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Are we all about pretty pictures?  This is a question that has been asked many times and in many forums to define the work that conservation photographers do.  The real question however, is, do we want to focus on inspiring people, or do we aim to shock them? 

There is a constant tension in finding the right balance between images that seduce and move and those that horrify.  I believe that finding the right mix means the difference between entertaining people and moving them to action.

A carefully edited mix of images, woven into a compelling story, can show both the beauty of what we stand to lose as well as the devastation that our planet's ecosystems are enduring all around the world.  Most importantly, if we do our jobs right, photography can help us connect the dots to show the impacts that this loss has on human societies, and especially on the most vulnerable among us.

The ways in which the iLCP membership continues to expand and evolve, is a clear reflection of this philosophy.  Although we will always need to rely on beautiful imagery to win and maintain the attention of our audience, we are also committed to working with photographers who focus their efforts on serious photojournalism.  Perhaps the most important aspect of our work, is that regardless of whether images are beautiful or disturbing, they should be truthful and compelling.  Our most valuable currency continues to be credibility; the perception by the public that what we are showing is a true reflection of reality. 

Creating beautiful images that depict some of the most devastating and tragic losses our planet's ecosystems are suffering is the ideal that compels the work of conservation photographers; succeeding in propelling law-makers, donors, government officials, corporations and society at large, is our ultimate mission.

Cristina Mittermeier
Executive Director, iLCP
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 PHOTOGRAPHER of the MONTH - Daniel Beltra

Every one of the iLCP photographers has an inspiring conservation story to share and we want to give them as big an audience as possible.  This is why we will be highlighting the work and commitment of these amazing photographers throughout the year. 

daniel beltra

February''s Photographer of the Month, Daniel Beltrá, is a photographer that truly exemplifies the idea of the "activist photojournalist".  Daniel subscribes to a working philosophy that states that if you are not an "activist" then you are an "inactivist".  He has been putting this thesis to the test during the over 15 years he has been working as a freelance photographer with Greenpeace International.  Daniel never settles for the "pretty" picture; instead,he goes for images that show us in graphic and gut-wrenching detail, that shed a light on some of the most important issues of our times: climate change, the deforestation of the Amazon, and corporate greed among others.

By re-writing the rules of photojournalism to reflect his own urgency to do something for our planet, Daniel is also writing a new chapter in the history of photography.  For this, he has been recognized as the winner of the Prince's Rainforest competition and he has spent the past year in a whirlwind of activity photographing the last remaining rainforests of our planet, putting together a book and speaking to dignitaries, heads of state, celebrities and anyone who will listen about the plight of our planet's natural wealth.

Daniel started out as a staff photographer in his native Madrid for the Spanish National Agency EFE. After four-years there, he became the Paris based Gamma Agency's correspondent in Spain. For a decade, he covered hard news and feature stories for Gamma around the world. He is fluent in English, French, and Spanish and is conversational in Portuguese from his many trips to the Amazon.

In 1990, Daniel began his collaboration with the NGO Greenpeace becoming one of their main freelance photographers. He has documented expeditions to the Amazon, the Arctic, the Southern Oceans, and the Patagonian Ice Fields.

His work has appeared in the most prominent international publications.

Daniel brings the sensibility and craft of a news photographer to the fields of nature and the environment, making images, which inspire greater respect and conservation of our planet.  Shown in large format these images have the beauty and composition of fine art while telling a vital story.

Since 2001 Daniel has photographed the changing Amazon rainforest, witnessing both the worst drought in living memory and one of the Amazon River's most extensive floods. He has documented the burning of thousands of acres of untouched rainforest.  Daniel's photographs inspire an enhanced appreciation of this primeval forest and the plants, animals and people that depend on it.

In 2006 and 2007 Daniel was awarded at the World Press Photo and the China International Press Photo Contest, for his work on the Amazon drought. In 2008 he received the Global Vision Award from the Pictures of the Year International Competition.

On April 16, 2009 Daniel Beltrá won the Prince's Rainforests Project Award. This Project, founded by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, recognizes the global role played by rainforests in climate change and aims to achieve consensus about how the rate of deforestation might be slowed and stopped.  Tom Stoddart, Chair of the Award Judging Committee said: "For over two decades Daniel's cameras have highlighted man's devastating impact on the planet by depicting the destruction of ancient forests, peoples, oceans, species and the ozone layer.  His passion and talent to inform in tandem with his artistic eye, makes him the perfect recipient of this most prestigious and important award."

