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10 Free Downloads Volume 17

Dear Teachers,

Congratulations on reaching the end of another hopefully great school year in the classroom. You are likely exhausted and deserving of a long rest. Aren’t summers great?

We know that the current economy and political climate is a challenge for teachers, but keep your eyes on the prize— doing your absolute best for your students. To that end, we hope you find these 10 free downloads useful, and that you will use TeachersPayTeachers this Summer to prepare for 2010/2011. We are open year round and are planning many great improvements to the site and service.

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meet What's New or Cool
Amy Haney and Kathleen Acosta
Foreign Language/Spanish
Grades K–12

Amy and Kathleen are National Board Certified Teachers who have been publishing supplemental Spanish materials since 2000. They have written over 40 published books and they have created many games, units, activities, and lessons that are available on TeachersPayTeachers.

Four Great Products by Amy and Kathleen!
  Spanish Sports Vocabulary Power Point
  La Fiesta de San Fermin — Bullfight Game
  Spanish Family Vocabulary Unit —
  18 Page Packet k
  Inspirational Educational Quotes for
  Your Classroom
• This month’s issue of the California Educator has a great article about teachers buying and selling lesson plans on TpT. Check it out!
• Top seller and NY educator Lisa Michalek recently surpassed 10,000 items sold on TpT! Congrats to Lisa and thanks to all of her loyal customers who keep coming back for her terrific and practical Science materials.
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End of Year Games
by Heidi Wachtin(4.0/4.0)
Grades: 2–6
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Summer Fun!
by Beverly Burks (4.0/4.0)
Grades: K–2
Product Rating:
4.0 / 4.0
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End of Year Book
Swap and Game Day Note
by busyteacherprintables (3.8/4.0)
Grades: Pre-K–6
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End of Year Koosh
SMARTBoard Activity
by Stratton
Grades: 4–9
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Whiteboard Activities

Critical Thinking for Teachers and Students
by Deborah Kittredge (3.1/4.0)
Grades: 9–12
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Determining the Size of a Dinosaur
by Douglas Frost
Grades: 5–10
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Dinosaur Items

Back to School Newsletter
by Parents in the Know (3.8/4.0)
Grades: PreK–5
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3.9 / 4.0
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Grant Information
for Next Year’s Field Trips
by Adrienne Smith
Grades: 3–12
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See the
Grant Writing Made Easy Workbook

Summer Writing Booklet
by Sara Brooks
Grades: 1–2
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Summer Scramble Worksheet
by Rhongepooh (3.8/4.0)
Grades: 2–4
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4.0 / 4.0
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Elementary Items

Best of The Best
Best Selling Items
  1 65 Literature Resources, games, activities, Literature Circles Worksheet
  2 “Hunger Games” Unit: Lessons Q&A Tests Activities Quiz Vocab Maps Key
  3  Romeo and Juliet Final Test & KEY (50 mult. choice questions)
  4 100 Points Book Project
  5 Memory Book for the End of the Year
Best Selling Sellers by # Products Sold
  1 Tracee Orman
  2 Stefanie Bruski
  3 jer
  4 Megan Mueller
  5 Smart Chick
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