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Issue: #3      
Brain Stimulus Issue
September 2009


I am pleased to report we are getting the word out to more people every month through the braininsights newsletter. Thank you for sharing with others. Every issue has new subscribers interested in learning about and sharing information about the importance of early brain development! The braininsights newsletter is received in Canada and throughout the US! Each issue includes interesting brain facts, updates, and information you can share in an effort to make brain development common knowledge. Subscribing to this free newsletter provides insights to help make a positive difference for the children you know... and for our communities!
It is so exiting to work together to make a positive impact on the development of all young brains! (Maybe your own as well!)
Thank you for being a friend of braininsights and being a part of creating a greater awareness of the difference all of us can make!

If you have topics of interest that you would like to see focused on in upcoming newsletters, please let me know!
Deborah McNelis
Owner and Creator of braininsights
Did you know....

...... The brain is very limited into the amount of sensory input it can absorb, so the more attention that is focused on an experience, the more likely it will be remembered. 

........hours in infancy have the power to impact brain development more than months in adulthood

.......only a small area of our brain is focused on verbal communication. Most of our brain tunes into non-verbal communication.
Tell everyone you know!!
School is starting ... so this means many brains will be stimulated. But it is critical to ask, "are they being stimulated in the most beneficial ways?"

Recently I have been both encouraged and discouraged by information I have received. The girl playingstories I have heard about the pressures put on young children in kindergarten, 4K and even 3K are cause for great concern. Examples are, classrooms of twenty-five  3, 4, and 5 year olds in a classroom with one teacher, eliminating rest time because there is so much expected to be taught each day, and breakfasts of high sugar content juices and cereal.
This is extremely difficult to hear when we KNOW that children's brains do not function optimally with high levels of stress, lack of sleep and nutrition, and little opportunity
to play and explore. A recent op/ed in the Boston Globe titled "Pressure-cooker kindergarten" points out some of these issues.

However, what I find encouraging is there seems to be an increase in the amount of information available to create a greater awareness of what is best for children's brain development.
Following are a few links that you may be interested in sharing as we all work together to enlighten those that have an influence in ensuring ALL children are getting the benefit from all that research is demonstrating.

If you are aware of additional articles that others can benefit from please forward them to me and I will share with other braininsights readers! 

The benefits of sleep
If you are a parent or a professional working with children and families you can get actvity ideas on how to easily incorporate real interactive learning into a daily routine and learn how it all benefits brain development. Vist for The Brain Development Series.

Your organization or workplace will also benefit from learning more about the brain. To arrange a presentation that fits your needs, contact Deborah at

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* Deborah conducted a webinar hosted by Child Care Aware Parent Network entitled, Brain Develeopment: You Can Easily Make A Positive Difference. Now posted is a follow up Q & A.  You can  learn more about Child Care Aware and view the webinar at
* September 26th Nickelodeon is hosting World Wide Play Day

* The NFL is promoting physical play with
The Play 60 Movement.
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