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Hey everybody Andrew, and Rachel had their baby. Her name is Abigail Meline, weighing in at 6lbs 9oz, 19 1/2 inches in length on Tuesday June 21st @ 9:31pm.  Yay!!!  Congrats Andy, and Rachel!!!!  

Baby needs:

1. Prayer for continued health (and whatever else the Lord leads).

  Pack and play.

2. Dresser for storage and possible changing station.

3.Rocking Chair.


 11047 spring valley road

 Kansas City, Missouri 64134


 Checks can be made out to Rachel ,or Andrew Hermann.


Tom Paterik would like to do a class this fall on D.I.D, or multiple Personality. also difficult sessions. Probably on a Friday night. Who is interested?  

Contact : Tom Paterik, tpaterik@kc.rr.com


Word from Steve:  

As we learn to esteem our brother higher than ourselves. Remember to not receive any negative reports about your brother. If someone has something they need to say, encourage the individual to go to the person that they have ought against , and work it out with them . Don't sin against the body of Christ by saying bad things about your brothers, or sisters.  

Mercy, and forgiveness are cornerstones of walking in Love, and esteeming your brothers higher than yourself. Always give them the benefit of the doubt.  

Blessings to you brotheren.


Holy Fascination for Kids

Tamara Giles 

Thursdays in July
July 7 ~ July 28, 2011 
2:00 PM -  3:00 PM

Dear KCHC Member, 


In July, KCHC will be offering for the first time, a class for children. Holy Fascination for kids is a scaled-down, child-friendly version of our Holy Fascination adult class.


In Holy Fascination for kids, your child will learn:


1. What the Bible says about imagination.

2. That our imagination effects our physical reality      based on the studies of Chrisian brain scientist, 

    Aiko Hormann.

3. Ways in which we use our imagination both           positively and negatively.

4. What it means to "cleanse" and "consecrate"

    our imagination.

5. How to use our imagination to encounter Jesus.


Holy Fascination for kids is a four-week session, one hour class offered on Thursdays at 2-3pm throughout the month of July. 


Class size is limited to 8 students, ages 6-10


Cost is $10 per child





Once registered you will be contacted by Tamara with address. 

Register Now!

I can't make it
For questions, email Tamara at emotionalrestoration@clear.net



Steve Bartlett and Tamara Giles
Kansas City Healing Community

Father God Seminar


Tom Paterik
Steve Bartlett
Do you truly know the Father? 
Or do you only have a good theological understanding of Him? 
Do you have a deep relationship with the Father? 
Or is He just a distant Godhead who does not intimately interact with you?
Does the Father just tolerate you because He is God, and He has to? Or do you experience a Father as one who is passionately in love with you?


Come, meet the Father you never knew, but so wished you did with all of your heart...



Register Now!
I can't make it



Friday July 8, 2011 
Saturday July 9, 2011 

All Nations House             
13008 Grandview Rd. , Grandview, Mo. 64137






Steve Bartlett
Kansas City Healing Community


A community House ...


 A house to function as a ministry center for classes and facilitation's has been offered to KCHC, to use. The house is in Grandview, not to far from IHOP University. Hiram, and Chris Schear have allowed us to use it for a greatly reduced price. We would be able to move in this fall. WE will start fixing it up in September.  Praise God for his goodness!   


NEED: Ministry and House Coordinator
We need someone to RENT the house and work as a ministry and event coordinator within the house. 

We anticipate the monthly running cost to be $750.00. This amount includes the rent, utilities and upkeep for the house.


NEED: $10,000 To Refurbish House
We need $10,000 to cover:

       a. New Flooring
       b. Paint Entire Interior
       c. New Walls In Basement
       d. Plumbing
                                   e. Est. 
                             2. Furniture
                             3. Projector and Screen
                             4. Lawn Mower
                             5. Misc. Items



Make checks out to:

Memo: House Fund

Send to:

Steve Bartlett
1537 NE Neawanna Dr.
Lees Summit, MO 64086


Here is what is already in motion with logistics:

Hiram Schear will be acting as house supervisor - hiram3@gmail.com

Craig Giles will be the project manager for getting the house ready - windandfire@clear.net
*Contact Craig to volunteer Manual Help!

Tamara Giles will be the decorations manager  - emotionalrestoration@clear.net

Our most important need of-course is PRAYER!
Please pray for our needs to be delivered by our head supervior - The Lord!

Thank you to all who are members of KCHC for your continued loyalty and love, you make us a true Chrisitan Inner Healing Community! We look forward to being able to offer you a community home for you ! 




Steve Bartlett , Tom Paterik 
Kansas City Healing Community

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