Current Exhibition:   Blue Earth: Art as Activism event Photographic Center Northwest

ABC News "Person of the Week"

Represented by Getty Images Reportage

Canon "Behind The Lens" profile

Prince's Rainforests Project Award

Photo archive

Listen to a podcast  (43 min) and view a slide show (16 min) published last month by LensFlare35.  Daniel talks about the ILCP and the Patagonia Rave.

Listen to an interview done  in Spain with La Ser at the program with the largest audience on a Sunday. (In Spanish)

 RAVEs (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition)

patagonia rave

The Aysen Region of Chilean Patagonia is threatened by a plan to build  five dams on two of the wildest rivers in the world - the Baker and  the Pascua. Enel, a giant Italian energy company and its Spanish  subsidiary Endesa as well as Canadian company Transelec are behind the  scheme. Completion of the dams would submerge 5,910 hectares of the  Patagonia's remaining wild lands and would result in the construction  of 200 foot tall transmission lines that would blaze a clear cut 400  
feet wide for 1,500 miles through 64 communities and 14 protected  areas. Once in place, the transmission lines would provide incentive  to build more dams; leaving no river from Aysén to Santiago, Chile's capital, safe.

Unfortunately, however, very few people are aware of this threat to one of the worlds most wild places. Now that is about to change. With an invitation from the Patagonia Foundation and Conservacion Patagonica, the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) has joined the campaign to shine a light on the issue. Working with international and local partners the iLCP will launch a Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition (RAVE) to the region in conjunction with a massive media outreach campaign.

The RAVE will involve dispatching six world renowned media professionals from Spain, the US, and Chile to the region for a three  week field expedition in 2010 to document the area in photos, video, sound, and words. The outreach campaign will involve the creation of short multimedia pieces, a documentary film, an interactive traveling exhibit, presentations, and books to be shared with our conservation partners involved in stopping the dam. The photographs and other assets will also be broadcast widely in major worldwide media outlets. Together, iLCP and partners will flood both the public and decision makers in Italy, Spain, Canada, the United States, and Chile with provoking images of what stands to be lost forever if the dams are built.
The expedition team will include Pulitzer Prize winner and National Geographic photographer Jack Dykinga , two time World Press winner and Prince's Rainforest Project Award winner Daniel Beltra , award winning film maker and photographer Jeff Foott, and Emmy Award winning videographer Edgar Boyles.

"Of all the places I've been in the world-and I haven't missed many- Patagonia remains right at the top as one of my favorites, but we can't take this special place for granted, so the establishment of national parks is essential to the preservation of this awesome landscape."
-Tom Brokaw

Read dispatches from the field on our BLOG!



British Columbia Lt. Gov. Steven Point declared the Canadian portion of the Flathead River Valley off limits to mining and energy extraction in a speech to his parliament on Tuesday.  Citing a new partnership with Montana, Point said the Flathead River Basin would be managed for existing types of forestry, recreation, guide outfitting and trapping uses. His comments came in the annual Throne Speech, which presents the provincial government's agenda to the parliament.

Read more about this success HERE and HERE

From November 30th to December 4th the Flathead RAVE exhibit was in the rotunda of the US Senate

Russell Office Building in Washington DC. The exhibit was sponsored by Senators Max Baucus andtester
Jon Tester of Montana. The iLCP, National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA), Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative,Wildsight, and CPAWs BC all supported the production of the exhibit and its travel. On December 4th, Senator Jon Tester was given a guided walk through the exhibit by NPCA representative Bryan Faehner. Senator Baucus visited the exhibit with his staff on an earlier date. Only six days after the exhibit was in the Russell Building both Senators issued press releases urging the Hilary Clinton and Ken Salazaar to join in the fight to protect the Flathead River Valley in BC.

You can view the press release here

RAVE Borderlands Logo2
Borderlands RAVE Photo Exhibition Opens February 23rd

UCR Libraries and UC MEXUS co-sponsor stop on national tour of exhibit illustrating wildlife, people and landscapes along the U.S. - Mexico border.

Borderlands on the iLCP Website

Borderlands on the UCR Website

Media Newsire Press Release
 ILCP Staff Update

Born out of the continued success of producing the CEMEX Conservation Book Series,

iLCP is pleased to introduce Abbie Williams,  acting as the Director and Publisher

of our new publishing imprint, Earth in Focus Editions.        


Abbie brings over twenty years of varied book publishing experience to Earth in Focus Editions. Prior to becoming Director and Publisher of EIFE, she was the Director of Special Markets at Palace Press International.

