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Summer is over and we are moving forward in what the Father has for us.
                 Isaiah 61. Getting healed up and releasing healing.

A Word from Steve:

Friends helping Friends. That is what I believe is happening here at KCHC . Not professionals helping nonprofessionals. People who have relationships. Esteeming one another. Helping your brother and sister get to where they are going. Healed, strengthened and encouraged in God. Keep it up friends.
Thank you for giving your life for your brother.

We want to honor Rhonda and Danny Calhoun and the whole staff at Harvest Homes Ministries. They have been such an example to all of us. Their hearts for the broken. Their passion for the Lord. Their example of laying their lives down to set the captives free.
Bless you guys from all of us at KCHC. 

Steve Bartlett and Tom Paterik
Kansas City Healing Community


Community News

Stuart Elliot is going to be heading up expanding our web site. Thank you Stuart.

He will be working with Inge Havaard in doing that.


The Family Picnic September 17th.  Looking forward to seeing you there. Don't worry about the rain . We have an alternative location in case of rain.


The Restarting Program is growing. 

We want to thank Pat, Christopher, and Jo-Anne for leading us in this. 


As you can see the Lord is adding New classes to our KCHC schedule. These classes are all outstanding with excellent teachers. 


Testimony of class.
Holy Fascination class 



  It has been stunning to see the very things I imagined (in Holy Imagination) materialize the very next day or two after my adventures with God.  The imagination is a fun, fresh, and exciting new way to connect with God!  Ironically, it seems the times I thought it hardest to connect with God (i.e.-in anger, bitterness, frustration, etc) were times He did the deepest work in me.  I was enabled in H.F. class in ways to give concerns and attitudes to God that I couldn't otherwise release on my own.  It helped me to have a partner in facilitation.

It's amazing to see the Holy Spirit speak in such a simple, yet profound way when we take such simple "baby steps" to seek Him.  It's like we get a LOT back in return for so little we give Him!  It's fun to dream up any creative thing to do with Yeshua (Jesus) or The Father or Holy Spirit and watch how He might step into the picture. Now I look forward to Holy Fascination adventures with a sense of expectancy of what He's going to do. It's always different each time. In many cases, I found Yeshua's attitude toward me was different than I thought it would be -  much more positive and loving, and very accepting of me!      Tammy F.


Prayer needs:


1. For the KCHC house to open up.
2. For the people who are currently using it
     that the adoption papers will go
     through for them.

 3. Love would rule in our community.



I need help in the prayer times for KCHC. IHOP room 3,  3:00pm , second and fourth Sunday


Thank you for all your prayers. What we are doing is be birthed by prayer and Thanksgiving.




Fall ClassesKCHC logo

Sozo :


Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Day:  Monday

Dates:  Basic class     Sept 12th, 19th, and 26th  

           Advanced Class  Oct   3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th 

Place: Tammy and Steve Craft's

Address: 301 Duke Gibson Dr., K.C. Mo. 64145 

Cost: $35 each Class 

Limit:  14 people 


Contact:  816-912-2430, [email protected]    


Theophostics :


Time: 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Day:  Tuesday

Date:  Sept 6th 

Length: 12 weeks 

Place: Need a place 

Cost:  1st sem- $125

          2nd sem- $50

          3rd sem- $25


Contact: Steve Bartlett,816-509-2890, [email protected]  


Holy Fascination :

Time:  6:30 - 8:30pm                                              KCHC logo         

Day:   Wednesday

Date:  Sept 7th 

Length: 12 weeks 

Place:  Eldon and Karen Milller's

Address: 11415 Myrtle, K.C. Mo. 64137  

Cost:   1st sem-$40   

           Repeat sem-$25  

Limit:  15  people 


Contact: Steve Bartlett, 816-509-2890, [email protected]          


Restarting : 


Director: Pat Caputo 

Time:  1st, 2nd and 3rd sem 6:30pm- 8:30pm            

Day:   Thursday

Date:  Sept 8th 

Length: 12 weeks 

Place: All Nation's Training House

Address: 13008 Grandview Road  Grandview, Mo. 64137 

Cost:  1st  sem class- $25 class, $25 book  (Alternative class choice -  

Building Relationships for Life).  

          2nd sem class- $25 class, $40 books  ( Alternative class choice -

Building Relationships for Life).  

          3rd  sem class- $25 class, $28 book  * 1st and 2nd sem classes required  


Contact: Pat Caputo. 516-410-7581, [email protected]



Advanced Inner Healing Class: 

How to deal with parts.

Ministering to difficult cases. 


Teacher: Dr. Tom Paterik

 Day: Friday 

 Date: Sept 9th   

 Length: 8 weeks  

 Time: 6:30 

 Place: Colleen Killian's   

 Address: 7306 E. 122nd Terrace, Grandview, MO 64030   

Cost: $45  


Contact: Tom Paterik , [email protected]




Building Relationships for Life  

How to have healthy relationships.

 KCHC logo

Teacher: Jerry and Becky Quinn     

Day: Friday 

Date: Sept. 9th 

Length: 8 weeks  

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm   

Place: Jerry and Beck's

Address: 6531 E. 128th St. Grandview, Mo. 64030   

Cost: $30 Class. $20 Book (The Life Model) 

Recommended Reading: Practicing the Presence of People      

Limit:  16 people


Contact: Jerry Quinn. 760-910-2108, [email protected]   


There is a description of all of the classes on our web site, under classes. 



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