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    Summer Time at KCHC!

We are looking forward to this summer. In this season, the alumni of these courses can be fascilitated by the Holy Fascination and Theophostic groups for no charge. As well as facilitation, the Theophostic group will be getting free advanced training during this summer's meetings.
We are also excited to be offering
Experiencing the Trinity
 for the first time!
This new class should be excellent.

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Prayer Requests and 
Community News 

Charlotte would like to hear from you!      # 816-246-0414
She is feeling a little cut off from her inability to attend classes due to numerous surgeries. Her second eye surgery was a SUCCESS! Please pray for  restoration of her sight, eye socket and her ability to pay her medical bills.

Steve's Trip to the Thrive conference in California, on June 28th -30th. Ask for him to have eyes to see what God is doing in other healing ministries. Ask for him to have ears to hear the latest of what God is saying through these brother and sisters in mind renewal.

Pray that God would give us an anointing to build community within our KCHC classes and outside of them. 


Sozo Basic Training: 

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Day:  Thursdays 

Dates:  July 19th - Aug 23rd.  

Place: Tammy and Steve Craft's

Address: 301 Duke Gibson Dr., K.C. MO, 64145 

Cost: $35

Limit:  14 people    

Contact:  Tammy Craft 816-912-2430, sozokchc@gmail.com   


TheophosticsOnly for Alumni  

Facilitating only, Not a class.

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Day:  Tuesday

Date:  June 5th   

Length: 12 weeks 

Place: Larry and Wendy Curtis' House

Address:  6743 East 127th St                            
               Grandview, Mo. 64030       

Contact: Larry Curtis, 816-520-9371, larryc@daystarsafety.com  


Holy Fascination: Only for Alumni  

Facilitating only, Not a class. 

Time:  6:30 - 8:30pm  

Day:   Wednesdays

Length: summer 

Date: June 6th

Place: Marvin & Carmen Smith

Address: 12905 Palmer Ave

               Grandview, Mo 64030 

Contact: Steve Bartlett, 816-509-2890, gopraybart@gmail.com    


Restarting : 

Time:  1st, 2nd sem 6:30pm- 9:00pm            

Day:   Thursday

Date:  June 7th 

Length: 12 weeks 

Place: All Nations House 

Address:  13008 Grandview Road
 Grandview, MO 64030

 Cost:  1st  sem class- $35 class, $25 book   

          2nd sem class- $35       

Contact: Steve Bartlett, 816-509-2890, gopraybart@gmail.com    


Building Relationships for Life:   

How to have healthy relationships.

Day: Friday  

Date: June 1st 

Length: 12 weeks  

Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm   

Place: Jerry and Becky Quinn's House  

Address: 6531 E. 128th St. Grandview, Mo. 64030   

Cost: $35 Class. $20 Book (The Life Model) & $10 Manual

Recommended Reading: Practicing the Presence of People      

Limit:  16 people

Contact: Jerry Quinn, 760-910-2108, jer4jesus1@gmail.com    


Experiencing the Trinity: 

Day: Friday

Date: June 1st

Length: 9 weeks

Time: 7:00pm - 9pm 

Place: Steve and Beverly Bartlett's House

Address: 1537 NE. Neawanna Dr.

               Lee's Summit, Mo. 64086 

Cost: $35

Limit: 20

Contact: Steve Bartlett, 816-509-2890, gopraybart@gmail.com


There is a description of all of the classes on our web site, under classes. 




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