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Socialism is alive and well, and I'm not simply talking about the socialistic charade of Hugo Chavez.


Instead, I'm talking about the employee or subcontracted members of your group who, even though they are being paid every penny due to them pursuant to their employment agreement or subcontract, have the misguided mindset that "there is money missing" or that the partners are "stealing money," as if any purportedly "missing" or "stolen" money would, in any event, be theirs.


Perhaps this is simply a symptom of a larger societal problem: the cancer of social justice which is simply a pig-in-a-skirt term for an entitlement attitude magnified to the level of socially acceptable theft.


But there are other contributing factors totally within the control of the group and its leaders:

  • Strategy: Groups often have no actual business strategy which in many cases fosters a collegial approach to the business of medicine. We're all in this together morphs into we're all in business together. If so, where's my money?
  • Poorly documented relationships: The world in which the difference between a $2,000 employment agreement and a $15,000 one is often millions in damages to your partners. Oops, you mean subcontractors. Have you created a de facto partnership?
  • Actions: Even if the agreement between the group and its employed or subcontracted physicians is properly structured and documented, it doesn't help if its not signed or if the group takes action, or its leaders make statements, contrary to its provisions. These gaffes provide the toe holds for disgruntled physicians to use when climbing into your bank account.

The impact of this thinking, whether resulting simply from the subcontractors misguided mindset or fostered by errors on the part of the group, is cancer-like. If allowed to grow, it will, at best, cause dissension within the ranks. At worst, it will result in employees and subcontractors running off to hospital administration to complain about their "unfair" treatment, the likely result of which will be their use by the administrator as weapons to destabilize your group's leadership structure.


Yes, to use another socialist analogy, this time from the other side of the ideological coin, your employees and subcontractors will be used as useful idiots to destroy your leadership and, in the long run, to destroy the idiots themselves.


If your patient had cancer it would be removed. If your group has cancer. . . 



The Myth of Physician Alignment 


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All Things Personal

I often receive calls from potential clients whom I choose not to represent.  My usual practice is to suggest one or two other attorneys who are capable of handling their matter.  I'll call these lawyers and let them know that so-and-so will likely be calling them.
Over the past few weeks two of these referral instances stand out as examples of what not to do to a referral source:  Ignore them.

The first involved the referral of what might be a very large project in an area that does not interest me.  I told "Sally" that I'd make a few calls for her to attorneys I recommend.  So far I've left two messages apiece for those attorneys - neither of whom, I am told, is on vacation or out of town.  Neither has called back.

The other involved a small matter below my threshold for involvement.  It concerned a specialized area, so I called a friend for some recommendations as to who might handle it.  I called and emailed each of the three suggested attorneys; only one called back - he got the case.

The point of the story isn't that other attorneys don't return phone calls (no news there); rather it's that when someone is trying to hand you business, that is, make a referral, and all you have to do is respond, some people don't have the sense to know what to do; or if they have the sense, they can't follow through.

The same lesson applies to physicians and the referral of patients, whether it's a one on one direct referral to an office based specialist or a "referral" from one physician to an exclusive contract holding group.  

Referrals are a significant portion of the lifeblood of a professional practice.  Pissing off the referrer is a really stupid move.  

You may fully understand this intellectually, but putting it into practice is another matter.  And, even if you are among the world's best in responding to, and befriending, and being polite to, and etc. etc. etc. with referral sources, what are your partners or your employees (from brain surgeon to receptionist) doing to build up, or tear down your practice?


How Scenario Surveys Strengthen Strategy, published in the September 2011 issue of Pain Medicine News.

Scenarios Can Shape Group Strategy, published on on August 24, 2011. 


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