Before joining Palace she was one of the founding partners of Golden Turtle Press, a calendar, journal and gift publisher. Golden Turtle Press became a division of U.S. Media Inc. where Abbie served as Sr. VP of Licensing and Sales and initiated strategic publishing and marketing alliances with such companies as HBO, The NFL, Richard Simmons, Suzanne Sommers, The Rolling Stones, World Wildlife Fund, Cousteau Society, Discovery Channel, Lucasfilm and Milton Bradley.


Abbie has been successful in developing relationships to bring iLCP Books and Calendars to the trade.

Earth in Focus WEBSITE


The most important outcome of the Conservation Communications Symposium that was co-convened by the iLCP and WildScreen, was the approval by the 9th World Wilderness Congress (WILD9) of Resolution # 41.  This resolution, which was drafted and signed by participants to the symposium, encourages the philanthropic community to scale up their investment in communications for conservation.  The current level of funding for communications, outreach, education and awareness is grossly insufficient and we most recognize that until more funding is available we will fail to succeed on our conservation efforts.

Elysium EPIC!


iLCP Fellow Michael Aw
serves as project director of this exciting expedition and iLCP Fellow David Doubilet and Associate Jenny Ross are Principal Photographers.

On February 10, 2010, the heroic spirit of Sir E. Shackleton lives on through a new team of explorers: To follow his footsteps, not for the glory of being the first to cross the Antarctic or the first to climb the highest mountain but to produce a momentous documentation of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This production will serve as a gift for future generations with an imaging epic that guarantees to inspire, invigorate and challenge for preservation of planet earth. Elysium Epic research team will provide in-depth scientific/photographic survey of Antarctica and the impact of global warming on Earth's last remote place. The 57-member team of explorers from 18 countries will meet in Ushuaia, Argentina - the world's southernmost city - to embark on a benchmark expedition to Antarctica. Convened by an Australian project director Michael AW of the Ocean Geographic Society, the team is comprised of some of the world's most celebrated image-makers, historians, and scientists. Their mission is to scout, record, and analyze this pristine land of ice and snow -and to create a visual library of the impact of climate change on this remote region.

The production shoot will begin where Shackleton and his team fought to survive their unexpected situation. What will it be like 98 years later? Will there still be the expanse of ice shelf in this time of global ocean change? Will it be the same as when they first walked? Or has man's destructive hand already irreversibly changed the landscape forever?
The expedition serves two purposes. The first is to connect to Shackleton. But the second is to provide an in-depth scientific survey of the area as a reference to time and generations to come. Surveys of organisms above and below the ice will yield many new visual wonders. Hopefully the team will discover some  as yet unknown treasures. Photos and videos of penguins, seals and seabirds will be collated into a publicly accessible index.  

The Elysium Epic research team will provide in-depth scientific/photographic survey of Antarctica and the impact of global warming on Earth's last remote place.

 Elysium Epic's Manifesto - A Call for a Change in Attitude Toward Our Oceans
  1. Elysium Epic's explorers recognise that global climate change is intimately related to ocean change. For the world to address climate change, we must address ocean change.
  2. The oceans play an essential role in regulating global climate and regional temperature, and are crucial for controlling the carbon, oxygen, and water cycles of the planet.  The oceans are a vital part of the complex geophysical and biochemical systems that support life on Earth.
  3. The exchanges of cold and warm water that take place in the Antarctic's Southern Ocean and the seas of the Arctic are key drivers of ocean thermohaline circulation around the globe, and thus play a fundamental role in controlling the world's climate.
  4. There is strong evidence that, due to human impacts on our atmosphere stemming from the emission of greenhouse gases, significant changes are taking place in the chemical composition of the oceans. Those changes are affecting the oceans' pH levels and productivity, and are impairing the ability of ocean life to survive and thrive. These issues are vital signs, telling us that our planet is in distress.
  5. The ocean harbours a great diversity of life, with complex interactions between species and their environment. Productivity of ocean life affects global climate through the carbon cycle and provides important protein to the world food supply.
  6. If each of us accepts personal responsibility for becoming informed about climate change and ocean change issues, and for taking appropriate individual action to address the problems involved, collectively we will be able to achieve the results necessary to restore the health of our planet.

Read more HERE
iLCP Fellow Florian Schulz launches a new photography website and inaugurates logo for the f2r logoongoing conservation project on wildlife corridors: Freedom to Roam.

