TeachersPayTeachers February 2010
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Dear Teachers,

It seems like the country is pretty well convinced that our schools are a mess and that our students aren’t learning what they need to know. Is this really true? Is education today worse than it was during some golden age against which the comparison is being made?

Maybe the world is just more complex today then it was back then. Maybe we are awash in all the bad news and none of the good. Maybe teachers are far more skilled and effective today than they were then. Or maybe everyone’s right and our schools and teachers are failing miserably?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts on our Facebook Fan Page wall and together maybe we can
make sense of this.

Teach and be well,


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Rachel Lynette
Critical Thinking
Rachel is the author of over 60 books for children and teacher resource books, including 6 books on critical and creative thinking skills. On TpT, she specializes in ready-to-use worksheets and activities. Rachel is also the creative force behind Minds in Bloom, where you can find strategies and activities to promote higher level thinking as well as daily brain teasers.

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The Lorax— Earth Day Lesson Plan
by Lisa Michalek
Grades: 7–12
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3.4 / 4.0
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Poetry Close Read Chart
by Jeff Johnson
Grades: 7–12
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Guide for
Using Games
to Teach Math
in the Classroom
by Bonnie Adama
Grades: PreK–6
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Earth’s Layers
and Landforms
PowerPoint Lesson
by PowerPoint Maniac
Grades: 3–8
Product Rating:
4.0 / 4.0
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Olympics Connection:
When It Comes
Down to a
Second (or less!)
by Katherine Auer
Grades: 5–10
Product Rating:
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30 Slide
Fruits (Las frutas)
Power Point
in Spanish
by sparkenthusiasm
Grades: 4–12
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Foreign Language Items

Why is Global
Warming Still
by Grace Pokela
Grades: 6–10
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Boston Tea
Party Experiment
by Smart Chick
Grades: 4–6
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Read Across
America Day
Activities and Ideas
for Teachers
by Wise Guys
Grades: 1–12
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Olympics Packet
by Comp Ed, Inc
Grades: 2–4
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Olympics Materials


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