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Sutter's Gold 'n Fleece Newsletter 
January 2010
Writer: Linda Cook                                                                                  Editor: Liz Sutter
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What's New
Annual January Sale
Tip of the Month
HAPPY NEW YEAR! From Liz, Claire, and Linda 
We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Thanks to all our customers for a  fun year. In many ways it had been a great year. The shop celebrated 10 years of operation and we look forward to 10 more. We are ready to ring in 2010 with our annual January Inventory Sale.  We hope to see and hear from you often in the coming year.
What's New 

New books for your enjoyment include: From Vogue Knitting, "On The Go Series", "Crocheted Bags", "Crocheted Scarves", and "Crochet Basics".
"Crocheting in Plain English" by Maggie Righetti  Easy to follow lessons and patterns.  Solutions to nagging problems.
"Crocheting on the edge" by nicky epstien.  A collection of more than 200 decorative borders.
"felt frenzy" by heather brack and shannon okey.  This book has 26 projects for all forms of felting. 
Annual January Inventory  Sale
Welcome to our annual sale of all current inventory held the first 3 weeks in January. This year the last day of the sale is Friday, January 22.  All current inventory is on sale for at least 10% off, all wool and wool blend yarns including Galway, Lambs Pride, Encore and more are 25% off. Teddy, Poppin, Cotton Fleece and 2 pretty ribbon yarns (Luna and Margarita) are 30% off. There is a basket of odds and ends at 40% off including Zauberball, Blackberry Ridge fingering, etc. Also, we have a basket of selected buttons at 1/2 price.
Happy Knitting and Crocheting!
Tip of the Month
"Always remember that there are just as many stitches and as many hours put into a project made with a cheap, poor-quality yarn that will ball and pill or fade and fray as there are in a project made with good-quality, fine, and enduring yarn."  Quote taken from "Crocheting in Plain English" by Maggie Richetti. 
If there is anything you would like to see in the tip of the month category, or if you have a tip of the month suggestion please let us know.
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