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Dec 2010

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Dear KCHC community,
     We want to say what a pleasure it has been to both serve you as well as getting to know you. So many times we become just another face in the crowd. Even when we get to recognize each other and know each other's names, we can still remain anonymous. And when we get beyond that, we can get overly caught up in meetings or giving/receiving ministry, that we remain only as objects, and not real people with real hearts.
    For some of us, that is where we want it to stay. For others, we want more and deeper relationships. Yet we are at the same time leery of that, because we must become vulnerable, and our life's story tells us that is not a safe thing. So, we are a group of people at different points on that line, and that is perfectly fine. We will continue to love each other, and grow in this thing called community.
    Each of you has been a blessing to Steve and I, as well as to others in our thing we are calling community, but is not there yet. You are each appreciated. We say a great big heartfelt, "Thank you" to each and every one of you. We wish you a very blessed holiday season.  May it be shared with someone, and not be alone.  May someone experience the joy and privilege of your loving and tender hearts this holiday.  And may Our Heavenly Father hold your hearts in His hands this holiday, as the holidays stir up painful memories in some of you.  We look forward to that day with you when it will no longer cause that kind of pain any more.
   Thank you for choosing to take this part of the journey of your life with us.
Tom Paterik


Steve Bartlett and Tom Paterik

       Christmas Dinner

You are invited to a Christmas Dinner for the KCHC community! 

I am hoping everyone will be there for this special celebration.  It will be a night of honoring one another, sweet fellowship, laughter, games and fun!

The dinner will be a potluck, so please bring a dish.  If you'd like, bring your favorite Christmas dish!

The night will include a white elephant gift exchange game, so please bring a gift.  Your gift can be simple, extravagant, funny, memorable, beautiful, practical- you decide!  Traditionally, a "white elephant" is something lying around the house that you don't want.  Please do not feel obligated to spend money on a gift, however, if you would like to, you're welcome to :) 
Please wrap your gift or bring it in a closed gift bag- this is very important for the game!

Please note that we made a mistake on our newsletter: the party is the 11th and not the 9th of December.

See you there, friends!

Date:   Saturday, December 11th

Place:  the Middlebrook's home
              1017 SW Lorman Dr.
              Lee's Summit, MO 64081-2713
Time:   6:00 p.m.

             Winter Classes:

Song of Solomon
Teachers:    Steve Bartlett
                     Mike Braumbach
Dates :    December 2, 9, 16
                 January 6,13, 20, 27

 Place:    Big City Hot Dogs
                10510 Grandview Rd.
                Kansas City, MO 64137

Registration:    December 2, 6:00pm
 Cost:    $35

This class will emphasize experiencing God through the  Song of Solomon.

Advanced Theophostic

Teacher:    Steve Bartlett
Dates:    Jan 5, 12, 19, 26
Cost:    $25
Place:    To be decided   
This class will include teaching on how to minister to children.

Talk to Steve Bartlett if you need help with a scholarship.
Steve Bartlett, 816-509-2890

Our vision at KCHC is to train up mothers and fathers to bind up the broken hearted.
We are doing that now.
We want to expand our vision in Kansas City this coming year.


The Vision

We see a two-winged inner healing and training center. One wing will be an "inner healing center" for those on the front lines that are deeply wounded to come to.  They will find a place of retreat, refreshment, and inner healing, in order to go back into the battle.  The second wing will be a training center that people may come, and get equipped as "mothers" and "fathers" to facilitate inner healing to those of different emotional needs.

    The How
We need a facility to accomplish this.  A place of rest, and healing. These are the requirements we are asking the Lord for:

Facilitating rooms: 3

Living Quarters: For care takers
Guest Rooms: 2
Large room for Classes and Seminars
Semi-private property: for people to meditate in and take walks on.
Privacy from neighbors.
Plenty of parking space.

If you would like to partner with us, please make checks to:

Citywide Prayer Network
Memo: Facility
Send to:

1537 Ne. Neawanna Dr.
Lee's Summit, Mo. 64086

For more information about KCHC, you can go to our website: 

or contact Steve Bartlett
[email protected]

Make a Donation

Seminar and Lunch


                             Emotional Intelligence

You're invited to our next KCHC Seminar! 
The topic will be "Emotional Intelligence", taught by Angie Boyce who is an accredited DISC Training Provider. 

 "Emotional Intelligence," or your Personality IQ, is your ability to understand yourself and others for effective communication and teamwork.  This is different from your Intelligence Quotient, or IQ, which measures your mental intelligence.

This teaching will help you better understand your personality style and how you act, interact or react to other people.  You will also learn about the needs and motivations of others who are wired differently than you.  As Dr. Robert Rohm likes to say, "If I understand you, and you understand me, doesn't it make sense that we can work more effectively together?"


 This teaching will not only help you grow in releasing inner healing, but will also equip you with knowledge of how the Lord has created others that will enable you to give grace and understand those you've had difficulty understanding before. 

This teaching will be a tremendous blessing and help to you in all of your relationships.  

Please bring a dish on Saturday for our potluck lunch.

Due to the fact that the $30 registration fee will be paying for the materials, we we will be taking up an offering at the seminar for Angie for the tremendous teaching.

In order to have the needed materials ready for you at the seminar, we are requiring pre-registration and payment.

When you click on the link below, you will be given the option to pay through PayPal, or to mail a check to the address provided. 

Registration closes December 31st.
All payments need to be in by this date, so please plan ahead if you will be mailing in a check.

Please click here to register.

               Blessings to you this Season!

Again, our heart is with you,

Steve Bartlett and Tom Paterik

Kansas City Healing Community

Website: emotionalrestoration.org