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September 2011

Ashby Village Awarded $100,000 Grant

Last week Ashby Village was selected as one of nine California Villages to receive a two-year grant to help us expand our services and grow in ways that are financially sustainable. 


The Archstone Foundation was seeking Villages whose

structures lent themselves to future viability in the long term,

Andy and Archstone

Executive Director Andy Gaines with E.Thomas Brewer and Laura Rath  

from the Archstone Foundation  

and are models that can be replicated.


"It is a huge compliment to all the people who have worked to make Ashby Village what it is, to know that Archstone Foundation has the confidence we can grow and solidify our base," Andy Gaines, Ashby Village Executive Director said.


"This is a major boost as we enter our second year," he added.


Using the grant, Ashby Village plans to expand partnerships and increase membership, in addition to expanding programs. Archstone Foundation will provide administrative and technical support.  They will also document and evaluate the successes of the grantee Villages.


As part of the grant, Ashby Village will belong to a cohort of other similar Villages exchanging ideas and information during regular phone conversations and meetings.


One of the first benefits of the grant for us, has been to hire a half-time Operations Coordinator.


Future plans, to be developed with the help of the grant, include improved transportation offerings; home modifications that allow members to stay in their homes; and new ways of cultivating connections among members based on common interests.


With the help of the Archstone Foundation grant, Ashby Village will pursue additional community partnerships or affiliations in the areas of health, housing, nutrition, financial and legal services.


We welcome any questions. Call 510-204-9200 or email us at

A New Addition to Ashby Village  

Last week, following an extensive recruitment and interview process, Andrea Mok was hired to serve as our first Operations Coordinator.  Andrea has been working as an Ashby Village volunteer since May of this year.   


Andrea MokYoung, vibrant, bursting with idealism, Andrea Mok brings far-ranging experience to our new job of Operations Coordinator for Ashby Village. She has worked in non-profit organizations  as far afield as South India and Nicaragua and as close to home as S.F., Oakland and Berkeley. Further, she combines in herself the unusual combination of a Chinese father who is a Presbyterian Minister and a German mother who is a university teacher.


All this has resulted in an experienced, sympathetic and hard-working administrator whose goal is to ease the functioning of Ashby Village and help us all build an ever-closer community.

LAST CALL for Group Discount Registration

Village Gathering in Oakland, 10-11This year, Village leaders and members from around the country will gather in Oakland Oct. 24-26 for the 2nd Annual National Village Gathering - "Bridging the Gap: from Start-up to Sustainability".  There will be three days of sessions that focus on what every village is discussing - "how can we sustain our Village"? Participants will be be provided with tools, ideas and opportunities to get to the heart of this issue.


The standard early registration fee for the full conference is $199.  The group discount fee for an Ashby Village member is $152.  In order to participate in this group discount we need to receive a completed application form by September 23. 


Ashby Village will be well represented at this gathering. Board member Laura Peck will be moderating a full day of the conference.  Member Steve Lustig will be presenting as an expert on strategic and business planning.  Andy Gaines is on the planning committee and will participate in several panels. To learn more about the conference,  CLICK HERE .   




Activities sponsored by Ashby Village


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 12:00-2:00 p.m.   

LUNCH at Nizza La Bella

Nizza La BellaNizza La Bella is a casual, reasonably priced, neighborhood bistro that features the lively French and Italian Riviera inspired cuisine of the city of Nice. They serve simple rustic style comfort food in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The heart of the restaurant is the kitchen's massive imported French wood-fired oven, where pizzas, roasts, seafood, fish, gratins, desserts and hearth breads emerge from its fire-lit glow.

  • 825 San Pablo Ave., Albany, north of Solano Ave on the right side 
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • RSVP here, or call our office at (510) 204-9200 
  • Let us know if you need a ride 

    SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2:00 p.m.   

    Tribute to Theodore Roszak 


    This tribute to Ted, being organized by his family and dear friends, will be held at Haver Hall, in the main building of Northbrae Church (941 The Alameda, Berkeley).     


    Betty Roszak, Ted's wife, supported the establishment of The Ted Roszak Memorial Fund.  If you would like to make a donation to this fund, CLICK HEREChecks can be sent directly to Ashby Village, 2330 Durant Avenue, Berkeley, CA. 94704.  (Please make checks payable to "Lifelong Medical Care" and put Ashby Village: Ted Roszak Memorial Fund in the note). We will notify the family of your gift in Ted's memory.



    SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2:00-4:00 p.m.   

