December 2011 News Letter
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Well it has been quite an amazing year for KCHC. We have seen many healed and delivered.
Some brought out of prisons. Some of us ( like myself) with quite a ways to go. But our God of hope ( Rom 15) is filling us with  all hope, so we are pressing on, victory by victory; mountain by mountain. Some times having set backs , then the Lord helping us get back up. I applaud you all for your courageous walk.  I know you don't feel courageous but believe me you are. Anyone who gets back up and goes on for another round is.

So we want to honor the saints: You who even in your weakness, and failings are fighting the good fight of faith. Bless you , Bless you , Bless you great warriors. It is an honor to be your brother.

A Word from Steve

The lord is allowing us to attack the darkness , brokeness and captiviity of the saints. We are doing this by helping saints encountering the Isaiah 61 God. The Father, Son  and Holy Spirit that loves them so much. Ohhh the privilege to bring the good news. Ohh the honor to set the captive free.
It reminds me of the soldiers that had the honor to go to the camps in world war II and set the captive free. When the soldiers saw the prisoners and their condition. I know some said in their hearts , this is why we have fought so hard and have layed down our lives. Now it all makes sence. This is what our King did. He layed his lfe down for our captivity. Let us follow him into our distiny . Let us be Isaiah 61 people of God.
Community News

Belonging /Ed Khouri Seminar
Ed Khouri Seminar results.

 I felt the seminar was blessing to everyone that attended. We have already received thank you letters from those who attended the seminar, telling us how their lives were touched. We certainly learned a lot. Many saw the amazing potential of this program. Friendships were started that I believe were divine connections. Ed was an excellent teacher. A wonderfully gentle and humble man. All received him well. The KCHC staff did an outstanding job. I was so proud of them. They showed the power of what friends helping friends can do. Thank you to all who volunteered. People came from California, Pennsylvania, and Chicago. We had over one hundred attend. We are hoping to have another one next December.     
Winter Schedule:

Father Heart of God Class 

Teacher: Tom Paterik 

Day: Thursdays
Time: 6:30pm
Duration: Jan 5th - Jan 26th
Charge: $ 20

 Place: Colleen Killian's   

 Address: 7306 E. 122nd Terrace, Grandview, MO 64030

KCHC logo

Song of Solomon Class 
(in the context of inner healing).

Teacher: Steve Bartlett
Day: Wednesdays
Time: 6:30pm
Duration: Jan 4th- Jan 25th
Charge:  $20
Place: Nicole's house
Address: 7205 E. 134th Circle
Grandview, MO. 64030

Culture on Honor
( This class is not for certain. We will do this if response is high enough) 

Contact Steve Bartlett if you are interested.
  [email protected]

Teacher: Steve Bartlett
Days: Tuesdays
Time: 6:30
Duration: Jan 3th - Jan 25th
Charge: None 

Prayer Requests and needs

The prayer meetings on every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 3:00pm at IHOP have been wonderful. I would love to have more of you come. Please consider that. Your prayers are such a help.

Please pray for

Lucy Niemann:
 is out of the hospital. May need surgery. Pray for healing. Going to cost a lot. Pray for funds. Lucy has been taking care of her mother. Her mother needs Adult diapers and someone to go to the bank for her and make deposit.

Steve Bartlett and Tom Paterik:
Wisdom in class schedules , leading and shepherding KCHC
What groups and programs to add to our community.
Houses for spring classes and various groups
The possibility of student/ healing/ discipleship houses.
1. I am looking for 4 people that would be willing to put in two hours a month approximately.
   You would be making e-mail flyers for KCHC. You would be trained by Megan Rutter.
2. I need administrative helpers.
3. Those who are interested in the student houses contact Steve Bartlett.
4. Someone help Lucy
5. Someone to head up a prayer chain for emergencies for KCHC.
6. Those who would be interested in hosting or being in a Holy Fascination small group contact
    Steve Bartlett,   [email protected]

It's a season to:   Hide and abide in Jesus.

Tom and I hope that you experience the Father , Son , and Holy Sprite in a beautiful way this
Christmas season.

Tom Paterik
Steve Bartlett
Kansas City Healing Community
816 509 2890
[email protected]
Web site: