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January 2012

International League of Conservation Photographers
Photo Credit: Jenny E. Ross

Looking back, A Celebration of the projects of 2011:

Tripods in the Mud

Fiji II TIM, Keith Ellenbogen

Belo Monte TIM, Cristina Mittermeier

Absaroka TIM, Dave Showalter

Haida Gwaii TIM, Andrew Wright

Tripods in the Sky, an initiative in partnership with Lighthawk

Yucatan TIS, Klaus Nigge

Manatees TIS, Neil Ever Osborne

Fraser River TIS, Chris Linder

Sage Spirit TIS, Dave Showalter

Great Bear Rainforest TIS, Neil Ever Osborne

Looking forward to 2012

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." - H.Ford

We begin this year focused more clearly than ever on the founding tenets of the iLCP. We are a project driven organization and we look towards 2012 with confidence that it will be a great year for both RAVEs and Tripod initiatives. We believe that conservation photography can make a difference.

With your help it will.
What's New


OCEANS: THE HEART OF OUR BLUE PLANET, the 19th volume in the CEMEX Conservation Book Series, helps connect the dots for why human survival on Earth is directly linked to the ocean and offers innovative and creative solutions to those threats by some of the most respected and forward-thinking marine scientists.

Preview and Purchase the Book >

Florida Corridor TIS

On January 17, 2012, we will kick off a 1000 mile expedition over a 100 day period to increase public awareness and generate support for the Florida Wildlife Corridor project.

With the support of the iLCP and LightHawk, Carlton Ward Jr, documented the route from the air in a Tripods in the Sky mission. The critical aerial reconnaissance produced stunning photographs, illustrating the wealth of this Wildlife Corridor.

Stay tuned for updates on the Florida Corridor TIS >

Photo Credit: Carlton Ward Jr.
Photographer of the Month

Jenny E. Ross

Through her expressive imagery, Jenny E. Ross captures the essence of wild animals and wild places, raises awareness of environmental issues, explains scientific research to non-scientists, inspires concern and action for wildlife conservation and ecosystem protection, and elicits a renewed appreciation of the natural world. Her photographs, often accompanied by her essays, have been published widely throughout the world and displayed to acclaim in many exhibitions.

Jenny's article on the plight of the ploar Bear as seen on Huffington Post and National Geographic News Watch >

Photo Credit: Jenny Ross

Check the iLCP website for updates from all of the photographers >

With over 100 of the best conservation hearts, minds and photographers in the iLCP community, there is always some thing new on!

Check in for Photographer and Affiliate updates on our storytelling "buzz" vertical >

Photo Credit: Christian Ziegler

The International Conservation Photography Awards

iLCP is proud to be a media sponsor for the 2012 International Conservation Photography Awards (ICP Awards), a premier worldwide photography event focused on conservation and the environment. It includes an online exhibit, a 5-month museum gallery exhibit at the prestigious Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle, Washington, magazine publication, and a wider tour of the images.

Deadline for entries is February 29, 2012.

More information >

Photo Credit: Boyd Norton
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