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Sailing With Style
American Sailing E-News

July 2010


Welcome to Sailing With Style, the American Sailing Association's new monthly e-newsletter!
As the name suggests, this publication emphasizes the lifestyle aspects of sailing. "Bareboat Chartering Essentials" will provide you key tips both to save money and to ensure that your next chartering adventure is as problem-free as possible. In "The Cockpit Lounge" you'll learn how to use social media to meet and stay in touch with like-minded sailors... stay connected and stay on the water! "The Nautical Chef" will show you how to make a meal that doesn't just "work" on the boat, but has your crew talking about the food on your trip for months or years to come.  And what would a lifestyle magazine be without some "do's" and "don'ts" of nautical attire? More on that later!
Please enjoy, and email us with your suggestions so that we can continue to improve our newsletter. Hope to see you at one of ASA's flotillas, member events, or local sailing club functions soon!

CN Signature
Charlie Nobles
Executive Director
Bareboat Chartering Essentials
Book it Right
lisa - book it
by Capt. Lisa Batchelor Frailey,   ASA Instructor, Charter Broker

Ready to take a bareboat charter? The overwhelming majority of ASA members indicate that bareboat chartering is a major interest; for many it is the driving factor for achieving sailing certification. Your ASA 104 Bareboat Charter certification, coupled with on-the-water experience, comprise your global passport to the chartering world. In the Bareboat Charter Essentials series, we'll take you step by step through the bareboat charter process, with tips from the pros so you get the most from your charter experience!  

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The Cockpit Lounge
Are You Connected?


by Meghan Cleary, ASA
Social Media Coordinator

By now many of you have seen ASA's new social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and our new blog. I'm thrilled to see how quickly the community has sprung up there -- though I can't say I'm too surprised.

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The Nautical Chef
Container Foods
chicken roti
by Mark Ramsdell, ASA Member

Hard tack biscuits, anyone? Perhaps if we serve them with a ration of rum, you won't mind the weevils. The nautical chef's challenges today are far different than they were in the days of square-riggers, thankfully, but the "galley slave" still faces considerable obstacles in planning, provisioning, prepping, cooking, serving, and cleaning up after hungry sailors. For the benefit of sailing chefs everywhere -- from passage-makers to dockside entertainers -- ASA presents the nautical chef newsletter column to help members learn from one another's experiences, cooking tips, and recipes.

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