After almost 10 months in the field, along the B2B corridor, Florian returns with a complete new collection of incredible imagery. The remastered website offers a refreshed insight onto Florian's images and latest work. The site has a dedicated section to the Freedom to Roam project. Larger galleries expandable to full screen can be seen here with the new material from the Alaskan Arctic, Baja California and BC. The site includes a press page with recently published articles, at full size for visitors to read. The image archive as well as the blog have been incorporated onto the site and his multimedia collection continues to grow. To see more visit the website

Niall BenvieMeet Your Neighbours, a project by Niall Benvie (ILCP Fellow, Scotland) and Clay Bolt (US) is being seed funded by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. Rather than duplicating the work already done by these other two projects, it wants to build upon them and add its own unique spin: public engagement.

Read more at Niall's Blog and the Meet Your Neighbours Website

iLCP Fellow Niall Benvie
has also written an article on Conservation Photography commissioned for the first issue of a new magazine, Bird Art & Photography

Read the article HERE

iLCP Fellow Robert Glenn Ketchum
was featured in American Photo Magazine!  Click here to read the online version.  Robert will have three workshops this year: Jackson Hole, Aug. 7-8; Rocky Mountain School of Photography, Aug. 23-27; Telluride Photo Festival, Sept. 21-23.  View his website for details

Bristol Bay, Pebble Mine Update:  Please write Secretary Salazaar and rgkthank him for withdrawing Bristol Bay for oil/gas lease consideration. The fishery is protected for the moment, Robert  would hope to see it eventually made a marine reserve.  This allows all the national organizations to concentrate their resources on stopping any further development of the Pebble mine. This mine must be stopped! It is a travesty on the American taxpayer.

Robert currently has shows up at Illinois State Museum, Springfield (with Native art objects) and California State University Fullerton (group show).

iLCP Fellow James Balog named Samsungs Eco-Ambassador

Extreme Ice Survey founder and director James Balog has been Theo Allofsnamed an Eco-Ambassador by Samsung Electronics Co. and will participate in the 2010 Winter Games Sustainability Summit on January 28. Presented by the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC) and Samsung, the summit kicks off the effort to make the 2010 Games the most sustainable Olympics ever.
A Samsung spokesperson noted that the company "is proud to support James Balog and his efforts to educate the global community on how climate change is impacting our planet." In addition to Balog's presentation, an exhibition of EIS imagery of melting glaciers is a highlight of the summit.

"I'm honored to be named as Samsung's Eco-Ambassador, and I will use the opportunity to continue educating the public on the reality of human-induced climate change," said Balog. "The rate at which the Earth's glaciers are melting is evidence that global warming is happening, and that the results will be felt within our lifetime."

Visit the Extreme Ice Survey HERE

On assignment for UNESCO-AsiaConnie Bransilver iLCP Fellow Connie Bransilver traveled through Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and India and photographing 12 World Heritage sites or Biosphere Reserves or both. My brief was to cover Education -- the biodiversity, the habitat, the central theme -- Science -- what's going on to preserve, enhance, protect the reserve, and what is happening with climate change mitigation, water use and abuse -- and the Cultural aspects of the reserve -- indigenous cultures and pressures on the sites.

The central theme -- survival. Amitav Ghosh wrote in The Hungry Tide, "Who are we? We are the dispossessed . . . a question being addressed to the very heavens, ... on behalf of a bewildered humankind. Who, indeed, are we? Where do we belong?" The control of resources -- water, food and shelter -- is what we all seek, from the wealthiest to the most wretched of the dispossessed. How can photographers communicate that if the natural world "loses," then we all lose.

The Madhavan Pillai Foundation for Conservation Communication, formed by iLCP Fellow Balan Madhavan in his father's memory, was launched by Belinda Wright, OBE on the 7th Jan 2010 in Thiruvananthapuram, India.

The Foundation is a platform for bringing all the creative talents of India together for conservation. Belinda Wright talked about the "Tiger Crisis" in India with her arresting images on tiger trade, K.P.Mohan, CEO of Jaihind TV talked about media's role in conservation & G. Vijayaraghavan, Corporate Consultant elaborated on the role private enterprise should play on conservation. Mohan Alepbath, former warden of Eravikulam National Park spoke about Mr. Pillai, his mentor & guru. Adoor Gopalakrishnan, world renowned film maker offered his support for the good cause. The Madhavan Pillai Conservation Award was presented to Bal Pandi, a watcher from Kundakulam Village in Tamil Nadu by K.N.Changappa, Director of The Coorg Foundation. The amount of Rs. 50,000, the highest prize money in South India, is remitted in a pension fund so that the winner will receive a lifetime pension. A permanent collection of 100 images, contributed by India's top wildlife & nature photographers was on display for 3 days in Thiruvananthapuram Museum Auditorium from 7th to 9th Jan 2010.
This collection is being taken to all colleges and schools of Kerala for inspiring the younger generation.

