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Argentine Woods

Argentine Walnut Close up
Argentine Walnut
Mara Close up
Black Mesquite
Black Mesquite

 We carry a variety of wood from Argentina including Black Mesquite, Argentine Walnut, Mara, Quina, Lapacho, Roble, and Cebil. Though these species are not as familiar to woodworkers as other exotics, we stock them because they are unique and give our customers an opportunity to try something different in their projects. 


 Unlike many exotics, these woods are not cut from tropical jungles, a practice that can be highly controversial. Argentine forestry policies are highly regulated to ensure sound management practices.  Next time you stop by consider some of these species for your next project


Argentine Walnut
Argentine Walnut Slab


                        Recent Arrivals
Big Leaf Maple Cap #2517x1

Big Leaf Maple Cap #2517x1

This 5' long and 37" wide piece is very unique.


Makore- #2526x1

New arrivals include 5/4 Makore like this piece.

Tulip Disc- #2522x1

Tulip Disc -#2522x1

We have added two very large 12/4 Tulip discs that are approximately 60" wide and have incredible figure.


Bubinga Slab- #2523a1

17 beautiful pieces of 4/4 and 5/4 up to 17' long have been added to our stock.

We have also added 5/4 Black Walnut, 5/4 Black Mesquite, 5/4 Roble, and Big Leaf Maple logs to our inventory. 



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Dorset Custom Furniture

                       Bookmatched Elm Table

                   By Dorset Custom Furniture

                                Dorset, VT


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