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Equipping others to heal the broken hearted.
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Kansas City Healing Community
November 2011 

Unless you become like little children You cannot  enter into the kingdom of God. This is so true in encountering God. We just have such a hard time encountering God from the logical side of our brain. Our logic has to be submitted to our spirit, which has to be submitted to the Holy Spirit, to walk with God.

We would like to honor Lous Hogan from Jefferson City, MO.
Lois is like many of you have been out there. Doing the best you can in ministering inner healing without much help. To me you are the hero's in inner healing. Doing it without pay. Just because its in your hearts to help your brothers and sisters.

Bless you Lois Hogan and all the other Lois Hogans out there.
Bless you! Bless you! Bless you!!!
The Father sees what you are doing.
Steve Bartlett
Kansas City Healing Community
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A Testimony
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What good can come from giving up many hours of hanging out, sleeping extra, and vegging out in entertainment?

Through most of my life, unexplained emotions would billow forth with little provocation. A simple corrective word from a supervisor could catapult me into three days of work hindering stress. Initially, self-indulgent entertainment and hobbies were the rickety shelter I erected against the screaming tempest of negative thoughts. Hiding places soon crumbled leaving me constantly on the move from friend to friend and project to project in search of relief. Over time, I met believers who were full of joyful trust even when dark storm clouds loomed overhead. Seeing their steadfast walk with God, I came to the conclusion that something was wrong deep down inside of me, but God must have a way to make it right.

After moving to Kansas City, I found myself sitting in a prayer room with a seemingly irrational urge to head outside toward a nearby coffee shop. Walking through the café doorway, brought me headlong with people from KCHC. Minutes later, I found myself at a dinner surrounded by many smiling people who talked of an inner-healing community. Intrigued, I jumped on board for a year-long whirlwind of classes, appointments, and change.

What did I receive in exchange for sacrificing so much time? At the Kansas City Healing Community, simple teachings placed many profoundly effective tools in my hand. Using my new understanding, light began dawning on the birth place of my inner emotional storms. Trauma and repressed memories began surfacing in my mental waters. Instead of helplessness, I began fighting back with the help of trustworthy friends. Hitting hard with Theophostics, Sozo, and Holy Fascination, we chipped away at the foul bogs of deep childhood wounds. Bringing the light of God's truth dried up murky waters and in small increments I grew roots into the fertile soil of God's love. Now when traumatic turmoil arises within, I see an opportunity to encounter the love of Jesus.

What shall I say, but thank you to Steve Bartlett and Kansas City Healing Community for one of the most fruitful years in my life.




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Holy Imagination Class:

This is different from Holy Fascination.
Teacher: Steve Bartlett
Date: Nov. 4th, Fridays
Time: 6:30
Duration: 4 weeks
price: $15
Limit: 20 people
For those who want to have encounters with the Lord
in a unique way, through the scriptures.
Location: Jerry and Becky Quinn's House
Address: 6531 E. 128th
Grandview, Mo 64030

Holy Fascination small group:
Leader: Tamara Giles
Date: contact Tamara
Time: contact TAmara 
Price: No Charge
Topic: Physical healing through inner healing
They will be practicing Holy Fascination along with the principles in
Henry Wright's work " A More Excellent Way".

Holy Fascination small group:
Leaders: Spencer Peng and Steve
Date: Nov. 4th Fridays
Time: 1:30 pm to 3:30
Price: No Charge
For those who want to practice Holy Fascination.
Location: Nichole's House
Address: 7205 E, 134th Circle
Grandview, Mo. 64030


Belonging is the joy we create around us. Belonging is the second class in the Thriving Series, designed to follow Restarting. 

Join Ed Khouri at
Stonecroft LogoRetreat Center in South Kansas City, MO
December 2nd & 3rd for an adventure in appreciation and a closer walk with God. Ed turns deep and complicated truths into thoughts as clear as the mountain streams. You are going to be amazed!

Belonging is built around training. Careful steps are taken to form training groups that provide encouragement, support and diversity needed to work on belonging skills. Roundtable groups are facilitated by belonging coordinators who themselves receive additional support and training each week to assist in encouraging those in their group to return. Ed Khouri provides direction for the belonging coordinators.

Belonging was designed to produce transformation

Belonging focuses strategically on how to:

1. Build appreciation.
2. Quiet ourselves from anger and fear.
3. Learn when to stop so we don't overwhelm others. 
4. Recognize and stop cravings (and who doesn't get cravings).
5. Hear God more clearly.
6. Validate and comfort ourselves.
7. Use the fast "Shalom my body, soul and heart" steps.
8. Test ourselves for good relational brain circuit function.
9. Identify our belonging style.
10. Express belonging in church and make church a more belonging friendly place. 
11. Amplify relationships instead of negative emotions. 

Belonging quiets cravings for comfort foods or even drugs

What is the relationship between our cravings for food, TV, entertainment, drugs, alcohol, attention, and internet pornography? Where do these cravings come from and what works to stop them from taking control? Belonging takes us to the brain science discoveries that explain and resolve our cravings and let us return to a state of peace we call "Shalom". We need these shalom skills, and Belonging shows us how
they apply to the brain and emotional process that make our cravings get out of our control in the first place. 

Belonging builds relationships with God and with people

Every Belonging lesson features a weekly Bible story that illustrates and applies the scriptural basis for that week's training. But Belonging goes farther than teaching about God. Belonging trains participants to hear God more clearly and begin removing some of the blocks to seeing ourselves and others as God sees us. In Belonging this is called "Godsight Training".

Register Here 

Registration Ends
November 15th

I can't make it
Having Ed Khouri himself come to Kansas City to teach us is truly a blessing from God. He's taking the time to get us up to speed, so this will be an intense 17 hours of cutting edge healing training. Come ready to dig in to the material and let God work in you!

We look forward to having you here with us to begin to belong together.

Please send questions / comments to

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Have a glorious Thanksgiving Day.


Tom Paterik
Steve Bartlett
Kansas City Healing Community

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