For more information click HERE

salmon in the treesILCP Fellow Amy Gulick is featured in the February 2010 issue of
Outdoor Photographer magazine. Her conservation project, "Salmon in the Trees: Life in Alaska's Tongass Rain Forest," is the feature story for the magazine's "OP & The Environment" column. Gulick's work documents the ecosystem of the Tongass coastal temperate rain forest. She is collaborating with a coalition of conservation organizations spearheading a campaign to preserve the most biologically productive watershed areas in the region. Her book will be released in April 2010

Read the article in Outdoor Photographer HERE

iLCP Fellow Alison Jones and videographer Alison Fast spent
a month for No Water No Life (R) this fallAlison Jones documenting freshwater challenges and solutions in East Africa's Mara River Basin, one of NWNL's 6 case-study watersheds. From Kenya's Mau Forest to Tanzania's Lake Victoria, they examined deforestation, unregulated water extraction, drought and pollution from human and livestock effluent. Results include 36 filmed hours of interviews with stewards and scientists, still images and video.

Alison Jones will return to Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda in March for NWNL and Lake Victoria Basin Integrated Health Initiative to document water-related health issues around this lake, source of the White Nile, another of NWNL's case-study watersheds.

Alison continues to lecture to adults and students, showing images on critical issues regarding fresh water resources. On January 27, she will present "Creating an Expedition-Based Project" to the Explorers Club in NYC. Frequent water-related news is on

For more information click HERE

iLCP Associate Uri Golman has been named as the official photographer for The Arctic Fox Center in Iceland! His first expedition on this new project will be to the remote nature reserve of Hornstrandir in The Westfjords of Iceland. The expedition will take of in March during the mating season of the Arctic Fox and will mark the beginning of a 2 yearlong project. The goal of the project is to describe the life of the Arctic Fox and the constant changes to the ecosystem in which it lives.

For more information click HERE

A television documentary, "Our Planet: Arctic Story", featuring iLCP Associate Jenny Ross's photography of climate change issues in Greenland is now viewable online.

"This documentary takes you to Northwest Greenland, and to
jenny rossSiorapaluk, the northernmost settlement on Earth. Featuring the images and insights of renowned photographer Jenny E. Ross, the program shows you the majesty of the Arctic, the drama of melting glaciers and disappearing sea ice, and the poignant plight of the Inuit people as they struggle to preserve their traditional lifestyle in the face of climate change."

Follow these instructions for viewing the program online:
Next to the program name "Our Planet: Arctic Story" (broadcast date 2010-01-03), click on "Low" or "High"  (I recommend using "High" because the subtitles -- shown in English when the Inuit are speaking -- are a bit difficult to read in the "Low" version)
Enter the ID:  jerossphoto
Enter the Password:  arirang2009
Click on "Low" or "High" next to the program name again, and a small video-viewing box will pop up. Depending on your web browser settings, you may need to un-block pop-ups in order for the video-viewing box to work.
If the necessary video-viewing software is not installed on your computer, you will be prompted to download it. The software is free, and the download is quick.
After a short commercial, the program should begin playing automatically. If not, press the arrow to start it.
View the documentary HERE

Save our Seas Foundation Chief Photographer and
tam manta
 iLCP Associate Thomas Peschak's manta ray portfolio is published in the February edition of BBC Wildlife Magazine. Photographed over two seasons in the Maldives, this set of images from Hanifaru Bay in the northern Baa Atoll documents hundreds of manta rays as they assemble to feed at a newly discovered aggregation site.

Watch the interview HERE

Photo Credit: Thomas P. Peschak Save our Seas Foundation

Thomas also made the cover of the Weekend Argus newspaper! 
After a very unfortunate shark bite fatality occurred off a Cape Town beach in January 2010,  the Weekend Argus newspaper decided to publish a great white photograph on the front page that shows this shark's gentler side. The photograph which Thomas took in the seas off Dyer Island near Cape Town, shows a 3.5 m female great white shark approaching a small box jellyfish with gentle curiosity.

iLCP Associate Paul Hilton

Below is the official confirmation (as published in Cook Islands media) of
the settlements between the Theo AllofsCook Islands, Tokelau and Japan over the illegal fishing by Koyu Maru 3 (which Paul documented fishing illegally from the Greenpeace Esperanza helicopter just before the end of 2009 on the Defending Our Pacific tour) and sister ship Koyu Maru 1 (which was demonstrated through VMS data to have also made incursions into EEZs to steal fish). The images that Paul took of the Koyu Maru 3 fishing in Cook Islands waters allowed the Cook Islands to also take a case against her sister ship Koyu Maru 1 for illegal fishing, based on VMS data and further initiated the review of VMS data which showed the vessel(s) had been fishing illegally in Tokelau waters, meaning that a second country was able to seek compensation for tuna stolen from their waters.

