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Issue: #1 July 2009

I am thrilled to send you the first issue of the braininsights newsletter. Every issue will include interesting brain facts, updates, and also information you can share in an effort to make brain development common knowledge. Subscribing to this free newsletter will provide you with information to help make a positive difference for the children you know... and for our communities!
When we all work together we can make a positive impact on the development of all young brains! (Maybe your own as well!)
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boy thinking
Did you know....

.... at 18 months a child that has been exposed to direct language can begin acquiring words at the rate of one every two hours!

.... hours to an infant have more impact on a brain than months in middle age!

.... the brain is 90% of it's adult size by age 5, with connections made to create the emotional, cognitive and social foundation for life!
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boy and girl 
 This is the first question we ask when hearing about a new baby. We naturally know there is a difference between boys and girls. In resent years numerous interesting research has revealed differences that can exist between the male and female brain. These differences may an have an impact on learning and in relationships. Through understanding we can better provide what each young child needs.

For example: Female vision can be very different than male vision. As a result when drawing a girl may be more likely to use several colors and draw nouns. A boy may use blue, black and grey or may not use color at all. His picture may show a lot of action!  This difference in vision may also influence a the type of activity or toy a child chooses.

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