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July 2010 Issue

IGS Educational Outreach Coordinator Walter Gray (r) helps some young visitors to identify a rock.
Gem, Mineral, and Fossil Show, September 10-12, 2010. Hancock County 4-H Fairgrounds, Greenfield, Indiana.

The Falls Fossil Festival at the Falls of the Ohio State Park will be held on September 18-19. Many activities are scheduled, including a talk by Walter Gray, IGS Educational Outreach Coordinator, on the geology of Indiana. Visit the Falls of the Ohio Web site for more information.

IGS geologists Brian Keith and Todd Thompson will be teaching an Indiana University Continuing Studies class entitled Indiana Limestone: Geology, Quarrying, and Milling in Bloomington on September 23-24. The class consists of an evening lecture followed the next day by a field trip to a local quarry and a limestone mill. Registration for this class begins on August 2.

This year's theme for Earth Week, October 10-16, is "Exploring Energy." Scout groups can schedule tours of the Indiana Geological Survey during that week. Contact Walter Gray, Educational Outreach Coordinator, at grayw@indiana.edu. Schedule now if you'd like your troop to visit.

GeoFest, with many diverse educational opportunities, will be taking place at the Indiana State Museum on October 22-24. If you're there, stop in and visit us at the IGS booth. Find out more about this large gem, mineral, and fossil show at the Museum's Web site.
Meteorites of Indiana Poster
Most people aren't aware that Indiana is one of the top ten coal-producing states of the nation. Coal of Indiana is a full-color 26" by 34" poster featuring coal types, plant fossils, and mining scenes found in Indiana. It explains in easy-to-understand graphic style how different ranks of coal form. This educational poster is a must for anyone who is interested in Indiana geology or its natural resources.

You can read much more about coal in Indiana, including maps and current research, on the IGS Web site.

Barbara Hill (l) and Kim Sowder (center) accept the Tourism Partner of the Year Award from Mike McAfee (r), executive director of the Bloomington/Monroe County Convention and Visitors Bureau.
The Indiana Geological Survey was recognized by the Bloomington/Monroe County Convention and Visitors Bureau as their Tourism Partner of the Year at a ceremony held on May 19, 2010. IGS Head Carographer Kim Sowder and Photographer Barb Hill, who worked closely with the Bureau on several projects, accepted the award for the IGS.

The IGS won the award for exceptional contributions to several CVB projects. Among the projects were the content for "Follow the Limestone," a walking tour of buildings on the Indiana University campus (written and presented by Brian D. Keith); design, layout, photos, text, and maps for "Experience Indiana Limestone!", a guided driving brochure highlighting the Salem Limestone corridor in Monroe and Lawrence Counties; and contributions for the annual Limestone Month celebration in June.
IGS Meteorites Poster
Meteorites of Indiana is a full-color 26" by 34" poster that features meteorites that have been recovered in Indiana. The poster details their formation and explains the difference between "meteor," "meteorite," and "meteoroid," as well as showing the different types of meteorites. These cosmic visitors have always inspired awe and curiosity; rocks from space are intriguing for geologists, astronomers, and collectors.

You can read an interesting article about meteorites on the IGS Web site here.
Energy Challenge Award
On Earth Day the Indiana University Geology Building, which houses the Indiana Geological Survey and the Department of Geological Sciences, was awarded first prize in the Academic Buildings division of the 2010 IU Energy Challenge.

This event, sponsored by the IU Office of Sustainability, ran from March 22 to April 22. The challenge was to have the highest combined percent reduction in electrical and water usage. The Geology Building met that challenge by achieving a 23 percent reduction. The winning strategy involved encouraging staff to sign a "sustainability pledge," which helped each person select a set of obtainable green activities as personal goals for the challenge. Staff made small changes, such as turning out lights, taking the stairs, and disabling screen savers, which added up to sizable energy savings.

Campus-wide, the competitors in the IU Energy Challenge saved enough electricity to power over 1,000 average American homes for a year and enough water to fill four Olympic-sized swimming pools. Together this amounts to 1.6 million pounds of carbon dioxide diverted from the atmosphere.
IGS Bookstore
Drop in and visit the newly remodeled IGS Bookstore.

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