$1 million and $400,000 are no small sums for small Pacific Island states with very limited enforcement resources (the Cook Islands has only one patrol boat) - it is also considerably higher than previous settlement the Cook Islands has reached. This money will be going back into surveillance and enforcement programmes.tuna

All this from a set of photographs showing just one tuna being hauled onboard the Koyu Maru 3, and a hand-held GPS showing they were in the Cook Islands EEZ!!

For more information click HERE

Paul Hilton's Blog

                                                                                                                                                        Paul Hilton/Greenpeace

iLCP Associate Stefano Unterthiner recently appeared live
on the Italian TV show "Alle falde del Kilimangiaro" (Rai 3). Stefano talk about photography and his work with the brown bear, and presented his new book "The nights of the bear".

Watch the clip HERE!

Stefano has also been chosen to be part of the jury for the 2010 Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

The 46th annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is now open, and once again they are seeking the very best innovative and inspiring wildlife images. The WPY is the world's most prestigious nature photography competition.

For more information on the contest click HERE

iLCP Emerging member Bruno D'Amicis' images are featured in two different articles in the February issue of National Geographic Italy magazine. His images illustrate a report on Italian biodiversity and accompany a story on the man-wolf conflict (by Lizette Pater) - about how traditional animal husbandry practiced in the mountains of Abruzzo (Central italy) helped shepherds to coexist with one of liveliest wolf populations in Europe. It took almost 4 months for Bruno to photograph a wild wolf from a close distance.

Bruno has recently worked on assignment for the PAN Parks Foundation to photograph the endangered mountain wilderness of the Maiella National Park (Italy). Furthermore, he is developing together with the Park's staff a photojournalism project to document the wildlife stories inherent to this vast wilderness area. For more pictures and information, visit

iLCP Emerging League Photographer Neil Ever Osborne's
images accompany
a story about one familyosborne who tried an experiment in living with "zero waste" in which each of them would drink three coconuts a day for three weeks. The coconut was chosen because it has a waterproof outer layer and a thick husk. Inside is pure water with natural sugars and electrolytes and no fat. The husk and shell biodegrades or can be used as fuel. The container's lining, the meat, can be eaten or squeezed to make milk and oil.

"To save endangered hawksbills from death by plastic, one family tried a novel experiment: thinking like a coconut."

Read more about the story in Spirituality and Health Magazine published in January/February.

Chris Linder
This February, iLCP Emerging League Photographer Chris Linder will be documenting
a scientific team studying the fate of dissolved organic carbon--and its potential impact on global climate--in the Congo River watershed. Linder's audio, stills, and video will be crafted into a short multimedia piece for online distribution after the expedition.

For more information, visit Chris' website HERE

Canadian Geographic in Norway article featuring work by iLCP Emerging League Photographer Robert van WaardenRobert Van Waarden

The Cryosphere Kid - Photography by Robert van Waarden
Robert Way wants to probe the permafrost and glaciers of his native Labrador, but already, at age 20, he's thinking globally.

Read the article HERE

iLCP Emerging League Photographer Morgan Heim had the pleasure of going on assignment Morgan Heim
for Nature Conservancy Magazine to interview iLCP fellow Mike Forsberg about his new book The Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild. The audio interview will be used in a multimedia piece that will accompany the print article about Mike's book in Nature Conservancy's spring issue.

Morgan was also filmed and interviewed for a 40th anniversary story about High Country News magazine.

Lastly, Morgan and iLCP Emerging League Photographer Jaime Rojo have been invited to become trustees of the Wild Foundation.

For more information visit Morgan's website

iLCP Photographers in Wend Magazine!
The latest issue of Wend published has a cover story written by Tom Peschak (ilcp fellow, chief photog Save our Seas Foundation).  They have also run a story by Krista Schyler on the Borderlands R.A.V.E.    Wend, in the digital format, is now free. Get a free subscription and the current issue for free, featuring Tom's piece. Back issues (Krista's piece) are also available for free.  Wend is an employee owned, mission driven media organization the creates a one to one connection between outdoor adventure and environmental conservation + activism.

