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August 2011

International League of Conservation Photographers
Photo Credit: Ian McAllister

Capturing the Story

"We photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing, and when they have vanished there is no contrivance on earth can make them come back again. We cannot develop and print a memory." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

As Cartier-Bresson expresses, photographs are single, fleeting moments, a frozen frame of a vanishing visual reality. Conservation Photographers deal with the concept of vanishing on a different level. We are not only capturing single moments, feelings, and behaviors; we are also telling the stories of vanishing places, people, biodiversity, and life. We specialize in documenting loss, destruction, and misguided exploitation. But if we're lucky we also witness protection, rehabilitation and growth. Sometimes the imagery is heartbreaking, and sometimes it is uplifting and inspiring. By bearing witness to the struggles, by participating in these vanishing moments, we are freezing a frame that could make the difference, a frame that could tip the scales from loss to conservation. We are acting!

This month, iLCP photographers are working to change the tide in the continuing battle to protect the Great Bear Rainforest and the BC Coast from crude oil. We have hope that these images of the Spirit Bear and the rainforest will not represent a vanishing species, landscape and way of life but a testaments to the power of imagery. The more Awareness we build, the more action we inspire. Join the campaign!

Rapid Assessment Visual Expeditions

Spirit Bears on the cover of National Geographic Magazine

The August 2011 National Geographic Magazine is now on newsstands and features two articles on the Great Bear Rainforest. Paul Nicklen's stunning up close and personal shots of Kermode Bears tell the story of this unique creature, while Pipeline Through Paradise featuring imagery from Jack Dykinga, Florian Schulz, and Thomas Peschak made during the Great Bear Rainforest RAVE tells of the threats facing this wild landscape.

Read Paul's eyewitness account of seeing a Spirit Bear for the first time. Click here.

Read the Articles here>

Photo Credit: Paul Nicklen

Sacred Headwaters, the book, is available for pre-order

The Sacred Headwaters, a collection of photographs from the Sacred Headwaters RAVE, with works from Carr Clifton, Claudio Contreras, Paul Colangelo, Joe Riis and Wade Davis, portrays the splendor of the region. These photographs are supplemented by images from other professionals who have worked here, including Sarah Leen of the National Geographic.

The compelling text by Wade Davis, which describes the region’s beauty, the threats to it, and the response of native groups and other inhabitants, is complemented by the voices of the Tahltan elders and a forward by David Suzuki. The inescapable message is that no amount of methane gas can compensate for the sacrifice of a place that could be the Sacred Headwaters of all Canadians.

The Sacred Headwaters will be published in October, 2011 and can be pre-ordered!
Photographer of the Month

Ian McAllister

iLCP's August Photographer of the Month has been the inspiration and driving force behind the iLCP's involvement in the fight to save the Great Bear Rainforest. Through his breathtaking photography, storytelling abilities and his unwavering conviction, love and passion, Ian has inspired thousands. Through partnerships with the BC First Nations, athletes, photographers, and conservation groups, he has galvanized a movement that cannot be ignored.

Born in Vancouver, Ian McAllister has become a leading Canadian advocate for coastal rainforest and marine wildlife protection. An award-winning author and photographer he is the founder of the wildlife conservation group Pacific Wild. He has spent the last twenty years documenting large carnivores that inhabit the rugged north coast of British Columbia. His research has been featured in many international television documentaries, films, magazines and other publications.

We spoke with Ian about his extraordinary journey to protect the GBR.

Q&A with Ian>
Check the iLCP website for more updates from the photographers >

Photo Credit: Paul Nicklen /Ian McAllister

SAVE the DATE Telluride Photo Festival 2011

Telluride presents its 2nd annual Photo Festival. The inspiring event culminates the vibrant Telluride Colorado festival season September 26 - October 2, 2011. The world's most renowned outdoor and adventure photographers will share their art and their passion. iLCP Presenters include Michele Westmorland, Boyd Norton, Garth Lenz and many more!

More about Telluride Photo Festival >

Photo Credit: Garth Lenz

WildPhotos 2011

October 21 - 22 sees the return of WildPhotos. Join the world’s top wildlife and environmental photographers, including iLCP Photographers Daniel Beltra, Christian Ziegler, Bruno D'Amicis, Thomas Peschak and iLCP Affiliates Kathy Moran and Sophie Stafford round out an excellent program!

Jack Dykinga, Pulitzer Prize winner and celebrated American landscape photographer will be the Keynote Speaker.

More on the event >

Photo Credit: Stefano Unterthiner
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