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Dear Teachers,

This is our 100th 10 Free Downloads newsletter which means we've highlighted 1,000 great free downloads to help make your teaching life easier every week. To celebrate, I came up with a contest with $1,000 in prizes plus a $1,000 bonus for your favorite plus another $1,000 for our favorite. I guess that makes it $3,000 total!

The contest is to redesign our 'It's About Time' banner, the one you see where we used to show ads. Here it is:

Your job is to make it even better. You can keep the same copy or create your own while maintaining the same or similar idea. The only acceptable size is 300x250 and you can post up to 3. Voting will end next Saturday, April 28th at Midnight PST. Submissions and voting happen on our Facebook Fan Page starting today. Here's how:

The 10 banners who get the most LIKES on our Fan Page win $100 each and the one who gets the most LIKES wins a $1,000 bonus. We'll then choose our favorite to place on the site and award that creator $1,000. We'll reach out to all winners via FB to organize prize payouts. Spread the word on your blogs and have fun!

Paul Edelman
Founder, TeachersPayTeachers


Happy Earth Day. On TpT, there are now 867 Earth Day Materials to choose from and it's not too late to address this important issue in your classrooms. And tomorrow is William Shakespeare's birthday. Let's decide "to be" and turn the impending Earth drama from tragedy to comedy.

Two more sellers have surpassed the big $75,000 in TpT earnings milestone! Congratulations to Kindergarten teacher Deedee Wills of Belle, Missouri and to elementary grades curriculum developer (and TpT registered user #50 out of now 670,000) Rachel Lynette. They are 10th and 11th to reach this milestone, earned through hard work, creativity and skill all while helping thousands of teachers around the world. Pretty darned cool.

Meet new TpT seller Stephanie McMahon also of Missouri who has 10 products posted so far, half of which are being offered for free. Stephanie recently discovered the excitement of receiving her first "Product sold on TeachersPayTeachers" email notification, what some scientists have claimed to be more addictive than reality TV. Try it with caution!

Wow! So many of you have taken advantage of our new Buyer Rewards program called TpT Credits. It essentially gives you a generous 5% back on your purchases. Check it out.

To recap the rules of the "Redesign our 'It's About Time' Banner Contest", it starts now and ends at Midnight April 28th, PST. The banners must be 300x250 and you can post up to 3 of them on our Facebook Fan Page. Voting happens there so spread the word to your networks. The top 10 LIKED win $100 each, the most LIKED wins an extra $1,000 and our favorite, which will go on TpT, wins $1,000, too.


Butterflies and Caterpillars Lets Make a Book Science Packet
by KinderKay
Probability Unit-Good Luck Goodies!
by Hilary Lewis
The Hunger Games Teaching Guide: Common Core NCTE/IRA Standards Based
by Secondary Solutions
Snip, Flip, and Fold 3-D Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension
by Mrs. H.

Heidi Raki
Casablanca - Oasis

Heidi Raki currently teaches first grade at an American school in Casablanca, Morocco.  She has previously taught third grade and K-5 computers.  She uses project-based learning and hands on activities to increase student motivation and improve student understanding.  She uses TpT to help other teachers have quality teaching resources in their classroom.

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36 Week Reading Response Journal
by Heidi Raki
Self Correcting Puzzle - Base 10 Blocks 0 - 100 by 5's
by Heidi Raki

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Novel Studies
The Hunger Games Poetry & Creative Writing Exercises
by Tracy Orman
Grades 6 - 12

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Persuasive Speech Matrix Rubric
by Mark Hecht
Grades 11-12

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Fun Stuff

Facebook Timeline Template
by Laura@ AskTheEnglishTeacher
Grades 7-12

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Math Test Prep

Socratic Circles Number Cards
by Lisa Tilmon
Grades 7-10

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Spot the Imposter - Level 1 - A Warm-up Math Activity
by Teaching By Hart
Grades 4-8

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Flight Workbook - Using the Technology Process
by Top Notch Teaching
Grades 5-7

Browse All Grammar
Go Fish for Contractions
by Valerie Young
Grades 2-6

Browse All Geometry
Geometric Shape Sort: Drawing, Naming, and Counting Sides & Vertices
by Just Tinkerin' Around!
Grades K-4

Browse All Printables
Friendly Letter Writing for the Primary Classroom - "Message Center"
by Fluttering Through First Grade
Grades K-1

Browse All Kindergarten
Place Value Rock
by Shuna P
Grades K - 3

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