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DynaMed Replaces UpToDate
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Accretive Health Physician Advisory Team
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Taking Health Care to New Heights
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Message from the CMO


The Impact of CPOM - Peer Reviewed Literature 


DynaMed Replaces UpToDate


Accretive Health Physician Advisory Team


Pharmacy Newsletter


CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital - Alamo Heights


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Happy Holidays!  At this very busy time of year we hope that you will take some time to read the important information provided in the articles below.  Thank you again for being our physican partners!

Message from the CMO

Jim Martin, MDIf you haven't noticed, there are major healthcare transformation programs that will have a significant impact upon how we will practice and provide care for our patients. Having current and accurate information has never been more critical for us as physicians. What we hear in the Doctor's lounge is frequently biased, unbalanced and frequently erroneous.


In response to our need, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa continues to provide an ongoing series of health policy seminars to help inform and educate us.  Although strongly endorsed by the physicians who have attended, the vast majority of our medical staff have not attended these seminars, and seem to be unaware or unconcerned about the impending changes.


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Introducing Single Sign-On to Meditech


CHRISTUS Santa Rosa will be launching Computerized Patient Order Management (CPOM) across the six hospitals in our region in early 2012.  CPOM is a module of Meditech, and we are very pleased to announce the introduction of a significant advancement in the ease of use and efficiency of Meditech prior to the launch of CPOM. 
This advance is in the form of My CHRISTUS On Demand, or MCOD.  MCOD is a new virtual desktop solution that provides computer roaming capabilities without losing open sessions of applications (such as Meditech).  It offers robust Meditech functionality, with single sign on, that accelerates and facilitates your workflow and has broad accessibility (including beyond the hospital and from the iPad).  Physicians who have long used Meditech have received MCOD very enthusiastically, and as a result, our Informatics Team is offering to meet with and get you set up to use MCOD.
To sign up for MCOD, please call 210-704-4444 and leave a message.You will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

DynaMed Replaces UpToDateŽ  

DynaMed logo 

We've been listening to our clinicians and working to improve access to information at the point-of-care. As part of this work, CHRISTUS Health has recently signed a contract with DynaMed to provide evidence from respected publications, associations, and contributing clinicians.
DynaMed will replace UpToDateŽ and will be available from any CHRISTUS desktop, through MyCHRISTUS OnDemand (MCOD), and MEDITECH. DynaMed is also available as a mobile application for Palm, Pocket PC, Windows, Android Smartphones, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Microsoft Mobile devices. UpToDateŽ will no longer be available as of December 15th. 
Contact Kim Vickers or Kelly Cole to activate DynaMed on your mobile device.


Clinical Documentation Specialist Program

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa is implementing a new Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Specialist Program this month, and we have chosen 3M for training and implementation. CDI specialists, who are all RNs, will help bridge the gap between physicians, coding, and case management. They will be present on the floors in each CHRISTUS Santa Rosa facility reviewing charts and speaking with physicians regarding documentation opportunities. Their goal is to work closely with the physicians in order to improve quality, accuracy, outcomes, and reimbursement.  


The CDIs, who are under the Finance/Care Management umbrella, will begin training with the care management department on December 5th and training with 3M will take place beginning December 18th. There will be one CDI specialist at each CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital, with two at City Centre.

For more information contact Lisa Clifton-Robinson, RN, BSN, CCM, Director of Care Management. 

Accretive Health Physician Advisory Team

Due to increased demands in patient classification precision, changing criteria and regulations, and increasing formalized audit processes by both government and commercial payors, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa has partnered with Accretive Health to help physicians navigate the complicated path to maximize compliance and revenue integrity.  The Accretive Health Physician Advisory team offers a range of services, including proactively managing cases at the point of entry with proper classification, increasing compliance, and reducing the risk exposure of revenue take-backs.


Click here for more detailed information.


Your Personalized Crimson OPPE Profile Has Arrived

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa has embraced the goal of developing a broad-based culture of quality and patient safety in our hospital. As physicians, we play a major role in determining the level of that quality and how safely our patients receive our care. A critical component of assessing our physician quality is Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE). This reporting system addresses and measures many of the quality expectations and nationally defined competencies of the medical professional.


CHRISTUS Santa Rosa has implemented Crimson, a Web-based tool that will help aggregate physician information and produce reports based on individual physician clinical data that is extracted from multiple sources throughout our hospital. Historically, these same data have already been provided to CMS and released for public viewing. 


CHRISTUS Santa Rosa is now offering our medical staff a chance to view their own clinical data as currently being viewed by others. Your personalized Crimson OPPE profile will be emailed to you on an ongoing basis by Sandra Rosales, Medical Staff Analyst. For any questions, you can contact Sandra at 210-704-3488.



Pharmacy News

Click here for the current CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Pharmacy Newsletter.



Taking Health Care to New Heights! 

Alamo Heights Hospital

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa is proud to bring more than 140 years of Catholic, faith-based, not-for-profit health care excellence to Alamo Heights.  Our new short stay surgical hospital is on schedule to open in mid-January 2012.


Overlooking the Quarry Golf Course, the new 36-bed, seven operating room hospital will provide state-of-the-art technology including electronic medical records complemented by highly specialized services, physicians, and clinical care teams.  The facility will feature the latest in surgical robotic technology.


Click here for more information.

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa News

Facility Improvement Initiatives

Progress continues on many key projects identified as part of the FY 2012 capital investment plan. Below is a summary reflecting infrastructure improvement initiatives.

  • Children's 8th Floor Clinic Upgrade - This provides a facelift to Hematology/Oncology unit, to include electrical upgrades, and a new patient security system. Completion is anticipated by spring 2012.
  • City Centre Parking Lot Lighting and Security Cameras - New cameras and lighting are being installed in the Visitors parking lot. Completion is anticipated in December.
  • City Centre Elevator Modernization - Elevators AE1, AE2, and AE3, located in the Century 2 Lobby, will have cabs and equipment updated. Completion is anticipated in April 2012.
  • Medical Center Elevator Modernization - Elevators 1, 2, 3, and 4 will have cabs and equipment upgraded. Completion is anticipated by June 2012.
  • New Braunfels Elevator Addition - The elevator tower is visible from the exterior near the main entrance and provides a needed additional access to the 4th floor. Completion is expected by January 2012.   
  • New Braunfels ICU- Following expansion of the Hospital's ICU capabilities, the existing ICU is receiving a needed facelift. Completion is anticipated by the end of November 2011.
Upcoming Educational Activities

Click here for the December CME Calendar 


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