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April 2011



Welcome to the April Newsletter from the Southwest Florida Chapter of ASTD.  We have two events this month.

  1. April 20th Monthly Meeting - Topic "Designing Learning"
  2. CPLP Study Group - Topic "Designing Learning" 

To quickly navigate our newsletter use the links in our table of contents below.


We will recap what you may have missed last month and give you the details for April's activities.  Enjoy!


Charlie Carpenter

ASTD Southwest Florida Chapter 

VP of Communications

Table of Contents
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Meet this Month's Meeting Speaker
Feedback from March's Meetings
CPLP Study Group
Presidents Message
April 2011 Chapter Meeting
TOP 10 List
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Meet this Month's Meeting Speaker


Anne Schroeder will help you determine an effective approach to designing programs to maximize the learning potential.  

Anne SchroedeerHer sessions are known for being fast-paced, enjoyable and packed full of practical ideas and strategies as a result of over 20 years as a seminar designer and presenter.   


She has lived and studied all over the world from Java, Singapore to Switzerland and believes that each of us has unlimited potential for achieving beyond our goals.   


Anne has discovered that intellectual curiosity is one ingredient that keeps each of us on the "learning edge" and that allows for new adventures - and she's looking forward to working with you in April.


Feedback from March's Meetings

Monthly Meeting

Lorna Kibbey and Ken Bodenhamer presented a fun filled and interactive session on Delivering Training.  This interactive session gave us all a preview of the Master Class event scheduled for the following Saturday at Hodges University.  We broke into teams and applied what we were learning.  We shared, learned, and had fun.  That is what our monthly meetings are all about.

Mar Mtg 01Mar Mtg 02

Our speakers were Lorna and Ken and they kept us all on our toes!

Mar Mtg 03

Getting ready for the next break out session.

Master Class

We Actively Learned About:

  • The newest controversies and best uses of standard methods, which include handouts, assessments, PowerPoint, anMC 01d all types of audio visual aids.
  • The best methods for leading discussions, breaking into groups, and playing training games.
  • Using social media in the classroom.
  • Handling tough audience situations.
  • Interactive methods of closing training sessions that helps knowledge stick.


We Shared with each other...

MC 02MC 03

MC 04MC 05

We learned New Techniques...

MC Trainer FacilitatorMC VAK Model


Be a Facilitator.


The VAK Model to understand your learners. 



Interactive Ways to make Group Decisions...

MC Kibbo Matrix 1MC Polling with Stickies


Kibbo Matrix


Polling with Stickies




We had a great month of learning from and with each other.  If you missed some of these meetings its OK, but wait there is more to come.  We aren't stuffy, we aren't boring, and we promise you will learn something new and have fun doing it.


April is all about DESIGNING LEARNING! 

CPLP Study Group

This Month's Topic is

Designing Learning 


Mark your calendars Everyone!  


Our next CPLP Study Group is scheduled for Wednesday, April 27, at 5:30 p.m. You can come right after work. We will meet at Books-a-Million at the Forum. The Study Group will discuss Designing Learning.


CPLP STUDY GROUP March 23rd Feedback

Our second Study Group was held on Wednesday, March 23, with more members in attendance as compared to the first meeting.  We are gaining momentum!  CPLP Study 1The March topic was Delivering Training, which was presented the previous week by Lorna Kibbey and Ken Bodenhamer at the monthly meeting. 

Here are some of the comments I received regarding the Study Group.

"It was very positive and we should keep it for the future."  Kathy

"I really like the opportunity to meet with people the next week after the chapter meeting while it is all still fresh in our minds."  Cindy

" was refreshing to hear from others about training, motivating, and having a laugh or two.  I will definitely join the group again."  Ken

CPLP Study 2"I appreciate the study sessions and am looking forward to getting more involved in the preparation for the exam...I always learn something new from all of you!"  Susan   

"I really enjoyed the session...I left feeling quite uplifted."  Lorna

Our members indicated an interest in learning more about the nine Areas of Expertise (AOE) in the CPLP certification.  We invite you to attend whether or not you are interested in the certification exam.  Over the course of the year the study group will review all nine AOEs.  The CPLP AOEs comprise the following topics. 

1.     Designing Learning

2.     Delivering Training

3.     Improving Human Performance

4.     Measuring and Evaluating

5.     Facilitating Organizational Change

6.     Managing the Learning Function

7.     Coaching

8.     Managing Organizational Knowledge

9.     Career Planning and Talent Management


When:  Wednesday, Mar 23

Schedule:  Every 4th Wednesday to study the topic presented at the ASTD Monthly Member meeting.

Time:  5:30 - 7:00 pm

Where:  Books-a-Million at the Forum on Colonial off of I-75

Approach:   Guided discussions following the ASTD CPLP handbook.


Please RSVP and we will provide any details you may need. 