Here's the link to the free subscription!


ASMP presents iLCP Fellow Boyd Norton at the Denver Press Theo Allofs
Club.  Boyd will give an overview of his documentation of certain areas worldwide that are facing important environmental issues. These areas include Antarctica, Borneo, Siberia, and Africa. In some of these regions he has played a role in raising public awareness and the need for action to preserve threatened wildlife and wilderness.

For more information click HERE

iLCP Fellow Garth Lenz will be at the Key City Theatre in Cranbrook at 7:30 PM this Thursday, February 4th. There is a blurb about it on the Wildsight website:  

Garth Lenz is also giving one of the outreach presentations to raise money for the Phillip Hyde grant at the NANPA Summit. The event will be held on February 18th, 7:30 PM :

On February 25th in Washington DC Garth Lenz will be making a presentation on the Alberta Tar Sands as part of an event to bring attention to this issue, and to the plight of the Beaver Lake Cree first nation, on whose behalf Woodward and Company - are launching a constitutional challenge to the expansion of the Tar Sands.

Speaker Series:  Wildlife Photography with iLCP Fellow Suzi Esterhas

at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center, CASuzi Eszterhas 

Suzi is an extraordinary photographer who shares her skill with the world. Her photos are published in books and magazines, even the covers of TIME and AFRICA. She also leads instructional photography tours with names like: Wildlife India, Botswana Predators and Madagascar Lemurs and Reptiles. She is also a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. You can see her marvelous work for free, by coming on February 5.

For more information click HERE

iLCP Emerging League member Chris Linder
will be the keynote speaker for the Climate Change and its Impacts on the Environment conference that will be held in March at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York. His address will focus on how photography can be used as a tool to educate the public about climate change.

For registration information and schedule click HERE

August 25th-29th, 2010
Monterey, California


BLUE's 2010 festival will take place in picturesque Monterey, CA from Wednesday August 25th through Sunday August 29th

Building on the successes of 2009, BLUE 2010 promises to be an even bigger and better not-to-be-missed event featuring a robust agenda of entertaining and empowering festivities
.  visit the website here

LIFE, in London!

Frans Lanting, iLCP Fellow, Presents:

The London Premiere of
Frans Lanting's LIFE:  A Journey Through Time with music by Philip Glass
to be performed by the London Symphony Orchestra
under the baton of Marin Alsop
on February 21, 2010, at the Barbican Centre
Special evening "Celebrating Our Planet" features Post-concert Discussion
with Marin Alsop and Frans Lanting

SANTA CRUZ, CA, January 19, 2010.  The Frans Lanting Studio lanting lifeannounced today the London Premiere of the multimedia production of LIFE: A Journey Through Time, which will be performed for a special evening "Celebrating Our Planet," on Sunday February 21, 2010, at London's Barbican Centre, Europe's largest multi-arts venue and home to the London Symphony Orchestra, one of the world's most acclaimed orchestras.
Marin Alsop will conduct the London Symphony Orchestra in this new performance of LIFE, which features the imagery of Frans Lanting and the music of Philip Glass in a one-hour multimedia orchestral production that celebrates the splendor of life on Earth. LIFE interprets the history of life on our planet in seven movements, from its earliest beginnings to its present diversity, in a work that merges the photographic arts, science, and music. "Lanting's majestic photographs dance lightly across a huge screen over the orchestra, while some of Glass's most elegant music pulses underneath," writes The Washington Post. "It's a celebration of nature in all its glory."

lanting lifeFollowing the performance, there will be a "Post-concert Discussion with the Artists," moderated by Marin Alsop, and featuring Frans Lanting and other distinguished guests  from the arts and sciences.
Alsop, the Music Director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, conducted the world premiere of LIFE in Santa Cruz, California, in 2006, as well as subsequent performances in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and at New York's Lincoln Center.  Since its premiere, LIFE has been performed in major concert halls in both North America and Europe, and for celebrations including the Gala Opening of the World Science Festival in New York, the World Wilderness Congress in Merida, Mexico, and in Geneva, Switzerland, at the official ceremony to inaugurate CERN's Large Hadron Collider, the most powerful machine ever built to study the origins of the universe.   
LIFE was originally produced by the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music and Music Director Marin Alsop, in
collaboration with photographer Frans Lanting and editor Christine Eckstrom, composer Philip Glass, arranger Michael Riesman, and visual designer Alexander V. Nichols .

