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Dear Balboa Park Supporter,


After eight hours of presentations and public testimony, with little thoughtful deliberation, the San Diego Planning Commission voted 7-0 to recommend approval of the Plaza de Panama project. Their conduct was one of extreme disappointment as they let down both the public and forfeited their stewardship of Balboa Park in an embarrassing display up one-upmanship of who could thank Dr. Jacobs the most for gracing their presence. This is no exaggeration.


The meeting in its entirety can be viewed at this video link. But for those of you who haven't the time or inclination, please view the following short clips. These remarks from the Planning Commissioners will give you a good idea of just how endangered Balboa Park is in the hands of decision makers who are unable or unwilling to show real leadership and why your involvement is so crucial.


Chairman Naslund describes the National Historic Landmark District as a "pile of buildings" - VIDEO

Commissioner Griswold explains why anyone with the financial means should be able to "dictate" what happens to Balboa Park - VIDEO


To say that this board abdicated their obligation is an understatement. They took no heed of the votes by two city boards that are part of the permit process: the Park and Recreation and the Historical Resources Board (HRB) to oppose the destructive project and in fact city staff explained away the HRB vote because they were looking only at a narrow scope of historic issues for the National Historic Landmark District.

The final public hearing for the project is July 9. This will be your last chance to voice your opinion to decision makers about the massive, destructive, and inappropriate development project. Your help is imperative.


Take these actions now!

  • Write to City Council (email LINK). We must make an impact on those who are voting on the fate of our park.
  • Sign the petition. This is a new one and each time a person signs it, the council is notified. We have over 1,000 signatures now, let's make it thousands more. Share this with friends! Petition LINK
  • Share this email on your facebook by pasting this LINK on your wall. And forward this email to every person you know who loves Balboa Park as much as you do!
  • Write your local papers with a Letter to the Editor. Help get the word out, the public needs to be heard! Click HERE.
  • Show up at City Council. SAVE THE DATE now to attend: July 9. This may be the most important City Council meeting you will ever attend. Remember, there is only one Balboa Park.
Final Meeting to decide the fate of Balboa Park!


Monday   July 9   2pm - City Council

City Hall - 202 C Street, 12th Floor, San Diego

For more information, and to learn more - HERE

Donate to the Save Balboa Park fund HERE

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