    Living Room Chat 

    These chats are usually hosted by Ashby Village members or interested community members and give you an opportunity to hear from our Board, staff, and members about what it means to be part of the Village.
    • Home of Judith Workman, 1001 Creston Rd, Berkeley 
    • Open to all
    • Not wheelchair-accessible; there is one step  up to the front door 
    • RSVP here, or call our office at (510) 204-9200.   
    • Let us know if you need a ride

    FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 10:00 or 10:30-noon
    Nature Walk

    Irene Marcos, Audre & Roger Newman


    Mixed Level Nature Walk - on Berkeley Pier
    with Roger and Audre Newman

     The Berkeley Pier stretches out about   mile into the SF Bay from Skates restaurant on the Berkeley waterfront near Caesar Chavez Park. There are incomparable  views in all directions of the City, the Golden Gate Bridge, Emeryville, and UC Berkeley in the distance.  Migrating shorebirds may be seen on the mudflats and other birds in the brush of the Eastshore State Park, and there are some interesting statues along the way.

    See attached map: Aquatic Park to Berkeley Pier

    There are 4 legs or options to this trip to allow for a variety of energy levels: You can do all 4 or meet the group along the way.  For specifics about the the different options, parking and timing, CLICK HERE.  This expedition will end at an as yet undesignated cafe for a snack and chat (or anywhere along the way as desired). 
    • Don't forget to wear layers  
    • Rain (not fog) will cancel the walk 
    • Wheelchair-accessible
    • RSVP here, or call our office at (510) 204-9200
    • Let us know if you need a ride 

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    TestimonialsWORD ON THE STREET
    About the Archstone Site Visit

    Never in our wildest dreams as we began to talk about "let's make a village" five years ago did we envision this morning's presentation to Archstone.  Words that come to mind are dynamic, inspiring, collegial, respectful, funny, warm, and so smart and committed.  Thank you - today was more than a dream come true.  What a team!  As Joan Cole said, we knocked it out of the park!   

    --Pat Sussman and Shirley Haberfeld  

    Archstone Site Visit

    Participants at Archstone Site Visit

    from bottom left around: Bob Davis, Laura Peck, Marcia Freedman, Steve Lustig, Joan Cole, Andra Lichtenstein, Irene Marcos,  Shirley Haberfeld, Pat Sussman; Laura Rath and E.Thomas Brewer (Archstone) 


    I think the thank you needs to go from us to you, for getting this wonderful project started. To all of you who were making this happen before I got involved, a great thank you. Once again, today, I was hugely impressed by what a wonderful group has been assembled to lead Ashby Village.  I'm glad to be among you.

    --Marcia Freedman  

    Never in all my wildest dreams did I think I would end my life committed to a program and a group of people that so inspires me to keep on giving more and achieving the goal of being "our brothers (sisters) keeper". Indeed, a great debt of gratitude must be conveyed to our remarkable founders for their foresight and perseverance in bringing Ashby Village to the fruition of what we experienced today. Our strength is within this cohesive group whether or not Archstone chooses to join in our goals and achievements - Thank you Founders.

    --Bob Davis  


    I am so happy that this has been finalized and is now official!!! I am also happy that we weren't the only ones who thought that our Site Visit was extraordinary. We definitely nailed it and my sense is that this is just the beginning of our journey which will attract other funders as we create a "MODEL VILLAGE", which can then be replicated. I believe that we have the collective talent, skills  and passion to make that happen. 

    --Joan Cole



    I wanted to share with you that a volunteer assignment I filled to take a member to the doctor and back that turned into an opportunity to utilize my MedPal skills.  When I picked the member up from her home she told me she was having cataract surgery, first ever.  We talked about what she knew about the surgery, if she had anyone meeting her at home (she didn't) and what she thought she needed the first 24 hours following the procedure.  After the procedure, I picked her up and took her home.  I spent about an hour with her going over the post-op instructions, having tea and learning that her sister-in-law had called and was coming over with dinner and to spend time with the member.  Perfect. I picked her up the next day for her post-op visit.  She asked me if I would come into the doctor's office with her.  Because she didn't know the doctor nor did the doctor know she might have a "guest" we decided it was probably best not to do this on short notice. On our way there, we talked about what her questions were and she wrote them down in prep for the doc visit.   Her post-op visit was fine and I took her home.  This was a rewarding experience for me, and the member was very appreciative.   