Additional LIFE events in London:
· Immediately before the evening performance of LIFE on Sunday
lanting life
February 21, 2010, the London Symphony Orchestra's "St. Luke's Fusion Orchestra" will perform a new composition written by its members and inspired by the images of Frans Lanting and the music of Philip Glass.  This Pre-concert Performance will take place at the Barbican Freestage, from 6:30 - 7:15 pm.

·  On Saturday February 20, 2010, Frans Lanting will give a presentation about LIFE for the annual "Travellers' Tales Festival" at the Royal Geographical Society in London, from 11:45 am - 12:45 pm.  For tickets and more information about the Festival, please visit: 

For more about LIFE Music, The LIFE Project, the Frans Lanting Studio, and Tickets for LIFE in London:
1. About LIFE Music and the Artistic Team,
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4. Tickets for LIFE in London:


iLCP Fellow Roy Toft
Celebrates the Release of His New Book, "Osa: Where the Rainforest Meets the Sea."
Toft Osa
Culminating his 20-year fascination with one of the world's most lush, varied and species-rich regions, acclaimed iLCP nature photographer Roy Toft is proud to announce the release this month of his book "Osa: Where the Rainforest Meets the Sea." A Zona Tropical Publications release in collaboration with author Trond Larsen, the book is hailed by two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner Edward O. Wilson as "the best way to experience this park short of going there."

For info on the release and book signing party party in Costa RIca,



For the second year running, Orne Council  will be participating in 'The Photographs of the Year'.  The prize-giving
ceremony will take place in Alençon on 26th March. From the following day, for nearly three months, the 36 finalists will be exhibited in the Hôtel du Département; a real treat for photography lovers.
Read more about the competition HERE

It is not necessary to have a press card in order to enter. The competition is open to any professional photographer, regardless of his or her status. Any one photograph can only be submitted to one category. The category 'Young Photography Talent' is reserved for photographers who have been registered professional for less than 2 years and were under the age of 30 on 1st January 2009. The photographic topic is open. Panoramic photographs are accepted, provided that the dimension of the print does not exceed 40 centimetres.

Nikon has renewed its participation for the 2009/2010 competition and will offer a prize of 10,000 euros' worth of Nikon equipment to the overall winner of 'The Photographs of the Year'.

MMF-PRO, well-known to professionals, have renewed their partnership for the next competition and will offer material to a value of 2,000 euros chosen from their catalogue.

We are privileged to have Escourbiac as a partner once again. The book of the 'Photographs of the Year' was printed by them.

New partners joining those mentioned are the Salon de la Photo, which will be held from 4th to 8th November 2010 at Porte Versailles in Paris. DarQroom, the official laboratory for the competition will handle the printing of the 2010 photographs. The 2010 competition will bring together 36 finalists; will offer a professional portfolio to the twelve prize winners of 2010. Finally, Avant-Musee will offer a CompactPhoto and an OpenBox frame to the twelve prize winners.

Déclencheur is hosting the 'Photographs of the Year' event and will have regular updates on their website.

The SAIF will be a new partner and if you are not already a member then now is the time to join.

Do not hesitate to look at the Photo Europe website, which is supporting 'Photographs of the Year', and to register for free in their directory!

CIWEM (The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management) runs the Environmental Photographer of the Year, which is one of the fastest growing photographic competitions in the world. In 2009 we received nearly 2,500 entries from photographers in over 60 countries.
This is a serious competition that seeks to celebrate photographers who use their ability to raise awareness of environmental and social issues. It is open to all professional and amateur international photographers of any ages and encourages entries that are contemporary, creative, experimental, resonant, original and beautiful.
The categories are:
Mott MacDonald's Changing Climates
The Natural World
Quality of Life
Innovation in the Environment (New)
The Underwater World (New)
A View From the Western World (New)
CIWEM's Young Environmental Photographer of the Year (Under 16 & Under 21)
The judging panel is made up of some of the most respected environmental photographers in the industry, including Gary Braasch, winner of the Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, as well as senior environmentalists. Individual pieces of work will be judged on impact, creativity, composition, originality and technical abilities. Winners receive cash prizes, and all winning and highly commended entries are displayed in the international Environmental Photographer of the Year exhibitions. Copyright is retained by the photographer (see terms and conditions at ).
 Enter at .  This is for professional and amateur photographers, so we actively encourage those with a general interest in the environment to enter as well. The competition is open until 5pm on 31st July 2010.
Thanks for your support!

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Thanks also to our corporate conservation partner
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