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August 30, 2012

Delivery Tracking: a unique service that helps you get jobs, something your competitors don't have.  

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What is Delivery Tracking?     


Delivery Tracking allows your customers to know where their concrete delivery is -- all by themselves. They no longer have to rely on your dispatchers.  


Any concrete producer willing to offer this feature to its customers will certainly gain more credibility than those who are not able to. Like one customer recently said: "I can even give my customer an iPAD so that they can track the deliveries themselves. This definitely helps me win bids and get jobs because my competitors can't offer this service!"

Also, by allowing your customers to check delivery online themselves (like a UPS package), you will reduce the number of phone calls dispatchers deal with every day.  


We can even link to your website. So every time your customer logs onto ConcreteGO with their tracking number, it will direct them to your website, which helps further promote your company.


If GPS is enabled on your trucks, customers can see the EXACT truck location on a map! interfaces with multiple GPS systems. Please contact us for more information.


In addition to the truck location/status, your customers can find out yards delivered, product details, and more. Project status also available. 


Delivery Tracking: send automated SMS text messages. 



Automatically let contractors know their delivery truck is on the way as soon as it leaves the plant.


It's a quick way for them to receive the truck status without using a web browser.





ATTENTION: We are scheduling a series of ****FREE WEBINARS**** to teach customers how to use Delivery Tracking.    


REPLY to this newsletter to express interest and suggest convenient times. After regular work hours is OKAY.  



Delivery Tracking is only available with the Cloud-based central dispatch: Please contact us directly if you would like help enabling Delivery Tracking and/or automatic Texting.     


Thanks for reading! 



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