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Dear Teachers,

It's almost Thanksgiving, and we're thankful for a lot over here at TpT. We're especially thankful for teachers who seek out materials for the best way to teach any given topic or skill and for those teachers who develop them. We give thanks for the power of collaboration through incentivized sharing and for the drive to perfect the wheel instead of constantly reinventing it. We're thankful for the power of technology to bring people and ideas together -- so thanks Al Gore for inventing the internet!

Most of all, we are simply thankful that we are able to be helpful to teachers who do the real work and deserve all the thanks. Happy Thanksgiving from the folks at TpT!

Teach and be well,



My 39 Clues Journal: 13 Different Journal Page Templates Essay Apprentice Writing System: NEW! 179 pages for Struggling Writers
by Smart Chick
by Secondary Solutions
Grades: 4–6
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Grades: 6–12
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4.0 / 4.0

Super Centers: Christmas Symbols Theme Math Games for Middle School 2
by Rebecca Bettis (3.9/4.0) by Meghan Mathis
Grades: 2–6
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Grades: 3–9
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meet What's New or Cool
Anna M. Colley
All Elementary Subjects

I am blessed to be in my 11th year of teaching and touching children's lives. I offer a variety of resources and strive to offer high-quality, curriculum-rich resources for you and your students. I specialize in ordered pairs activities, file folder centers, I Have / Who Has games, seasonal and holiday resources, and lots of other lesson helpers for all subject areas.

Four Great Products by Anna Colley!
  Holiday Fact/Opinion Sort
  Author's Purpose File Folder Center
  Holiday Ordered Pairs Pack
  MLK Day Pack
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•  Did you know that TpT is often discussed around Thanksgiving tables, especially around the time the cranberry sauce is passed around? If anyone has any theories as to why this is true, please email us!
Writing a Perfect Paragraph
by Karen Pearce
Grades: 4–8
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Text a Teacher
by Clendenon and Shortt (4.0/4.0)
Grades: 2–12
Product Rating:
4.0 / 4.0
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Graphing HANDS ON FUN with Pictographs and Bar Graphs
by Susan Russell (3.0/4.0)
Grades: PreK-3
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Bullying in Schools and Online-Dear Abby Writing a Letter of Advice
by Jim Tuttle (3.9/4.0)
Grades: 6–12
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4.0 / 4.0
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All About Me Packet
by Jennifer Lambert
Grades: 1-3
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Hurricanes and Tornadoes Power Point lesson and quiz
by PowerPoint Maniac (3.9/4.0)
Grades: 3–6
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4.0 / 4.0
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Parts of Speech PAPA V INC, Pizza Pie Mnemonic!
by Eunice Cerezo
Grades: 3–8
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Order of Operations BINGO for Smartboard
by Sarah Gilbert (3.8/4.0)
Grades: 4-8
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4.0 / 4.0
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Simple List of 201 Formats for Writing Activities
by Peddler (3.9/4.0)
Grades: 1–12
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Monohybrid Mice! (Monohybrid Genetics Problems)
by Science Stuff (3.8/4.0)
Grades: 8–12
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