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Greetings to all who know the sensual pleasures of a silky garment. Whether you love to see women in gorgeous lingerie, wear it yourself, masturbate with it, sniff it, or bury your hardness in its silky folds, you've found a home at PantyMistress.com (also known as X-traordinary Talk! since 1993). 

My business partner Sylvia and I endeavor to feed your imagination and speak to your most ardent longings with our original, award-winning audio and video fantasies. We also offer customer service second to none; if you ever have a technical problem, issue with an order, or just want to drop a line and say hello, you'll get a warm response from women who love lingerie and understand your naughty, wily ways.

This archive is a collection of newsletters I've sent to all who've asked to be on our e-mail list.  We are discreet in our mailings, and we value and respect your privacy.  That's why - for love or money - we never share our e-mail list with anyone. 

Take a look through the archive at your leisure for news, views, and occasional special treats from one who is proud to call herself PantyMistress.

                                                                ~ Jane

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  • 3/10/08
  • 2008 Photo contest winner; PantyGames on DVD
  • 1/5/08
  • Tender Loving (Cock) Care from your NaughtyNurse
  • 11/7/07
  • PantySlave finally here!
  • 10/23/07
  • Peeper In Trouble (starring Madison and her magnificent pantied bum)
  • 10/15/07
  • What's a Squirt Teaser??
  • 10/13/07
  • Silky soft lovin' with our new Satin Panty Lover
  • 10/3/07
  • The teacher you wish you had had: Teacher's (Panty) Pet
  • 9/30/07
  • (strike the music!) Good, good, good ... Good Vibrations
  • 9/26/07
  • Masturbatrix ... A best-seller all bad boys know they need
  • 9/20/07
  • What do you have to say for yourself? The Interrogation is here!
  • 9/10/07
  • Punishment!
  • 9/14/07
  • The women behind our Squirt Teasers
  • LaborDayPromo07
  • The only sale we've ever had for your poor darlings, laboring so ... hard
  • 8/28/07
  • Our model Sasha loves lingerie so much, she brings her own to our shoots. See it in Sasha's Panty Show
  • 8/22/07
  • Dirty Little Panty Boy .... hey, that's YOU!
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