No, this is not a picture of Kansas City in the summer. But for some the summer is a time for encountering the Lord and waiting on him in an wonderful  way. Oh the beauty of abiding and living in Christ Jesus.
Prayer Needs and Community News

We are seeking the Lord on how to develop community...please put that before the Lord for us. Be in prayer about wisdom for everyone involved in KCHC; for the Lord to unfold to us what he wants. Also, for the school we are  developing. Yes possibly a college for inner healing and mind renewal.        All things are possible in Christ Jesus.

KCHC School

We are considering raising the prices of our classes by $25.00 each. This price change would support our effort to honor our teachers with some financial support. The Bible tells us that "A WORKMAN IS WORTHY OF HIS HIRE" (Luke 10:7). To date all the money for the classes is going for books, facilities, licenses, and miscellaneous items needed for classes. No one is being compensated for their teaching or work being done for KCHC. There are many hours of work and driving (gas $) being given in order to develop this ministry. This work has been done by the leaders as a love gift to the community in order to serve the Body of Christ and wash the saints feet. The leaders volunteer with the hope of equipping the Body for good works to glorify Jesus and seeing the Bride come to her maturity. As the community has grown so has the work load. One person is working full time to keep the community growing and prospering, but is not being compensated for the hours of work being done. We want to honor our workers and teachers but we need your help. Please pray for the Lord's provision for our gracious staff and leaders. If you have any thoughts and would like to share them please email "Steve Bartlett" at gopraybart@gmail.com.
Thank you.    

Thrive Conference

I just returned from a 3 day "Thrive" conference in La Canada, California. David Tackle has developed a new class called "forming". In "Forming" David is emphasizing a way to encounter God in your personal life. I would recommend this new class to any group. The conference was attended by at least 300 people and was excellent. I met 15-20 that were from the K.C. area. The Lord is raising up many from the K.C. area with his heart for healing the broken. 
My prayers and hope is that the different ministries in the K.C. area would work together in unity as a larger community. Esteeming one another higher than ourselves.
"Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! ...
for there the Lord commanded the blessings, even life ever more" (Psalm 133) 


Sincerely,KCHC logo

Tom Paterik
Steve Bartlett
Kansas City Healing Community