holding Hands around the World
Performing Artist, Educator, Composer, Recording Artist, Parent's Choice Winner, Kidlutions Winner, Playwright, Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

 To schedule a performance, please contact my manager:
  Zac Cataldo via email or phone (978) 302-7466