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June 2010

As a valued customer of Simply Rugged, we want to keep you apprised of new products in our line up.  Just recently we added the Tuff Products 5 & 8 In-Line Magazine Pouches.  Continue to check our store page for updates and our Gear To Go page for new holsters and web specials. 

Rob and Jan Leahy

HolsterWe have been including these instructions with our shipments for about the last year.  But, we some of our newer and older customers who may not be familiar with the care of our leather products.  If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to call or e-mail.

"If your holster gets wet apply a little olive oil before the leather dries out.  A good top coat or sealant like Lexol will help restore luster and seal the pores of the leather.  A little shoe polish will restore the color.  Apply a little neutral shoe polish to the belt slot if the holster and belt squeak."

Tuff ProductsSimply Rugged Nylon????

I tried these 5 and 8 inline pouches out at the Shootist's Holiday a couple of weeks ago.  THEY WORK GREAT.

I was able to stay on the line during a low light shooting seminar and not only run myself through all the drills but a couple friends were able to go through the course using my magazines and ammo. They had planned on just observing the course. Far better to get in there and actually do it.

To read more about these pouches visit our store page or Gear to Go page of our web site.
Click your choice of BELT holster (not including Pocket Protectors) into the cart.  Add your choice of Quick Strip, enter QS2010 in "Discount Coupon" window, click "recalculate" button to receive your discount ($8).  This coupon applies to orders placed after June 18, 2010.  Please share this offer with friends and family.
Offer Expires: July 31, 2010