April 2011
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Sozo Class
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Summer Class Schedule
We are adding two new classes for this summer. They will be Sozo and Advanced Restart.


Kansas City Healing Community Newsletter

Classes are going well. We are getting a lot out of the Restart class with 40 people signed up. I am impressed with how hard the Theophostic students are working this semester. The Holy Fascination has for some been life changing, and for others
deeply touching.
We have found places for all of our classes this summer. For this we are
thankful to the Lord.

This picture above is our projected new facilitation House.
What do you think?
  Just dreaming.



Steve Bartlett
Kansas City Healing Community




On March 28th, April 4th and April 18th, I am hoping that the facilitation teams can meet to minister to one another. 

On April 11th, Tammy will be out of town,  In addition to that, on the other evenings, I will be teaching the material to those who could not attend the seminar.  (Tamara and I will also be available for ministry at other times if needed.)

At the end of this time, if we feel that we are ready, we will begin to minister to those who contact us. 

For period of time , I am planning to offer our ministry for free.  After that, we may charge a nominal fee as the Lord leads.


Please let me know if you have any difficulties with this time slot.  I am happy to work something out.  I do not have any regular commitments any night of the week, because I have decided to devote myself to this ministry only for the time being.

For those who attended the seminar.

Please take some time to read through the material over the next two weeks.  It may be helpful to write down any areas where you want ministry and any questions that you have.  I so appreciate your willingness to get involved and your attendance at the seminar.  May the Lord bless you, and may He cover this ministry with His grace.


Tammy Craft :

816-912-2430 home

913-626-8908 cell

913-345-1300 work
Summer Class Schedule 

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Sozo :

Time: 6:30pm-

Day: Monday

Place: Tammy and Steve Craft's

Cost: Ask Tammy 



Time: 6:30 - 9:30pm
Day: Tuesday
Place: Larry Curtis
Cost: 1st sem- $125
           2nd sem- $50
           3rd sem- $25

Holy Fascination:

Time:  6:30         

Day: Wednesday

Place: Eldon and Karen Milller's

Cost. $40  




         1st sem 6:30pm- 8:00

         2nd sem 6:30pm- 8:30

Day: Thursday

Place: All Nation's House

Cost: $40 

Prayer Meeting on Sundays

Our KCHC prayer meeting is going very well. I am so blessed with the anointing that has been on them. You are invited to come.  

Date 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.




Time:  3:00pm  Room will be open at 2:30 for those who would like to come   early  and fellowship. 

Place: IHOP , room 3


If anyone is getting any words from the Lord concerning KCHC?  

Please let Steve Bartlett know, you can email him at gopraybart@aol.com



About Us
If you have any questions about the above information contact us at.


Thank you for being part of KCHC.


Tom Paterik

Steve Bartlett

Kansas City Healing Community