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New Chesty Puller Rig July 2009
CPS 01CPS 01

     We've made a dedicated horizontal chest holster that will go right on a set of Chesty Puller Straps. It will be available by itself, so you can utilize an existing set of straps or as a complete set.
     I have been using chest carry for fishing and hunting for several years now, it is very comfortable, the gun is out of the way and it is a quick draw.
     I use this under my chest waders or while wearing binoculars and a pack while hunting.  CPS straps are $55 and the holster is $65.  

CPS 01
     Working holsters; these are the guns I wear every day around our little town, or out in the wilds of Alaska. I carry this little Kimber Pro Carry II in 45ACP, a Colt Commander sized 1911. When out hiking, hunting or fishing I always have this 629 Mountain Gun in 44 magnum by my side or on my chest.
      For Trusty Rusty, my Kimber Pro Carry,  I had Rick CPS 01Gittlein tool a "Sunday Go to Meeting" rig for me. I feel great wearing this for open carry or concealed. For my absolutely favorite gun I consider the Perfect Packin Pistol, my S&W 629 Mountain Gun. I also commissioned Rick to tool a Sourdough pancake for me.  I am proud of these carry guns; I worked hard to earn them, they always work, I have been comforted by them in time of need, and they have never let me down. I have dressed them both up with Rod Herrett's Stocks and Rick Gittlein's fancy tooled holsters. Eventually, I would like to have these two favorite guns engraved. Until I break out the big bucks to get these guns engraved, I can "make do" with some of Rick's fine leather tool work & Rod Harrett's fine walnut stocks.
     Rick's  work can be ordered right through our website or call me and we'll have him whip up a custom western rig for you.
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