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June, 2011

CORRECTION . THE FATHER HEART  OF GOD SEMINAR location is not at the Middlebrook's. It is at the All Nations House . This is the same place we have our Restart classes. Directions are  on the Restart flyer.  We will send out a new flyer with correct directions.

Theophostic class is Cancelled this summer..  Read important announcement for the whole KCHC community below in the Theophostic class section. 

Wonderful things are happening in the KCHC community.  

One is the  New  Childrens Class  Tamara, and Robyn are going

to be starting  this summer in July.  

More info down at the bottom this letter.  


Met a lady from Omaha , as she said she grew up on the farm. Why are you using me Lord, she asked?  She has been doing Holy Fascination for a few years , with inner city gang members . She said they are all have life changing experiences with Jesus, as they encounter him.. She is working with children and having  tremendous results also.  

Take it to the streets. 


Pray for the Fathers heart to be expressed in all that we do.  

Remember our community is all about being an Isaiah 61 community.

Ask the Father to release that in our midst.

The Lord is still building the foundation of our community. We are still in diapers.

Pray for the foundational stones to be put in place, and  to be established.

Pray that we would learn to esteem one another higher than ourselves.   


I need your help in the prayer room. Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. 3:00 to 4:00pm ,room 3 ,side room.   

We are a people who walk with a limp. May we be a community that walks with a limp and humility. I don't know how to do that . Help us Jesus?

Steve Bartlett
Kansas City Healing Community


Exortation by Bill Helbing

Bill is addressing about the warefare He has been experiencing.  He was also encouraging me about the attack I have had on my finances. I thought it was so good that I wanted to pass it on.

This does not mean that we now lay down and take it.  "After all, the shaking has begun."  No.  We can still fight to take back the seeming gains of the enemy.  And fight we will.  There are a few things that God isn't.  He is not a coward and He is not passive.  And He is teaching His bride that we aren't either.  I saw a great and mighty army on the horizon yesterday.  And they meant business.  They were very serious and very caring and very fierce in battle.  We might lose our stuff but we are not going to lose precious people.  Fight on, my brother.  There is a whole army rising to take back the land.


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Sozo is an inner healing technique that addresses father, mother, sibling and companion wounds. In Sozo class, you will discover how to dismantle blockages between yourself and the three parts of the Godhead (Trinity). Finding entry points the enemy has in your life and closing those entry points so that you can walk in freedom is addressed in Sozo. Vows and curses are also explored and taught how to be broken.

Tammy Craft 

heads this class up.

contact:  tamcraft509@gmail.com



Yes we are       canceling

the Theophostic class this Summer. We are going to use the summer to facilitate .   The first ones that are our priority will be those who have taken theophostics in the past from KCHC.
Then others that are in the KCHC  community.
Then our friends.
This will done at Larry Cutis's house.
Direction: on Flyer for Theophostic class.
Contact for facilitation.
Steve Bartlett

Holy Fascination
is a class designed to help you encounter the Lord. In Holy Fascination, you learn to overcome roadblocks hindering you from encountering God by experiencing Him in a uniquely-tailored personal way. This interactive class will help to equip you on your journey towards inner healing.
Holy Fascination is a 12-week course.

Restart is an excellent class to start your healing journey. Structured on teaching how the emotional side of your brain grows physiologically, you learn how to receive "A" trauma healing, which is the trauma that takes place when one does not have the proper affirmation that is needed in infancy. How addictions form and how one can get the victory over these addictions is also addressed in Restart.
Restart is a 12-week course.
Do you truly know the Father?
Do you only have a good theological understanding
Do you have a deep relationship with the Father?
Is HE just a distant Godhead, who does not intimately
interact with you?
Does the Father just tolerate you, because He is God and has to? Or
do you experience one who is passionately in love with you?
Come , meet the Father you never knew, but so wished to.
Date: July 8th and 9th
P;ace: All Nations House 
Cost $25
Children encountering God Class

This July, KCHC will be offering our first children's class . It will be a four week class. This class will be offered especially for children. WE will send out details in an flyer. Tamara and Robyn are really looking forward to doing this first childrens class with you.For Questions contack

Tamara  Giles
Web site:       emotionalrestoration.org

For directons to the classes go to the flyers that were sent out previously. 



Tom Paterik

Steve Bartlett




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