TeachersPayTeachers November 2010
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Dear Teachers,

There's nothing more impressive than watching a teacher in perfect control of her environment effectively teaching fully engaged students. You can almost feel the students growing in richness. It brings to mind the phrases 'in the zone' from sports, 'hitting on all cylinders' from car racing, and 'captured his audience' from stage performance.

Without a great song, though, even Whitney Houston will tend to lose her audience. And Dale Earnhardt Jr. is only as good as his car. Likewise, engaging teachers need a strong lesson plan to enable a good performance.

Alas, always remember that you can find and share strong lesson plans here at TeachersPayTeachers, all created from hard-earned experience.

Teach and be well,



Mastering Math Facts MYSTERY Unit - Smart Board, Interactive Boards, Worksheets, Unit Plans
by Laura Candler (4.0/4.0) by Joy Hall
Grades: 3–6
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Grades: 3–5
Product Rating:
4.0 / 4.0

Reading and ELA interactive Power Point resource -- over 20 topics! Seedfolks Novel Unit (30 pages)
by PowerPoint Maniac (3.9/4.0) by Monica Lukins
Grades: 2–6
Product Rating:
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Grades: 6–9
Product Rating:
4.0 / 4.0

meet What's New or Cool
InspirEd Educators, Sharon Coletti and Kendra Corr
Social Studies and Language Arts

Sharon and Kendra are former teachers and department heads, who have more than 35 years combined experience. They left the classroom to develop what they knew was needed — engaging, thought-provoking, standards-based lesson plans that would be truly helpful to teachers and inspiring to students.

Four Great Products by Sharon and Kendra!
  Novel Elements
  The Journey of Ferdinand Magellan
  Boston Massacre Mock Trial
  Command, Market and Mixed Economies
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Thanksgiving Emergent Reader - I Am Thankful
by D. Conway (4.0/4.0)
Grades: PreK–1
Product Rating:
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Thanksgiving Researchable Food Trivia—Yum or Yuck?
by Margaret Whisnant (3.9/4.0)
Grades: 5–9
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Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions for Kids
by Rachel Lynette (3.9/4.0)
Grades: 1-8
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Our Lady Liberty Podcast Classroom Package
by TruthMe (4.0/4.0)
Grades: 4–8
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4.0 / 4.0
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Ordinal Numbers Smartboard Practice
by dijobaker (3.9/4.0)
Grades: 1–3
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Grammar Comics! overheads/handouts
by David Rickert (3.9/4.0)
Grades: 3–12
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4.0 / 4.0
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Apples Graphing Practice with Critical Thinking Questions
by Lisa Michalek (3.8/4.0)
Grades: 6–12
Product Rating:
3.9 / 4.0
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Don't Bully Me! ELD reading/creative writing assignment
by Danielle Farve
Grades: 4
Product Rating:
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Character Education

Study Homonyms Interactively
by Charlene Tess (4.0/4.0)
Grades: 1–8
Product Rating:
3.8 / 4.0
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Beginning Gaming Teacher’s Toolkit
by Caleb Gentry
Grades: 8–12
Product Rating:
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