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September 2011

International League of Conservation Photographers
Photo Credit: Dave Showalter

"...the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time..." - Jack Kerouac

This month we're celebrating the extreme passion and focus of the iLCP community of Photographers and Affiliates. From snowy peaks to the ocean floor, these conservationists work with a commitment that borders on madness. Being both inspired and inspiring the world around them, cultures, communities this community is made up of leaders and visionaries. Delve in.


What's New

Absaroka TIM

Photographer Dave Showalter joined The Greater Yellowstone Coalition, LightHawk, and The International League of Conservation Photographers to document the Bighorn Basin and support the campaign to protect the Absaroka-Beartooth Front, one of the last great vestiges of wild frontier left in America. Absaroka Tripods in the Mud on National Geographic NewsWatch.
More about the Absaroka TIM >

Photo Credit: Dave Showalter
Rapid Assessment Visual Expeditions

The Great Bear Rainforest revisited:

Some places are just too special to only visit once. This month, iLCP Fellows Thomas Peschak and Florian Schultz are both headed back to British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest on separate expeditions to capture more images of the pristine ecosystem currently threatened by the proposed northern gateway pipeline. Keep your eyes peeled for new photos and updates from the region.
Great Bear Rainforest RAVE >

Photo Credit: Florian Schulz

Great Bear Rainforest RAVE exhibit and SPOIL screening in Prince George

The Rotunda Gallery and UNBC Arts Council, in conjunction with Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance and the International League of Conservation Photographers, presents the Great Bear Wild Photo Exhibit September 1-30 in Prince George, British Columbia.

September 13 Opening Night 6 - 7 pm

SPOIL” screening 7 - 8:30pm following exhibit

More on the event >

Photo Credit: Jack Dykinga
Photographer of the Month

Dave Showalter

Dave and his wife Marla love adventuring, whether it's reaching for a high summit, waiting for golden light on a prairie butte, searching for wildlife, or trekking in a developing country. Dave recently photographed on the Sage Spirit Tripods in the Sky and the Absaroka Tripods in the Mud.
Dave >
Check the iLCP website for more updates from the photographers >

Photo Credit: Dave Showalter

SAVE the DATE Telluride Photo Festival 2011

Telluride presents its 2nd annual Photo Festival. The inspiring event culminates the vibrant Telluride Colorado festival season September 26 - October 2, 2011. The world's most renowned outdoor and adventure photographers will share their art and their passion. iLCP participants include Michele Westmorland, Boyd Norton and Garth Lenz.
More about Telluride Photo Festival >

Photo Credit: Garth Lenz

WildPhotos 2011

October 21 - 22 sees the return of WildPhotos. Join the world’s top wildlife and environmental photographers, including iLCP Photographers Daniel Beltra, Bruno D'Amicis, Thomas Peschak and iLCP Affiliates Kathy Moran and Sophie Stafford round out an excellent program! Jack Dykinga, Pulitzer Prize winner and celebrated American landscape photographer will be the Keynote Speaker.
More on the event >

Photo Credit: Stefano Unterthiner
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