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Dear Teachers,

I am continually amazed and grateful that TpT is living up to and surpassing the highest expectations I had back in 2006 when we first launched. Back then, I remember telling reporters from the AP, Teacher Magazine and the LA Times that I felt that increased sharing of teaching ideas and materials--powered by real-world incentives--would lead to better teaching and help advance the profession, even if just a little. I'm proud to say that I think that's happening.

What surprises me too is where it's impacting the most. It seems that the greatest beneficiaries of our teacher2teacher exchange are those who create and contribute. Combined with teacher blogging, which most of our successful sellers have begun to do this past year or so, sharing and selling on TpT, participating on our insider Seller's Forum and networking with fellow teacher-creators has become the most powerful form of Professional Development these teachers have ever experienced. From what we're hearing and seeing, it's simply transformational.

Even more, the top 100 sellers averaged over $5,000 in earnings this past quarter! When you stumble upon an activity that not only fires up your passion for teaching and advances your skills exponentially but also earns you extra while you do it, it's natural to be kind of psyched about that.

For the best PD ever, consider joining the seller/contributor/blogger/sharer/earner side. It's not get-rich-quick, but for those who really put in the effort to collaborate--and you will be amazed at how you'll be embraced by the TpT community--patience and effort will reward you professionally, personally and economically. In education, there are few examples of anything more win:win than that.

Teach and be well,

Paul Edelman
Founder, TpT


We flipped the list! To celebrate our High School members, we placed their materials on top of the 10 Free Downloads list below, and then it works its way to Kindergarten. For more HS materials, start browsing by Grades 9-12 and narrow from there.

I guess it was a good problem to have. After getting many reports that it was starting to get difficult to find specific downloads on your My Purchases pages, we added a Sort By menu in the upper right corner of the navigation area. Use it to sort Alphabetically or by Recently Revised so you can get the latest versions of your purchased materials in a jiffy.

Meet the latest TpT Seller to upgrade from Basic to Premium, Anna Sanders. Anna entered the SMART Teacher content challenge contest and was the North American Primary Winner and won a trip to London. Her SmartBoard activities are pretty smart!

As some students start to get on your nerves (did I say that?) remember TpT seller Laurah Jurca's tip: "Find something praiseworthy in every student. Praise each student for others to hear--other students will then pick up on the positive qualities that evoke your praise and will begin to exhibit them too."


Common Core Posters: Standards for Mathematical Practice
by The Allman Files
Mnemonics For Life
by Lyn Stone
Report Card and IEP Comments - 1830 ready-to-use report card comments
by Stevan Krajnjan
Halloween Center Activities for Literacy Math Science and More
by Kindergarten Kiosk

Fran Kramer @ Kindergarten Crayons
Irvine — CA

I am Kindergarten teacher and trainer with a Special Ed background in a Title I school. I couldn't find curriculum that addressed the specific needs of my English language learners and still reflected California standards, so I created my own. I hope you find it useful and hands on!

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Pete the Cat
Book 2

by Fran Kramer
Sight Words To Rock Your Room Too
by Fran Kramer

Browse All Lectures
Paradise Lost Lecture
by MrMilton
Grades 9 - 12

Browse All Anatomy
Sports Drinks and Homeostasis Inquiry Lesson
by Gail B. Wortmann (2001 Iowa Teacher of the Year)
Grades 10 -1 2

Browse All Writing
Show Don't Tell Activity
by Secondary Solutions
Grades 5 - 12

Browse All Physics
Optional Ballistic Pendulum Problems for Extra Practice
by Lisa Tarman
Grades 9 - 12

Browse All ELA
Mockingbird by K. Eskrine: Novel Unit Planning Guide
by Ann Marie Smith
Grades 5 - 8

Browse All Reading
Reading Discussion Guide: BOOKTHINK
by trocadero
Grades 5 - 8

Browse All
Basic Operations
Pumpkin Poke Addition Facts 1-12 Game
by FlapJack Educational Resources
Grades 1 - 4

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General Science
Science Is Yummy Freebie File
by Charity Preston
Grades 3 - 6

Browse All Printables
Simile Class Book
by Swimming into Second
Grades 1 - 3

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WhiteBoard Activities
Ways to Make 10 SmartBoard Lesson for Primary Grades
by Lisa Rombach
Grades PreK - 2

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1 Autumn Math and Literacy Centers
2 Halloween Unit with literacy, math and art
3 Halloween Math and Literacy Activities
4 Apples and Pumpkins - Literacy and Math Activities
5 Apples! Math and Literacy Activities

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1 Deanna Jump
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1 Deanna Jump
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