    --Marion Anderson


    Recently volunteer Mark Goldman came to my place and did a wonderful job fixing things that needed attention.  This included installing a telephone answering machine, putting up a bamboo screen, fixing some loose legs on a footstool, and fixing some cabinets that needed hinges and locks.  Mark is a very resourceful and knowledgeable person, and I am grateful for the help he gave me. My thanks and appreciation go to Mark Goldman and to Ashby Village. 

    --Barbara G. Humes  



    Volunteer Tom Boyden was 'simply super' as a companion and driver, picking me after procedure and generously chatting , with just the right concern that I was OK after he walked me to my front door.  No way to thank him,  and thank you,  Andy.   

    --Ellen Barth



    A forum with Michael Krasny: A Graying Bay Area

    The Bay Area's elderly population has been growing over the past 10 years. As the boomer generation hits its sixth decade, a so-called silver tsunami is on the way. By 2050, one in five Americans is expected to be over 65.  Are Bay Area cities and communities aging friendly?  As part of "Our Changing Communities," a series produced by KQED on the results of the 2010 Census, reporters look at how prepared the Bay Area is for the aging boom.  To listen, CLICK HERE

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    Village needs and opportunities


    Members-only pages coming to the Ashby Village web site

    Members, watch your email boxIn about one month we will be emailing you information so you can begin to use the expanded Ashby Village web site for better communication with the office and other members.


    Once you log in you will be able to access our members-only pages which will include: 

    1. ability to view and easily register for upcoming events in the Calendar
    2. Forums in which you can participate in around particular topic or interest areas with other members   
    3. Membership Directory, that will allow you to track your membership, identify your interests and share a personal profile

    Please consider signing up for an interest group, an activity,or an event, or joining our corps of volunteers.  That is how we build our community.  If you have other interests or activities to suggest, please send them Barbi Jo Stim ( or Laura Peck ( ).    


    Remember, these will be members-only pages.  Getting to know each other better is a part of building our community.  We hope you'll join our new way of communicating!


    Host a Living Room Chat 

    Are you excited about Ashby Village?  Want to introduce it to your friends and neighbors?  Do you and a group of your friends want to learn more? "Word of mouth" is how people learn about Ashby Village, and we're seeking people to host a Living Room Chat.  It's really quite easy and a lot of fun. Please email Jane Selby to set up your Living Room Chat.



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    VolunteerProgramVOLUNTEERS & VENDORS 


    APPRECIATION: Barbi Jo Stim  

    "An incredibly dynamic, committed, resourceful and simply lovable woman" - those are the words Andy used when describing Barbi Jo Stim . "Her energy drives the Ashby Village schedule of events." Wow! I wondered how all that could be... if it could be.. Then I met her.

    The first , striking thing is her warmth and how she's all there for you -  not thinking about herself at all - so it was an effort for her to turn her thoughts to herself when asked. Her whole way of thinking seemed centered on others and how she could help them.

    After taking her master's degree in gerontology she worked at a low income residential facility for older adults in Walnut Creek. The residents, of various cultures, were keeping to themselves - isolated and not interacting.  Barbi Jo fixed that. She initiated social activities centered around food ("people always come if there is free food") and music and soon the residents were mingling, laughing, even dancing together...and forging friendships with their neighbors that would help them in times of need. "I love connecting people." she said.  Currently she works four days a week as Geriatric Care Social Worker for Jewish Family and Children Services of the East Bay.

    It was the newspaper article about Beacon Hill that got her involved with Ashby Village - that and her familiarity with the Community Without Walls in Princeton.  It struck a chord: she deeply believes in the value of group-bonding - of people getting to know each other, helping each other out in times of crisis...of augmenting their own selves by communicating with other selves. She said one of the happiest days of her year is when a group of old friends hold their annual plum jam-making day. "Between the  chopping and stirring and pouring of the jam we do a lot of catching up - telling our stories, exchanging clothes, sharing is a celebration of friendship."

    -- Written by Marion Benedict



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    Committee Chairs


    MEMBERSHIP:  Betty Webster, 


                                                                                 Barbi Jo Stim, 

    SERVICES:  Joann Sullivan,  

                           Judy Boe,

                           Shirley Haberfeld, 


    REVENUE ENHANCEMENT:  Andra Lichtenstein, 

    NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Patricia Sussman,

    MARKETING AND OUTREACH: Marcia Freedman,













    CHAIR:  Patricia Sussman

    VICE CHAIR:  Shirley Haberfeld

    SECRETARY/TREASURER:  Andra Lichtenstein

    Bob Davis

    Marcia Freedman

    Laura Peck

    Jane Selby

    Barbi Jo Stim

    Betty Webster

    Marj Wolf 


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