President's Message
President Lorna Kibbey

Hello fellow members!

March was a very active month for our Chapter. We had three major events and I need to pause to thank everyone who has been working so incredibly hard this year to make things happen. If you've been hibernating this winter, you might have missed some of this excitement so read below to learn of all the outstanding progress we are making and see who is making it happen!

Our new website up and running! Our Communications VP, Charlie Carpenter, has converted our communication to Constant Contact and for the first time in years, we can now register for events and pay online. We can even renew our membership online and accept new members! Thanks Charlie!

Ken Bodenhamer is our current membership chair and President-elect. Ken worked with me to do our luncheon program in March as well as our Master Class presentation on March 19. It was great to see Ken's presentation skills on display in March - he's definitely a credit to the profession! Thanks Ken!

Jennifer Engelman is our secretary. Jennifer is keeping us on track with events - especially the coordination of our monthly Study Group sessions. Jennifer is always willing to help with those extras that make my job so much more manageable. Thanks Jennifer!

Mike Fisher - our esteemed Treasurer - has served us well for a number of years. He keeps our books pristine and ensures that we meet all legal requirements a 501-c3 organization must meet. He files papers and tax stuff and bank records, and on-and on - what a guy. Thanks Mike!

Christine Davlin took on the task of Program VP this year and is pulling it off nicely! She has some awesome presenters lined up for the rest of 2011 as we continue to focus on core areas of our profession - called areas of expertise by ASTD. Thanks Christine!

There are many others who are working behind the scenes to help us out. I don't want to leave anyone out but this column is only so long! So just a quick thank you to all of you who know you deserve it!

One last thank you goes to an unsuspecting member. This member had a big impact on me and doesn't even know it. I sat next to her at our March Study Session and as I sat enjoying my latte she said, "I love being a member of such an active Chapter!" And there you go - this is what I've always hoped we could achieve - providing opportunities for professional growth, fellowship, and networking. Thanks Cynthia Hodge!

I'm always open for your input. You can call or write anytime - or, you can use our blog at

Thanks to everyone!

Lorna Kibbey

Your Southwest FL ASTD Chapter President 

Thank you for reading and enjoying this months newsletter.  Our chapter is vibrant and growing.

Attend a meeting and you will find it to be value adding.



Charlie Carpenter
ASTD SW FL - VP Communications 

April 20, 2011 Chapter Meeting

Designing Learning


Join us for the monthly meeting of the Southwest Florida Chapter of ASTD.   


This month's topic is Designing Learning.  In our ongoing journey to offer sessions based on the ASTD's Areas of Expertise, please join Anne Schroeder for an enlightening session discussing the key ingredients for successful training design!   


The premise behind "designing learning" is to develop a learning process to meet the needs of participants and maximize the learning experience and impact.


It is important that we understand the theories and concepts of adult learning; how to identify characteristics and issues specific to our participants to create effective instruction.  


Central to it all is analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of instruction (ADDIE). At the core of every learning program is its content.  


Another key component is to include assessment methods for front-end assessment of needs and context, and back-end evaluation of outcomes of training.


Web-based or e-learning courses are becoming more common in adult education. One should understand the advantages and disadvantages of both Web-based training and classroom learning.



Click on the Links below to Register.  You can pay by credit card or choose to pay at the door.  We can only accept credit cards online. 


Lunch is from Jason's Deli  Please let us know when you register if you want a lunchbox with sandwich, chips, and cookie, or a vegetarian lunch, or no lunch at all.

Ice Cold Water will be provided for everyone.




April 20 from 11:30 to 1:00



The FGCU Florida Institute of Government which is at The Atrium - 8695 College Parkway, Suite 1181, Fort Myers, 33919.



MEMBERS: $15 with lunch, $10 without lunch - GUESTS: $20



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Our Chapter donates to the Harry Chapin Food Bank at every Monthly Meeting.  We can't do it without You!

The mission of the Harry Chapin Food Bank is "to overcome hunger in Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry, and Lee counties through education and by working in a cooperative effort with affiliated agencies in the procurement and distribution of food, equitably and without discrimination." 

Every dollar donated allows the Food Bank to distribute $6 worth of food!  

TOP 10 List

Trainer as Facilitator

  1. Protect the rights of each learner and listen for understanding in their responses.  
  2. Set the agenda, stay on track, and teach to the learning outcomes.
  3. Pose open ended questions to allow the learners to share and learn from each other.  
  4. Summarize important topics and subtopics.
  5. Review frequently and promote discussions.
  6. Involve the silent members in the learning group.
  7. Provide opportunities for reflection and promote asking questions.
  8. Respect the learners silence.
  9. Provide direction for the program by establishing ground rules for breakout sessions and breaks.
  10. Develop a "Parking Lot" for handling off topic thoughts and questions, but don't forget to clear the parking before the training session ends.   
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