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WE have some exciting things for you this month.And most of it has to do with childrens ministry .
Our monthly Seminar and Dinner will not be at Wayne and Lori Middlebrooks, but the  seminar, The Knowledge of The Tree of Good and Evil will  take its place , at the Harvest Homes Ranch. 
 The Ministry to Children class will be an extension of our January class. Moms and dads are already having amazing success with this process.

OOOOOOHHHHH !!!!!!!!   to see the children healed. Is there anyone crying with a burden,  when I say that. I am!  I am! I'm feeling it.
 and so is the FATHER and JESUS.
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We are starting  MINISRTY TO CHILDREN class, March the 11th .
 It looks like this class is already full. You can contact me ,
Steve Bartlett,
 to sign up for our next class, orto  be on a list in case someone drops out .
Teachers: Tamara Giles, Steve Bartlett
Date:            March 11th- April 8th
Duration:      6 weeks
Cost:             $40
Registration: 5:30pm , 11th
Class time:      6:30- 9 or 9:30pm
Next Class:      Summer, or Fall
Quest House:   Gregg and Beth Stones

Associate Minstry to Children Meetings: 

 Every 4th Saturday of the month , 9am, Zafts house.  All invited

The Knowlege of the Tree of
Good and Evil

314 x 400 | 79k
Teacher:   Rhonda Calhoon
Date:          March 13 & 14
Days:         Saturday and Sunday
          9:00am- 5:00pm
Fee:           $40/individuals, $70/couples
includes:     lunch and snacks are provided
Space:       very limited
Payment:    at Harvest Homes
Place:          Harvest Home Ranch
for Help:      Steve Bartlett   816-509-2890
Car Pool:     Charlotte Wellman,

470 into Lees Summit

Merge onto US-50 E towards Sedalia (about 30 min  -past Lone Jack to Pittsville)

Right on 131 (at the Shell Station in Pittsville)

Left on 325th Rd (first left out of town by a white A+ Home Care sign)

Right on 1201st Rd (at the "T" intersection, across a little bridge and up a hill)

Left on 300th Rd (across from Cochran's Jerseys, a dairy farm).

Comment:    This could be a  life changing seminar.
Registration:  Let me know in the next few days if you want to get in.
Pray for:
Tom  is starting a new job. Pray favor and anointing
Tom ,and I to have wisdom, and the Father's heart,to direct KCHC.
The Father's anointing  on the classes and the facilitations.
Gregg Stone is serving in Asia for three weeks, anointing and protection
for the Children to be healed.
a  ministry home for KCHC
Inner healing ministers to be raised up.

Tom Paderik, Steve Bartlett
Kansas City Healing Community
for information: 816-509-2890
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