TeachersPayTeachers May 2011
10 Free Downloads Volume 57

Dear Teachers,

The school year is winding down but of course you are charging hard and will do so all the way through the last day of school. You aren't really that kind of teacher who caves to your students desires to stop working, watch movies and have classroom parties. There is just too much to learn, too much precious time that will be lost forever if you don't do something with it. But enough preaching to the choir! Below are 10 more free downloads we hope you find useful as you continue your good work.

We are working hard too, for you. To the left is a glimpse of the new and improved TpT site we are working on. It's not quite ready but we hope to launch it this summer. Browsing and searching will be much faster and easier and there will be some neat new features that will make following your favorite sellers more fruitful. We look forward to launching it and having another amazing school year at TeachersPayTeachers!

Teach and be well,



Insects: A Thematic Unit Catching Fire Complete Unit: Questions, Activities, Tests, Vocab
by ABC Schoolhouse by Tracee Orman
Grades: PreK–1

Grades: 5–12

End of School Year Reading Writing Ideas and Activities End-of-School Bingo Game
by Wise Guys by Margaret Whisnant
Grades: 3–5

Grades: 4–8

meet What's New or Cool
Lindsey — The Teacher Wife
Reading, Language Arts, Phonics
Grade K-3

Lindsey is a first year, first grade teacher in Utah. She has combined her passion for teaching and graphic design to create interesting materials for the classroom. As an educator she understands the need for lessons that literally “capture” your students!

Four Great Products by Lindsey —The Teacher Wife!
  Action Verbs
  Word Endings
  Popcorn Words
•  Here is an end-of-the-year project, a 37-page unit for the middle grades (also adaptable) by Lisa Dhein called The Inside Scoop-End of the Year News Program. The students are given the task of creating a news program for the purpose of informing next year's class what is in store for them. It costs $5.95.
•  For the littler ones, this is a well-rated and praised unit called Write On: An End of the School Year Memory Book. It has 17 pages and costs $4.00. The teacher-author is named Mrs. Lochridge and she teaches in Vegas.
•  Here is one by Shelley Gray called "Summer Sports" Mix and Match Problem Solving Pack that also costs $4.00.
Spring Ideas from ABC Schoolhouse
by ABC Schoolhouse
Grades: PreK–1
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Spring Addition Sort-Even and Odd
by Michelle Oakes
Grades: K–2
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Our Goodbye Book
by Kim Swoveland
Grades: PreK-2
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Fun Stuff

Short and Sweet Behavior Management Song Lyrics
by Steavi Arnett
Grades: PreK–2
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Classroom Management

There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed... writing
by Teaching Jessie
Grades: 1-5
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"High Performance P.E. Lesson Plan Template"
by Andre LaBouyer
Grade: 4-12
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Physical Education

"Live & Learn" Life Lessons Class Activity Anytime or End of the Year
by Tracee Orman
Grades: 1–12
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Classroom French Vocabulary Game (Picture ID)
by Jos76
Grades: 3-12
Browse All Foreign Language

by Derrick Brown
Grades: 7–12
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Lab investigation: Separating a Mixture - Chemical
by Alan Sills
Grades: 8-12
Browse All Chemistry

Best of The Best
Best Selling Items
  1 Insects Math and Literacy Fun
  2  Pirates Math and Literacy Fun!
  3  Alien Invasion Math and Literacy Fun
  4  Apples! Math and Literacy Activities
  5  Zoo Math and Literacy Fun
Best Selling Sellers by Earnings
  1 Deanna Jump
  2  Kim Adsit
  3  Made For 1st Grade
  4  Babbling Abby
  5  Cara Carroll