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June 2007


World-renowned for its pioneering work in infertility and genetics, GIVF developed or perfected many of the treatments and techniques used today in other centers. 

Worldwide, GIVF is responsible for over 14,000 pregnancies.

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Advice to Husband and Partners:
"How Can I Help?"

CoupleHow can a spouse or partner help someone going through an IVF cycle? IVF can be an incredible roller coaster ride of emotions, so be prepared for frequent ups and downs. It is important to keep the lines of communication open and let the patient know you are in this together. Here are some tips on how you can help:

  • Offer to take over some of the responsibilities that your spouse or partner usually has, such as paying the bills, setting up doctor appointments, or working with your insurance company.
  • If the patient would like help, become an expert at giving injections. With practice you can administer injections quickly and painlessly. A little humor and sensitivity go a long way in this department.
  • Offer to go to some of the monitoring appointments. It is nice to have company for those early morning activities. Go out to breakfast together afterwards.
  • Recognize that changing hormones can result in some major mood swings. This includes high highs ('I know its going to work this time!') to low lows ('This will never work'). Remember no matter what she says or does, she is going through all this for both of you.
  • Let the patient rest as much as possible. Help around the house with meals, laundry, and other housework. She especially will want some extra rest around the time of retrieval and transfer.
  • Send her some flowers at work "just because". Rent a DVD that you know she wants to see. If she has a food craving, run out to the store to satisfy it. Treat her to an afternoon at the local spa.
  • Attend an infertility support group together to meet other couples who are going through the same experience. Some clinics sponsor their own support groups or you can check with a national infertility organization such as RESOLVE. The website is

And most important, be an active participant! It's reassuring to talk in terms of "we" rather then "you". Become educated about IVF and the terminology. Demonstrate that you are trying to be involved in the process. It is important to support her and comfort her. You're committed to building your family together and your love for one another will remain strong, whether or not this IVF cycle succeeds.

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FREE CONSULTS. GIVF is offering free office consults for both prospective IVF and donor egg patients when the consultation visit takes place on or before July 31, 2007. To schedule an appointment please call (888) 834-2229 or click here.


CYCLE IN THE SUMMER™. As a celebration of the arrival of summer GIVF is making a special offer for those women who choose to do an IVF cycle during the summer season June 21 - September 22. Women who select to take advantage of this special can do two IVF cycles for $11,350. The first cycle must be completed before September 22, 2007. For more details, click here. To schedule an appointment please call us at (888) 834-2229. 





Family Balancing: A Mother's Story
Jennifer Merrill Thompson

Jennifer Merrill ThompsonFamily balancing technology came out at just the right time for me. I was a mom of two in my late 30s, and although I loved my little boys dearly and could not imagine my life without them, I just could not give up my dream of a daughter. I had tried the "home methods" of sex selection and knew they really did not work. I was getting too old to keep having babies. I so much wanted my third baby - my very last child - to be a girl. And the technology was now there to help make that happen.

I dreamed of dollhouses and ballet recitals, of sundresses and hairbows, of a pink nursery and a floral tea set. Into the mix of loud trucks, action figures, and balls and bats, we could add some pretty horses, some collectible dolls, maybe a music box or two. Instead of turning many a toy into a weapon, my daughter might play house with her dolls, putting together families instead of making wars. Instead of playing soccer and bringing in mud, she would draw pictures and make glittery things. I longed for that alternative, a different dynamic in my house.

But it was more than just the dolls, sequins, and frilly clothes that I wanted to experience on the other side of parenthood. I wanted to have the opportunity to raise a girl in my lifetime, to have that female bond in my new family that I had shared with my mother, sisters, and aunts. I didn't want to be the only female in the house, outnumbered by the boisterous males, with no other female perspective. I ached to share my life with a little girl. I also thought it was important for my husband to raise a daughter, and for my sons to experience having a sister. Family balancing brings so many different kinds of joy. And that is what our little girl has brought into our home - all of this, and so much more.

Jennifer Merrill Thompson is the author of "Chasing the Gender Dream" and is working on a new book about family balancing with Dr. Daniel Potter of MicroSort West. Published by Aventine Press. She conceived her daughter at GIVF.

21st Annual Baby Reunion 
Twenty-First Annual Baby Reunion

Nine hundred former patients and the children they conceived at GIVF joined GIVF staff to celebrate the twenty-first annual Genetics & IVF Institute Baby Reunion on May 12, 2007.

Held on Mother's Day weekend every year, the Reunion is an annual tradition for many families, including some who travel great distances to come back to GIVF and see the doctors, nurses and other staff they bonded with during their treatment. GIVF staff members relish the chance to see the children they helped to conceive, including many who are now in college.

David W. Wise, GIVF's president, greeted the families gathered in the ballroom at the Fairview Marriott and introduced Dr. Joseph D. Schulman, the Founder, and Dr. Stephen R. Lincoln, Medical Director. Drs. Schulman and Lincoln spoke to the families about how the Reunion represents GIVF's mission -- from the delivery of successful pregnancies to the development of healthy, thriving families. "The Reunion is the happiest day of the year," Dr. Schulman says. "It is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our patients' joy and to reaffirm our mission -- helping to build families."

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