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Steve Bartlett
[email protected]
Kansas City Healing Community Newsletter

Word from Steve:

God is love. At the center of love is relationship. The Trinity.

Hence the importance, the power, and the beauty of relationships.
There is life , healing ,and health in godly relationships. 

We would like to honor Anne Schumacker , her ministry, 
and those that work with her  for bringing healing to the wounded.
Thank you Anne and friends for walking in God's heart.

We are gong to miss the Hermans, that are moving.  

Go see the movie   " Courageous "

Community News
1. KCHC is starting a post page. Information is below.

2. Andrew  Rachel, and Abigail Herman will be moving to Arkansas the 15th of this month.
Abigail's little heart has been healed.Praise God!!

Andrew has a table and chairs he want's to give a way. Donation for them would be appreciated.

3. We need volunteers to help out in the Belonging Seminar. Contact : [email protected]

Classes ,Groups, and Seminars

Holy Imagination Class:
This is different from Holy Fascination.

Teacher: Steve Bartlett
Date: Nov. 4th, Fridays
Time: 6:30
Duration: 4 weeks
price: $15
Limit: 20 people
For those who want to have encounters with the Lord
in a unique way, through the scriptures.
Location: Jerry and Becky Quinn's House
Address: 6531 E. 128th
Grandview, Mo 64030

Holy Fascination group:

Leader: Tamara Giles
Contact: [email protected]
Price: No Charge
Topic: Physical healing through inner healing
They will be practicing Holy Fascination along with
Henry Wright's work " A More Excellent Way" principles.

Holy Fascination group:

Leaders: Spencer Peng and Steve
Date: Nov. 4th Fridays
Time: 1:30 pm to 3:30
Price: No Charge
For those who want to practice Holy Fascination.
Location: Nichole's House
Address: 7205 E, 134th Circle
Grandview, Mo. 64030
Belonging Seminar:  
Teacher: Ed Khouri
Date: Dec. 2nd and 3rd
Time: 1:00-9:00pm Fri
         9:00am-9:00pm Sat
Registration 11:00am-1:00pm Fri
Price: $100 ( only for KCHC members - those on our mailing list).
Price includes, book, meals, and snacks
Rooms: $60 for studio , $75 a night for suites
Location: Stoncroft Ministries Retreat Center
Address:10121  Grandview Road
Kansas City, Mo 64137

Contact: Steve Bartlett
[email protected]

Volunteers are need with the seminar.

Community Posts

Andrew has a table and chairs to give away at any price you can afford to donate.

Spadies Confrence:

Hidden Treasure Ministry presents

Pain2Peace Training Weekend

It is a weekend to bring life and hope to others and to you!

We want to equip lay workers, professionals, and others working in inner healing to better equipped to minister to the traumatized and abused.  This is a 'retreat style' training held at the Heartland Presbyterian Retreat Center from November 17th-20th (Thursday evening to Sunday lunch).  More information and registration can be found online at:



Leli is her Renting house.
 My house is for rent: 4BR, 3 full bathrooms, walkout basement, 2 car garage.
Address: 10601 Bellefontaine Ave, near Birchwood Center.
My phone: 816-399-3787.

If you are interested in hosting a Holy Fascination group at your house, let Steve Bartlett know. 816 -509-2890


Post Page
We are hoping to have this as a service for the cummunity,where you can post what you want. Events, something to sell or buy, prayer requests,needs ( not money please), etc. 
Steve Bartlett at [email protected]  


Prayer Requests

1. Andrew Racheal and Abigail Herman  for
the blessings of the Lord on their trip and transition to a new location and part of the Body of Christ.

2. Laures Simmons needs a Job. Please be praying for the right place and the Lord's timing.   

Be thankful for the little things of life. Hot water, fingers, food, etc). As you practice thankfulness, joy will come to your heart. Peace will fill you and hope will rise within you.   



Steve Bartlett,
Tom Paterik
Kansas City Healing Community
[email protected]
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