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News Letter
Well here we are and the Summer is over. Beautiful weather is here , And its October already. The Herman's are back from getting married, they are now renting Mark and Becky,s house. Mark and Debbie are moving to Belton , They will still be part of KCHC and having some of the Saturday night dinners. Tom is still in Dallas . He won't be back until Oct 16th. Our classes are off to a good start. People are getting healed and touched by the Holy Spirit. Praise God.

We will not have a Seminar in October.

We will have a Seminar on November 12, and 13th. Angie Boyce will be teaching on emotional intelligence. Fri night at 7:00 and Saturday morning at 9:00, and Saturday afternoon from 1:00 to 3:00pm. This will be a pot luck Lunch at 12:00, on Saturday. Please bring something for everyone. It will be held at the Middlebrook's. I will give directions next month.
This teaching will help in the area of type A trauma. It will help us all understand who we are and what to do with who we are, as an individual.

Looking for a house

We are starting to actively look for a house , That would be the KCHC ministry facility.We are hoping to be in a place by the end of Spring. Lets see what
the Lord does? Be in prayer for that.
I will let you know more in the future about the plans.

Phase one: We will have brochures made up,and sending out emails with details, and plans. Is there anyone good at making brochures who would like to help. Let me know.

Phase two
  would be working with a realtor by January,
or February ,to find the specific place.

Phase three
refurbishing the place to our needs.
Maybe by June moving in

What do you think?  Write me back by e-mail or better yet our Facebook.

Vision for the house

This house would be a place set aside for many things. Those things may change as our community grows. Here are a few thoughts and dreams that we  have:
A place for community to thrive.
A house of healing and the Fathers love.
A place where mothers and fathers can be raised up trained,and equipped with tools to release healing to the saints.
A place that people would be able to come to from all around the world. Stay and receive healing.
That's a beginning .
What do you think?
0w6z6r1k.jpg Things to pray for

1. Becky's in her third term of her pregnancy.
    Her and the babies health.
 2. moving grace for Mark and Becky and Rachel and Andrew Herman.
 3. Breakthroughs for especially the new students, though we all need that, don't we.
4. Tom  to get back by October 16th. His family is missing him, and so are we.

5. Holy Spirits leading on the KCHC House.
6. For God to develop a Holy Spirit community of healing.
emotionalrestoration.org , web page
           Tamara's blog, Tom's blog

kchealingcommunity@gmail.com , Facebook

Tom Paterik
Steve Bartlett
Kansas City Healing Community