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May 2012

International League of Conservation Photographers
Photo Credit: Keith Ellenbogen

In Focus- An Update from Executive Director Tom Skeele

It is week four of my new job as executive director of the International League of Conservation Photographers, and oh what a week it has been. In this newsletter, you will find noteworthy updates from a week in the life of iLCP, relevant to each of our four program areas:

  • RAVEs (Rapid Assessment Visual Expeditions)
  • Tripods (In the Mud - land; In the Blue - marine, In the Sky - aerial)
  • Championing Our Fellowship’s Projects
  • Advancing Conservation Through Photography.
What's New

Thomas D. Mangelesen honored as the 2011 Natures Best Photography Conservation Photographer of the Year

Congratulations to iLCP photographers Thomas D. Mangelsen, Robin Moore, and Florian Schulz.

Tom was honored as the 2011 Natures Best Photography Conservation Photographer of the Year at an awards ceremony in Washington D.C. on April 24.

In the same competition, Robin received honors as the SMALL WORLD SPECTACULAR WINNER for his image of a Vine Snake from Choco, Colombia and Florian was the WILDLIFE WINNER for his Polar Bear Cub image from the Barents Sea, Norway.


Photo Credit: Thomas D. Mangelsen

iLCP at International Conservation Caucus Foundation Oceans Gala

Mark Christmas and Tom Skeele recently had dinner with three iLCP Board members: Wolcott Henry, Shari Sant Plummer and Kathy Moran. Also in attendance were actor Robert Duvall, Senator John Kerry, actress Bo Derek, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, Former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt, Mexican President Felipe Calderón and close to 600 other people interested in the launch of the Oceans Caucus Foundation.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy ICCF
Rapid Assessment Visual Expeditions

Mesoamerican Reef - Tripods in the Blue

The unique nature of iLCP starts with our mission, to further both environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography. We believe in the inherent link between people and place, and how the survival of each is dependent on the well-being of the other. This is one of the many reasons why the staff is excited to have just launched a new series of Tripods in the Blue expeditions in the Caribbean region of Honduras and Belize.


Photo Credit: Miguel Ángel de la Cueva
Photographer of the Month

Gary Braasch

Gary Braasch, a Founding Fellow of iLCP, has spent a considerable part of his career documenting climate change. Gary's central project since 2000 has been World View of Global Warming, which is the original dedicated photo documentation of the effects of rapid climate change. Gary was the first photojournalist who journeyed extensively, including to China, Australia, Tuvalu, Antarctica, the Arctic and the great mountains of the world, documenting climate science and the effects of change.

This work continues into its second decade, with new emphasis on rephotographing rapid changes and on the solutions which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He has recently been working in Nepal and India documenting the effects of climate change on the people of the Himalaya

– Gary's photographic documentation of climate change: World View of Global Warming

– Gary's new climate Change application for iPhone: Painting With Time: Painting With Time: Climate Change for iPhone

– Gary's class at the Maine Media Workshops: Photography for the Environmentalist

– Gary's Environmental Photography website

– Gary's exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Natural History


Photo Credit: Gary Braasch

Check the iLCP website for updates from all of the photographers >

With over 100 of the best conservation hearts, minds and photographers in the iLCP community, there is always something new on!

Check in for Photographer and Affiliate updates on our storytelling "buzz"

Photo Credit: Octavio Aburto


“Bears force us to think hard about what we really mean when we say we want to preserve nature. A sample here and there? Multitudes of certain majestic creatures but only token numbers of others – just enough to let us say we didn’t drive them completely extinct?” – Douglas H. Chadwick

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Photo Credit: Dave Showalter
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