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Pat Grecco, Advisor
Division-III Heroes
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Pat Grecco, Advisor
Pat Grecco
It is the mission of College Athlete Profile Service to help locate and place student-athletes in colleges and universities where they can compete in their chosen sport while pursuing their academic goals. We assist student-athletes in securing athletic scholarships and grants whenever possible.

Our services uniquely showcase clients' athletic and academic accomplish-
ments opening doors to Admission Offices across the nation. Prospective College Players are linked to CAP'S extensive network of College Coaches. Our 100% placement rate proves that there is a place for everyone to study and compete in his or her sport.

Welcome to the College Bound Athlete Newsletter! We'll highlight our clients' achievements and will feature informative articles for student-athletes and their parents.
Division-III Heroes
I receive lots of questions about D-III Programs from parents and student-athletes like:
  • Can they give money?
  • Do they deliver a quality sports program?
  • Do they provide what D-I and D-II have postseason
    tournaments? National championships and honors, like All-America Selections?
  • Could I play professionally in my sport after college?
  • Do they offer academic tutoring?

To answer the first question: No, D-III Programs cannot dole out athletic grants or scholarships; however, they can give academic money, financial and talent awards. Yes, they do have quality sports programs and quality academic programs. Yes, your career could go on to professional ranks and they do offer academic tutoring and other perks student-athletes can take advantage of.


I would like to highlight two young men, both from Long Island. Tommy Hayes, from East Northport, NY, plays at Hobart William Smith College. He is currently a sophomore and has achieved great success since arriving to pre-season in August 2008.

Tommy Hayes has accomplished a great deal in two years:
  • Member of Hobart College Varsity Men's Soccer Team.
  • Helped lead team to two NCAA Playoff Berths.
  • Awarded League and National Honors for Outstanding Play.
  • All-time leader in points for a single game in school history.
  • Tied single game assist record in school history.
  • Leading points leader on 2009 Season.
  • Top ten all-time in points in school history.
  • Conference Player of the Week four times over two years.
  • Helped lead team to first-ever League Title in 2009.

Steve DanbuskyThe second player, Steve Danbusky, from New Hyde Park, NY, played at Williams College and graduated in 1999 with a BA in Psychology. At Williams, he played on the D-III National Championship Team of 1995. He went onto be first team All-America Selection at Williams in 1998. He was also selected First Team All-New England and First Team All-NESCAC and Umbro Senior Select All-Star Game.

piranhas soccerSteve signed a professional contract with the Long Island Rough Riders of the USLA-League in 1999. He currently serves as Executive Director at Beach FC in Virginia Beach, VA. Actually, Steve and Tommy played for rival high schools. Steve played for Chaminade High School; he graduated in 1995 and Tommy played for Saint Anthony's High School, graduating in 2008.

Never judge a sports program by its number. Instead, do some research, find out more and most importantly consider the academic reputation of the school. Success is possible in any athletic program.

I am eager to help student-athletes and their parents navigate the challenging college selection process.

Pat Grecco, Advisor
College Bound Athlete
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